Nov 29, 2009

Traffic Report

I haven't commented on the number of Southeast Texas Political Review readers recently, so let's review (pun intended), shall we?

From Website Outlook:
  • Daily Pageview: 126
  • Pageviews per user (one-month average over the past month): 3
We can extrapolate the average number of daily readers by dividing the number of daily pageviews by the average pageviews per user. Note that semi-literate wingnuts may need help from a fifth-grader with the advanced mathematical concept of division: 
  • 126 / 3 = 42 daily readers
I suspect that if one subtracts Philip's friends, family, and employees, the Southeast Texas Political Review would average somewhere between 20 to 30 daily readers.



Anonymous said...

Gus, I never read Klein's site anymore because I can get Klein's propaganda and the real story here in one stop.

Anonymous said...

Phil bragged to Channel 4 that his website has had 2.3 million hits this year, which averages 6,800 per day. If the station wants a hit show, the brass should hire a fact-checker to dispel his preposterous claims and his looney political observations. I'd tune in just to see him squirm.

Anonymous said...

I called channel 4 and told them if Klein is part of their line-up I will never watch or advertise again.