Dec 11, 2009


In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein attributes an attack on Jim Rich to Jim Rich (PRK's emphasis):
"I will tell you Klein...My thinking is that maybe Jim Rich is not in touch with what is really going on here?" - Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Board of Director

And this is how we will begin this article with the shocking statement from Jim Rich - the president of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce as the walls came down on what Jefferson County, the City of Beaumont and the Beaumont ISD pegged the future growth of the city and county on.
In lieu of real facts, Philip simply manufactures his own:
What Rich is in touch with is the less business gives government the more business can grow. Like tax abatements. But he knows that there is an uncontrolled hunger by the elected officials of Jefferson County who have given themselves and the employees of Jefferson County raises over the last four years of close to 20% - while real wages have gone down the private sector by 15%. That is a 35% swing - that maybe Jeff Rich just doesn't understand?
I doubt if anyone anywhere understands what Klein's extrapolated figure of 35 percent means, derived by adding apples to oranges.  

Fact check: raises for Jefferson County have increased by 13 percent, not 20 percent as Klein claims. Neither did PRK acknowledge that employees did not receive any raises at all during the first years of this decade. Real wage growth is is basically flat.

Instead of Philip's incomprehensible gibberish, read the Houston Chronicle's article on the same subject matter for a more objective and less biased account. Philip's nonsense is really an ad hominem attack against Jim Rich, not based on real facts.

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