Dec 4, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein attempts to attach himself to Judge John Steven's coattails:
So get this....Judge Stevens files for reelection. Hmmmm......that means he knows more than the rest. Meaning the Justice Department will not appoint him anytime soon to the big seat at the Feds.

Sources close to Judge Stevens tell us that there seemingly is a break down in communications and appointments to Justice in Washington. Meaning - of the best and honest men in Southeast Texas may not get the post or at least might not get it in the next year - or heart be still - may not accept it?
Klein's claims are ambiguous and nonsensical.

Philip's sources missed the real story, published two days earlier in the Beaumont Enterprise (emphasis is mine):
But the path toward the U.S. attorney's job isn't entirely clear. The post now is occupied by John Malcolm Bales, a longtime prosecutor in the office. He took the top slot on an interim basis in May after Becky Gregory, appointed in 2002 by President George W. Bush, left to join the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Jessica Sandlin, a spokeswoman for Republican Sen. John Cornyn, said Cornyn and Texas colleague Kay Bailey Hutchison have put Bales' name forward for the permanent job. Bales could not be reached for comment by press time.
If there is indeed a "break down [sic] in communications," the disconnect occurred somewhere between the truth and Klein's keyboard.

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Anonymous said... sources tell me Hutchison and Cornyn are stonewalling the appointment (giggle).