Dec 12, 2009


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned through five sources close to Cornelius Williams, you know, THE Cornelius Williams US Attorney - that he is in the final stages of deciding to run against the corrupt Jefferson County District Attorney TOM MANESS?

Williams is the son of Beaumont City Council member "Get" Williams. And Williams is well known not only in the law enforcement community - but the federal bench.
Readers may remember that Klein frequently cites such relationships as evidence of how Jefferson County is the "MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS."  Klein had never heard of "THE" Corneilius Williams before KBTV Channel 4 published this story over a week ago (Philip is a slow reader). Readers will notice that Philip's factual information is the same:
A former Virgin Islands attorney general is considering running for Jefferson County district attorney.

Cornelius D. Williams Jr. is a Beaumont native and the son of Beaumont councilwoman Get Williams-Wright.

He's appointed a campaign treasurer, and has set up an exploratory committee.

The race is next year.

Jefferson County's current district attorney is Tom Maness.
The rest of Klein's article is based on spurious quotes from suspicious sources:
"A source very close to Williams tells the Review : I think it is time to flush the toilet bowl called Jefferson County and bring in a honest man into the District Attorney's office in Jefferson County."
All 30 of Philip's regular readers will recognize this sophomoric imagery -- it's one of Philip's favorites. As one example, he use the same analogy in the same article:
The flush of the dirty toilet called Jefferson County?
From October 13, 2009:
[The Bolivar Peninsula] is now going to be the playground to the rich from Jefferson County and Houston. Like a big old toilet, it flushed and only the big chunks are left standing.
From Nov. 12, 2008:
This election is about flushing the political toilet and watching the waste go down the tube.
Like many of Philip's preoccupations, his coprophilia is symptomatic of greater neuroses. Philip makes this prediction:
We will keep you updated. Sources tell us that Williams will make the final decision by weeks end next week.
To be revisited.

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