Dec 20, 2009

Help the Media

Philip R. Klein's arrogance is readily apparent in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Okay - let us try and help the media this morning...They are shocked. They are confused. They are asking you this morning - how do you "feel" about it.
As a freshman flunk-out who can't string together enough coherent thoughts to form a complete sentence, Klein has little to offer the media beyond the same misguided talking points he repeats ad nauseum (emphases are mine):
Jefferson County Texas is run by the National, Texas and Local Democratic Party. They are liberals that believe in bigger government and throwing your money at a problem and it will fix it - or better yet - to prevent a problem from happening (The Fear Factor) - they have convinced you stupid people in electing them to office so that they can spend more and more of your money to make your life better. So - how is that working out for you in Jefferson County?
Philip's petty partisanship belies the real issue: Klein obviously believes that anyone who disagrees with him is stupid.His usual response to those who are vocal about this disagreement is either an admonishment to "Shut Up" ("Mr. Spooner, Just Shut Up!") or specious lawsuits. 

It's interesting to note that's Lie of the Year came from a Republican, not a Democrat, who Philip R. Klein supports as the future of the Republican Party:
Seniors and the disabled "will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care."

Sarah Palin, Friday, August 7th, 2009
The results came from almost 5,000 people who voted in a national poll to name the biggest lie, and 61 percent chose "death panels" from a field of eight finalists.
They have a disease. It is called OPM. Or you can call it : "Other Peoples Money." Carroll Thomas is not spending his money. He is taking from you the taxpayers - over $500k per year (including his wife's salary that the media will not talk about) from you to rich himself. And what has he done? Nothing but spend more of your money. As Jefferson County dies - history will show it was because of a spineless BISD School board and those that elect them to office. Look at each one of the board members - they have done nothing - and we mean nothing to help the community except take money from business and citizens for their pet projects and in-rich those that have supported them to do it. All the while attempt to continue to take Beaumont's history away from them and change the complete make up of Jefferson County based upon race. Anyone that tells you different - is a liar.
The real liar here is Philip R. Klein, who would have his readers believe that those in county government have influence over decisions made by the Beaumont Independent School District. Is Klein's deceit intentional, or based on his own ignorance of how county government works?
The media is spinning this morning and last night regarding the tax base and the loss of the "Golden Project." After all - the media tells you that almost 60% of the taxes collected for BISD comes from that bad old group called "businesses." Well guess what - when "businesses" get taxes taken from them - they cut back. And when they cut back - they cut jobs to survive. So ask yourself NOW WHY UNEMPLOYMENT IS AT 12% and 18% in Port Arthur. Oopss......Mr. Rich - the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce says "we don't know what the real unemployment rate is?" Really Mr. Rich? Are you the same Rich that was all GAGA over the unemployment rate when it was 5% and you were toting the billion dollar bond for BISD? We think the same guy? Mr. Rich - you cannot change history buddy. And BTW - the Beaumont Chamber needs new leadership now. You pumped up and supported the BISD bond and it has done nothing but close businesses and chase more and more people out of Jefferson County. You do support business - that is the business of OPM. Get out.
Fact check: The most recent report from the Texas Workforce Commission shows that Beaumont/Port Arthur added jobs in November, which reduced the unemployment rate to 10.4 percent from the October rate of 10.8 percent; these are not the same numbers that Philip R. Klein quoted.

Klein did not acknowledged the effects of the economic recession on Jefferson County, but deceptively claimed the increase in unemployment is from mismanagement by county officials. By comparing historical unemployment rates for the state and for Southeast Texas, even the most obtuse readers can tell that as goes the state, so goes Jefferson County:

Philip R. Klein continues:

Do you see Port Arthur? Do you understand the crime and why the PAPD called in Federal Help to fight the crime? Do you understand they did that because of the Jefferson County District Attorney's office and the Jefferson County Court system. Do you get that now? A hero named Chief Blanton in his frustration with the Jefferson County DA's office and criminals getting busted and put out on bond and then getting light sentences said "enough." So - he called in the Feds. Now crime rates are really and truly dropping? You do the crime in the fed - you do the real time and the Eastern District of Texas US Attorney's office is on fire. THEY WANT TO CLEAN UP WHERE THEY LIVE. THEY ARE A-POLITICAL. for thought media. Story at 6? Not going to happen?
Klein's cognitive dissonance is overwhelming. 

Operation Time Watch is part of the federal Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative. The PAPD didn't "call in Federal Help" to fight the crime; rather the initiative is a partnership between federal agencies and the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, Port Arthur Mayor "Bobbie" Prince, and the Port Arthur Police Department.  This is funded by "OPM" (see Klein's second point above).

A joint press conference this week between local and federal authorities detailed the program's real success. From the Port Arthur News:
Since Operation Time Machine began 62 days ago in an effort to rid the streets of Port Arthur of gun and drug related crime, one defendant has pleaded guilty and another has been convicted by a jury. Nine others have been indicted for violent crimes.

To date, all but two of the federally charged defendants have been detained without bond pending trial. Several other individuals have been charged by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office for criminal violations of state firearms law.

On Nov. 4, ICE agents from Beaumont and Houston teamed with the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, and the PAPD to conduct a gang surge targeting 20 residences of suspected Sureno 13 and Norte 14 gang members in Port Arthur. The surge resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals, including three arrests for state and local warrants and 12 for immigration violations.
Apparently, the Port Arthur News doesn't need Philip's help in reporting the real facts.

Typically, Philip overstates his popularity:
Well - does that help you folks in the media this morning. Does that help you out there that over 10,000 people will read this post today in the nine county area?

And you ask why Mr. Klein leads in the simple poll on who should lead Jefferson County? The people are HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. So Wake Up. And you the people fix it.
According to Website Outlook, only 153 people read Philip's post, not over 10,000 people as he claimed:

The results from Klein's own poll verifies this:

Even though Philip R. Klein posted this poll three weeks ago, he's only had 78 responses. This is not what one would expect from a website that has "over 10,000" readers every day.

I'll not comment on the built-in bias of Philip's poll, since that's readily apparent to everyone. I'll note instead that Klein has too much baggage to be win election to any public position in the United States of America.Typically, PRK's article (I use the term loosely) began as a lesson for the media and ended as more self-adulation from the fattest private investigator this side of the Neches river.


Anonymous said...

The egomaniacal Phil believes he is reaching 10,000 with a bullhorn. In reality, he is tooting a kazoo to a handful, including people who need a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Hey! What happen to "Gadfly of the Year"!? Aren't we supposed to know the winner!?

Anonymous said...

Well done Gus! I appreciate you and this site; keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

PRK's latest claim that KFDM will lose its #1 spot this coming year is laughable. He's predicted that for years. This current prediction comes the same week as the latest Nielsen numbers are released. At 5pm KFDM as a 30.1 share, while KBMT has 12.3. At 6pm KFDM has a 37.5 share while KBMT has 12.0, and at 10pm KFDM has a 32.0 share while KBMT has a 15.7 share.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse Phil with facts. Let him continue to embarrass himself by making zany predictions and by "reporting" the big stories the media misses, such as the recent non-riot at Parkdale Mall. Giggle.