Dec 11, 2009

Just for Fun

Philip R. Klein postulates on the forthcoming party primaries: 
Mark Domingue will have to pull a rabbit out of his hat to beat Brent Weaver. Interestingly enough - it seems that Domingue, who has targeted the business community and has been known as one of the biggest tax and spenders on commissioners court - and has some really bad political rings around his neck. The business round table does not like him and there is huge upset in his district with taxation.

Brent Weaver - well he is popular and is the spokes person for the Jefferson County SO. Which should stop today. The day he files - he should step back immediately and assume another role in the department. Weaver is the dark political horse and will take the race with Nederland and the anger vote against Domingue.

Next? Well - Big Bo has a candidate. Jamie Smith. And this should be more fun than anyone is allowed.

Let's look at Jamie first. A guy that seemingly has everything going for him. And we think that Smith will take this race because of the anger and upset at the Jefferson County Commissioners Court. Bo - well...Bo knows how to run a political campaign. But since Bo has been in office - Bo has spent and spent and spent.

What does that mean? Nothing. Nobody in Bo's district has been affected by the spending. They have been on the receiving end. So - this will be a popularity race between Bo and Jamie. Advantage Jamie? We think so this early in the event.

Now we move to the Criminal District Judges race. There is a choice for you folks. So listen up.

Judge John Stevens may or may not get the US Attorney position. He is unsure of what Obama will do or if his administration can get off their ass and get some of these nominations through. Indications are that the answer is no. So - Stevens files.

That leaves two in the lurch. One - being Kent Walston. who was being considered the front runner. And Langston Adams of Port Arthur. Both said to be going to run in the Democratic Primary.

Makes you go hummmm.....what now.

Here is our bet - Stevens is going to get the seat sometime in the next year. Leaving an appointment for the Governor. The race will be settled in March and Stevens will win that against all comers. So.....a smart politico would file against Stevens in the GOP Primary and .... get appointed by the Governor and get the walk in November?

Hmmmmmm.....interesting - an interesting thought.

Anyway you look at it - no leaders have come out of the business community to lead this county out of corruption and mismanagement. And that is the end of the story. No leadership from what we have seen. And we will watch and see if a glimmer of hope shows up.

But for now - nope. Just more of the good old boy system with a little fun and flare this year.
Philip's misinformation, blatant error, and premature speculation isn't factual. Likewise, he missed a lot of the real races, such as Derwin Seal's race against Carolyn Guidry. Here's what really happened this week, according to the Beaumont Enterprise:
Confirmed filings as of Friday: Incumbent Allan B. Ritter 21st District State Representative.

Incumbent Robert "Bob" Wortham, 58th District Court Judge; Incumbent Donald J. Floyd, 172nd District Court Judge; Incumbent Layne Walker, 252nd District Court Judge; Incumbent John Stevens, Criminal District Court Judge; Incumbent Tom Maness, Criminal District Attorney.

Jeff Branick, County Judge; Incumbent Alfred S. Gerson, County Court at Law No. 1; Incumbent G.R. "Lupe" Flores, County Court at Law No. 2; Incumbent John Paul Davis, County Court at Law No. 3; Incumbent Lolita Ramos, District Clerk; Incumbent Carolyn Guidry and Derwin Seals for County Clerk; Georgine Guillory for County Treasurer.

Incumbent Mark Domingue and Brent Weaver, Precinct 2 Commissioner; Incumbent Everette "Bo" Alfred, Precinct 4 Commissioner.

Nancy Beaulieu, Anne Bradley and Harold Garner, Precinct 1 Place 2 Justice of the Peace; Marc DeRouen and Richard "Dickie" White, Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace; Incumbent Ray S. Chesson, Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace; Incumbent Brad Burnett, Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace; Incumbent Tom Gillam III and Antoine L. Freeman, Precinct 8 Justice of the Peace.
To be continued.

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