Dec 29, 2010

Breaking News: Off The Air (Again)?

Over the past several months, Philip R. Klein wrote:
    • Bill Leger got on the air and said ON AIR that Beaulieu was leaving the set until after the election to insure that there was no conflict of interest in the election. That got tongues wagging - and we have learned that the law may have been breached. According to two lawyers we spoke with over the last week - an FCC investigation has been launched regarding Larry staying on the air past his wife's filing back in January.
      • To simply review - her son is under investigation by a special prosecutor and her husbands TV station has an open investigation regarding his sitting on the news desk up until 15 days ago. Nancy has some high up friends at the DA's office that may try and push back any announcement of indictments until after the election - but the FCC is set to announce their investigation - to which they cannot control it. 

      • Media Needs - FOX 4 is KILLING the others over breaking stories. What is up with that?

      • Popular - Sources tell us at FOX4 that our segment is so popular every Wednesday that people are tuning in at the Jefferson County Court House on the new cable system put in for TV. Huh?

      • Popular 2 - We hear that we are so popular that some politicos are so mad that they are going to demand a boycott of FOX4. Uh....they are watching? Right? Makes no sense other than a bunch of mean bad ugly democrats. Okay - that was overboard. Just p[**]d.

      • KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus. 
    From the Beaumont Enterprise blog, The Bayou:
    Our tribute to the soon-to-be defunct Fox4 morning zoo. Wonder what else over there will soon be “defunct” — might be the whole darn station (hint: there were more than a half-dozen layoffs TODAY, including a noted on-air personality who’s name does NOT rhyme with Peldra Mingham or Mangle Fan Ron). Pink slips with your eggnog. Happy holidays!
    Perhaps the name of the "noted on-air personality" roughly rhymes with "Slime?"

    Dec 18, 2010

    PRK On Christmas


    Season's Greetings from
    Operation Kleinwatch!

    Nov 29, 2010

    The Same Old Think

    After reading the effluvia that Philip vomited forth in the past 12 days, I'll have to play catch-up over the next week. As an example, Philip's big "expose'" concerning the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission is typically riddled with inaccuracies, speculative and unsubstantiated claims, and misleading half-truths. For the record, Port Arthur Mayor Bobbie Prince is not a member nor does she have anything to do with the Hardin County Disaster Alliance, Inc.

    On another subject, the Sam The Eagle Political Review conducted an investigation and discovered that even though PRK's swimming pool cost $39,400, the pool is listed with a value of $5,000 for tax purposes. Read about that here.

    Regarding Philip's latest postings, he claimed in a posting "City Hall Whispers:"
    One source, very close to the city council of Beaumont tells the Review : "After this trial - we are going to have to look at some changes to the Beaumont Police Department. We have really great police officers. But we also have some that need to leave. And we need a command change in my view. I have seen the video, I have seen other videos that you have posted as well as other sites. I just see a pattern of how our officers look at the citizens. My belief is they are there to serve and protect. I just see a culture that has arisen in our police department and that needs to change."
    Philip was for the cops before he was against them. The turning point during one of Klein's investigations, when a victim complained that Klein's investigators were trespassing:

    In his latest posting "Tick Tock," Philip threatens Brent Weaver:
    As well, [Tea Party Activists"] will be watching newly elected Brent Weaver and his voting record on spending. Weaver - who has gone all but silent during the last election cycle is seen as a Hawk when it comes to spending - but who knows? He is still a democrat according to many in the Tea Party.

    "I think Weaver has surrounded himself with supporters that put into his head he has a mandate. He should have looked around a little. If he had a republican that ran him he would have lost," said our source in the Tea Party movement.
    I think Weaver hasn't taken office yet; Klein is suffering from premature expectation again.

    Nov 17, 2010

    Part One - SETRPC (Part One)

    In his latest posting, Philip R. Klein presents the first of a 10-part series on the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETPRC):
    To give you an example of one taste of the corruption - to start this multipart story over the next 10 weeks - we wanted to start with something simple before we get to the real good stuff over the next weeks.
    Klein offered this simplistic description of the SETRPC:
    Many years ago - a quasi government clearing house was created. It is called the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. It's job is to apply, accept and distribute that money to the places to which it needs to go to help in disaster relief or funding for projects through non-profits. And when you get a bunch of money - well here come the politicos. In fact - politicos run the SET Regional Planning Commission and are assigned to its board and leadership.
    Here are the facts, according to Chapter 391 of the Texas Local Government Code:
    • The Texas Legislature created the Southeast Regional Planning Commission in 1970 as one of 24 regional planning commissions that cover the state. These regional planning commissions are voluntary associations of local governments.  Klein's description of the commission as a "quasi-government clearing house" underscores his ignorance.

    • As such, § 391.006 clearly states that at least two-thirds of each commission must be composed of elected officials from the region.  This is distinctly different from Klein's claim that "when you get a bunch of money - well here come the politicos."

    • The primary purpose of the SETPRC is not to provide disaster relief or funding for nonprofit organizations as Klein claims. Instead, § 391.001 directs these regional planning commissions to join and cooperate to improve the health, safety, and general welfare of their residents, and plan for the future development of communities, areas, and regions. While disaster recovery falls under the purview of the SETRPC, it's not the primary purpose as Klein claims.
    One would expect a self-proclaimed political consultant to understand the basic concepts.

    Klein's premise in 33 words is that Bo Alfred, Bobbie Prince, Suzanne Simmons, and Jimmy Grimes conspired to defraud the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance, Inc., of $15,000 to illegally remodel a home belonging to Jessie Haynes, a resident of Jefferson County.

    Typically, Klein claimed that an anonymous agency with the "Federal Government in Texas" is investigating:
    What started as a place for help - has turned into a political piggy bank for political officials which has drawn two investigations by the Federal Government that has been on going for the past two years, according to sources close to the Federal Government in Texas.
    I'm skeptical that this unnamed agency chose to reveal this investigation only to Philip R. Klein and the Southeast Texas Political Review. If PRK's dubious claims are true, a two-year investigation into this incident with no official indictments speaks volumes about Klein's credibility.

    Regarding the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance, Inc, Klein claimed:
    After the storm - both federal and private funds were placed into grant system for the citizens of Hardin County Texas. It is called the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance, Inc. It is managed by the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. It is funded - big time - more than $15,000,000 (yes we said millions).
    Compare Klein's claims of $15 million dollars with the corporation's Form 990s (annual contributions are in parentheses):
    While the 2009 Form 990 isn't online yet, the nonprofit reported income of $780,893. The income over the existence of this nonprofit totaled $6,163,599, not $15,000,000 as Klein claims.

    Neither is this nonprofit managed by the SETRPC. The principals in the corporation are Treasurer Joe Penland, Secretary Rita Peterson, Executive Director Tony Thornton, Director Fred Williams, Director Lance Harmond, and Director Fred Ariline.

    After this, Klein's conspiracy theory crosses into the Twilight Zone: 
    According to records and interviews given to the Review - Jessie Haynes made contact with Bo Alfred regarding some funding for her home that "was damaged" by the hurricane. She needed some money because her insurance company was...well...let's just say not paying. Why? There were questions regarding if the damage was from the hurricane or simply on old house that was falling down and she wanted a remodel job?
    The three documents that Klein posted do not support these unsubstantiated allegations. I'm reminded of Klein's claim last week that Judge Gist was fired, then rehired after the Southeast Texas Political Review exposed a conspiracy involving Judge Layne Walker and Bigfoot, currently living in Colorado.

    To be continued - I'll have more tomorrow!

    Nov 15, 2010

    This History Lesson that Philip Missed

    Philip R. Klein wrote this tripe in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
    And so it is written - and so it is done. History will take place today, November 15, 2010. Shane Howard will be sworn into office as Tax Assessor Collector. And with that - history will have been made in Southeast Texas. Jefferson County now has a county wide elected official in the courthouse.
    Factcheck: Jefferson County has had "countywide elected officials in the courthouse" since 1836 and the first election as one of the original counties in the Republic of Texas. 

    If Klein meant a Republican countywide official, that's happened before, too, but not since Jefferson County Judge W.A. Cushman won election in 1876. Do your own research and leave a comment if I missed someone.

    Philip issued this thinly-veiled threat to Shane Howard:
    Well - not anymore. Welcome to the Tea Party Mr. Howard as you swear in today. Enjoy your day - them remember why we all put you there. And it was not to spend our money - we want smaller government and less taxes. And tell your new found friends in the courthouse the message - or expect some changes.
    Klein is confused about the duties of a county tax assessor collector who collects money.  The county commissioners spend it through the county budget.

    I have my own advice for Shane Howard and all county officials: avoid Philip R. Klein and the lunatic fringe, please. I suspect most of us want the most efficient government at the best price possible.

    Nov 14, 2010

    Symptom Six (A Series)

    Last week, Philip R. Klein wrote on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from two sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse - that Drug Impact Court Judge Larry Gist will lose his job - if he has not already. And his long time assistant and coordinator will be (or already has been) will be given the option to retire or leave.

    According to our sources, who demand anonymity, Judge Gist learned of the impending dismissal as he was recovering in a hospital from a fall...behind the decision was Jefferson County Judge Layne Walker - who according to sources - was upset at the Judge's demands for an IAD investigation and the overturning of a sentence for a Port Arthur man.

    According to sources, Officer Beaulieu and Officer Heilman of the Beaumont Police Department may have signed a confession that they lied in a sworn affidavit to the court as well as the accusations of money missing from a drug bust.
    Philip also wrote a letter to himself about his editorial on the passing of his father:
    You and I have had words before and you know how I feel about your web site. I am going to say that your editorial was one of the best things I have ever read. It came from your heart young man. I printed a copy and gave it to my children. Thank you for sharing him with us and lighten up on us democrats a little.
    There are several of Klein's signature grammatical train wrecks. For example, note the present participle in passive voice followed by an infinitive in the second sentence, and the missing capitalization of Democrats. Philip has a hard time determining capitalization for Democrats, Republicans, and a democratic republic. Neither is this the first time that Philip has written congratulatory messages to himself under the guise of reader mail.

    From his so-called editorial:
    My son and I were at our annual opening weekend deer hunting trip. It seems my sons birthday falls on opening weekend every year - so Charley and I go for a little bit of father and son time. Something that I never did with my dad - but I swore that I would do things like that with my son.
    As I woke my son up at 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning to tell him the news, as we Klein's do it, we just say it straight. After Charley laid back down to sleep - I sat on the edge of my bed and thought about my time with my father and what he taught me about life and politics. And I smiled.  Why did I smile?
    Maybe it was the time when some very hurtful things were said by political web sites in Southeast Texas about my family, myself and my businesses. He told me that the people writing that stuff were some of my best readers and should be thanked for being so loyal and to thicken up a little and stay in the game and hit harder.  
    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines Narcissistic Personality Disorder (301.81) as:
    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following [symptoms]:

    (6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    To be continued. Read the rest of the articles in this series:


    In lieu of real content, Philip R. Klein dredges up a familiar theme in his latest posting:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review was leaked numbers from the Beaumont Enterprise and their current circulation. And frankly - it is beyond not good - it a a true crash in readership.
    According to the numbers shared with us by insiders at the Enterprise - well we will let you decide :

    Daily 2010 :    26,542

    Daily 2009 :    30,901    = Down 15%

    And it is not any better on the weekend :

    Sunday 2010 :    31,911

    Sunday 2009 :    36,125    = Down 12%
    The Beaumont Enterprise circulation according to Nationwide Newspapers:
    • Daily: 51,296
    • Sunday: 58,692
    From Oct. 13, 2008:
    The Review has learned that the building that the Enterprise enjoys may be going on the sales block as early as next week. "I have been told that if drastic measures are not taken here we will be out of business in the next 60 days," said one employee of the Enterprise that demanded anonymity.
    From Dec. 11, 2008:
    Sources inside the Beaumont Enterprise tell the Review that the gong is getting ready to be rung. According to our sources - layoffs, non-hiring and a "drop dead" day for the Beaumont Enterprise has been given to management
    From Jan. 15, 2009:
    Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.
    From February 10, 2009:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Hearst will make "whatever announcement they will make" no later than April 14, 2009. Our sources is a high level source with Hearst. At stake is whether or not the Enterprise will continue to be printed.
    From May 29, 2010:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of internal "talk" and "planning" to stop the printed product of the Beaumont Enterprise - and only have a paid subscription on the internet to the Newspaper.
    From July 23, 2010:
    Building For Sale - We hear the Beaumont Enterprise building will go up for sale "pretty soon." Got that from a realtor...Downsizing still.
    Philip reaches this conclusion in this posting:
    People continue to move to our web site and others to get there [sic] political and other news - as well as commentary that does not support the status quo or the power base. They want to read what the real story is....and it

    So - now for the big news? The Southeast Texas Political Review will crest one half a million direct log ins this week - as well as hitting well over 3 million page views (all pages).

    Why? Because people just have had enough of the left wing crap that is spewed from the Enterprise and those left wing whack jobs that simply don't get it but are willing to go down with the ship rather than put out a fair and balanced product.
    Speaking of "whack jobs," consider these numbers. 

    Friends on Facebook:
    Daily page views according to Website Outlook
    World rank according to
    See more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder here.

    Nitwit Tidbits™

    I intended to give Philip R. Klein a pass in the past week out of respect to his father's death. After Philip exploited the illness of Judge Larry Gist as collateral damage in his personal and one-sided feud with Judge Layne Walker, I changed my mind. 

    See here, here, and here.  Also, see the special notice at the end of this article.

    Here are the real facts:
    • Judge Gist is suffering from congestive heart disease, not a fall as Klein originally claimed.

    • Judge Gist was never fired as Klein originally claimed.

    • Philip R. Klein did not save Judge Gist's job as Klein now claims.

    • Both Judges Layne Walker and John Stevens jointly oversee the Drug Impact Court, yet Klein never mentioned Judge Stevens.

    • Judges Walker and Stevens helped with Judge Gist's docket to keep the court operating. This is commonplace in circumstances such as this, regardless of Klein's claims.

    • Judge Gist returned to Jefferson County through the efforts of Judge Bob Wortham, who sent his own plane to  Colorado to pick up Judge Gist.

    • The court coordinator for Judge Gist was terminated, but not because of the reasons stated in Klein's fictitious account.  Neither did Klein never comment on Susan Beck's connection to the Beaumont Police Department.

    • Klein has not offered any evidence whatsoever that these officers lied, falsified court documents, and stole drug money. Nor were they indicted a month ago as Klein stated on his weakly Channel 4 commentary.  These are defamatory statements, since our judicial system operates under the assumption that all are innocent until proven guilty.

    • KBTV Channel 4 is complicit in this defamation, who issued no disclaimer to Klein's slanderous statements. Neither were Klein's statements challenged by morning anchor Mike McNeil. Klein's unsubstantiated claims do not constitute credible evidence.

    • Officer Brad Beaulieu is the son of Larry Beaulieu, who manages Channel 6 KFDM, the area's top TV station and Channel 4 KBTV's primary competitor. Channel 4's news director, Angel San Juan,  has editorial control over content and is a former employee of Channel 6.  
    At the same time, Philip R. Klein exploited the passing of his father in a transparent ploy for sympathy. His long-winded  "editorial" and the comments in his Nitwit Tidbits™ this week are more about Philip R. Klein than Fred Klein. 

    It's indicative of Klein's personality disorder that as a public figure, he would include these personal observations about his family on a "controversial political blog" (his words) and not expect comment.  
    Editors Note : There is no way to express my thanks to the readers that I know - and don't know personally that have written to myself this week regarding the death of my father, Fred Klein. I stopped counting sometime Tuesday.
    Presumably, Philip ran out of fingers and toes to count, since his father's obituary generated only three comments as of this morning.
    Gator Bye Bye - Rumors seem to be true? It seems Gators other half has bailed out of the Enterprise and is moving up north? Will the Gator pack the gator bag and go too? We will find out in the next week we are told.
    Rather than "bailing out,"  Kris Worrell made a career move to become editor of a newspaper near her home town. Ironically, Philip illegally posted an internal memo from Hearst, which contradicted his own claim. He also missed this jewel:
    Please join Bill and me in expressing our very best wishes to Kris and her family as they begin an exciting, if undoubtedly chillier, next chapter in their lives."
    The person referenced here is Bill Offill. In May 2010, Bill was appointed Publisher of the Beaumont Enterprise after serving as Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at the Houston Chronicle. In September 2010, Klein claimed:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Beaumont Enterprise slashed pay 20% to their employees and the new sales guru has left the Enterprise and gone back to Houston, according to sources inside the paper.

    Sources tell the Review that "a mass exodus" can be anticipated over the next two weeks as the editors in Houston and in New York now contemplate moving the Enterprise under the wing of the Houston Chronicle sometime by the end of the year, again. according to sources inside the paper.
    For the record, employee salaries weren't cut, a mass exodus "over the next two weeks," didn't occur, and Bill Offill is still in place. While we're not at the end of the year yet, I strongly suspect that the Beaumont Enterprise will still be operating after January 1, 2011. To be revisited.
    The King Spoke - he wants more classrooms - right after the hotel and confernce center? You have to be kidding us!
    Philip has yet to comment on the controversial decision by Judge Donald Floyd, who refused to enforce a restraining order preventing the Beaumont ISD from moving forward with its plans to build a hotel and convention center near the new athletic complex.  Apparently Philip supported Judge Floyd's decision.
    No Charges - Orange PD escapes a big political bullet. Well...maybe not yet. It seems the civil lawyers are circling. We will see.
    I wonder if Philip has personally solicited business from this family with claims of a cover-up and how he can expose the corruption in the Orange Police Department, or is this Klein's standard operating procedure for murder-suicides only?
    KFDM - Now is upset with us for exposing the story of the court clerk for Gist getting fired? They are getting calls? Good.
    Philip just made this up. After spending some time in past weeks reading the KFDM Community Forum, the station considers Klein an ankle-biter.  On a related issue, how's that FCC investigation into Larry Beaulieu coming along, Philip?
    Garth House - The Garth House has their 20th Anniversery this year. Maybe it is time to participate for all of you that might have a few bucks left over? A great cause.
    Perhaps Philip will donate all of that money collected through his non-existent charity, The Gadfly 2001 Trust, Inc (AKA The Gadfly Foundation), under the guise of Jacob's House.  Philip called this a charity; I call it fraud.
    BISD Sued Again - Non payment of funds for the bond construction. Imagine that.
    Philip just made it up. Imagine that. Read the real story here.
    Gist - We are told he is doing better. A great family. Wonderful.
    From a source inside the Gist family: "Phil Klein is a liar."  While I try hard to avoid quoting "anonymous sources who demand anonymity," I couldn't resist this one. 

    Special Notice:

    As of now, the Operation Kleinwatch Facebook page is no longer open to the public. I'm concerned that those readers who defied Philip R. Klein don't fully understand the implications of going after the devil with a rusty fork. 

    In this latest case, Philip again pirated more Facebook content from Lindsey Brackin, a reader of Operation Kleinwatch. As in the last instance, he included Lindsey's photo:
    Quote Of The Week -  This was sent to us by a reader that was upset. Our only comment - let it go - she is very young and not real mature - this was her comment on the death of our editors father :  

    Lindsey Marie Brackin Probably from embarrassment... too soon?
    November 8 at 3:42pm
    Typically, Klein missed the greater truth in Lindsey's statement. Most responsible parents try hard to teach their children that lying, stalking, bullying, self-aggrandizement, intimidation, and psychotic behavior are not morally and ethically acceptable.

    Special message to Lindsey:
    Welcome to the conspiracy! We meet monthly at 1825 Calder. Email me for the secret handshake and password.

    Nov 11, 2010

    Moronic One-Word Titles

    The title of Philip R. Klein's latest posting "Lies" is quite appropriate, since he was caught in a blatant falsehood concerning Judge Larry Gist. See here and here for the back story,

    In his new version, Philip substantially changed his story and is now claiming credit for saving Judge Gist's job:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this morning that TV Station KFDM was lied to regarding the status of Judge Larry Gist.

    Or did KFDM put a spin piece on the entire situation?

    According to six sources, including a source very close to the judge himself - until the Review broke the story early this week - the presiding judges position was going to me removed by the criminal courts with the approval of the county judges office.

    Furthermore, the judge was to be informed of the decision upon his return post hospital stay, however, due to the amount of phone calls and media attention the decision was reversed.
    Occam's razor suggests that Philip is an idiot, rather than an elaborate conspiracy between the local media, the Beaumont Police Department, the Jefferson County Judiciary, the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, a special prosecutor from Brazos County, Operation Kleinwatch, and the Bavarian Illuminati.

    In this paragraph, Philip R. Klein manipulated the real truth to further his own personal agenda against Judge Layne Walker:
    [The court coordinator] began the task of arraigning to have the judge flown back on a private jet because she was told that he could not survive a commercial jet flight. The coordinator got in her car and drove the 19 hours to Colorado to make the arraignments for a doctor and a private jet to get him back to Southeast Texas.
    Factcheck: Judge Bob Wortham flew Judge Gist back to Jefferson County in his personal plane.  Oops, I think Philip missed again.

    Judge Gist's coordinator was indeed dismissed, but not under the circumstances that Klein claims. Since this termination is an HR issue between an employee and employer, I'll not comment except to say: Philip lies.

    Here's a question for Philip: is there a connection between the Beaumont Police Department and this employee?  If so, doesn't this disprove your conspiracy theory?

    Philip made this offer to disgruntled county employees:
    Message to county employees - CALL US - WE WILL LISTEN and we WILL KEEP YOU SAFE AND TELL YOUR STORY.
    I'm reminded of the purported whistle blower who informed Philip R. Klein that Judge Gillam was allegedly having sex on his desk in his office. After Judge Gillam sued Klein for defamation and produced security videotapes that disproved PRK's bizarre story, Philip gave up his purported source to save himself.

    As part of the settlement, Philip was forced to print this retraction on June 8, 2008.
    Questions have been raised on a story the Review covered this past year in March. So the Review made the decision to take another look at the original story and do some follow ups.

    In March of 2007, sources called the Review telling us there was an incident of an encounter between a Judge and somebody – and an employee that may have been witness to the event and slammed a glass door and broke it. The Review published the story and it appeared on this website in March and again in April of this past year. It was further discussed on the Political Review Radio show on KOLE Radio.

    Since that time, the Review has conducted a full and complete investigation into the claims. We have discovered numerous inaccuracies from witnesses and at least one of the original sources to the story has been found to have been lying to the Review.
    As well, this witness may have had a political agenda towards the judge in an attempt to run for the Judge’s office. The Review has had an opportunity to view the surveillance videotape which leads support to Judge Gillam’s side of the story.

    Evidence that we now have obtained indicates that the Review must side with Judge Gilliam and his denial of the incident. Seemingly, Judge Gillam is a victim in an attempt to smear him in the court of public opinion and that is not fair to him, his family, supporters and any other public person that may choose to serve their community. In the Review’s opinion, Judge Gillam is innocent of the accusations against him.

    Judge Gillam is due an apology from those that attempted to smear his name by using this web site and the media in general in an attempt to garner office.
    As I pointed out at the time, an ethical journalist would have investigated the story before printing hearsay as fact.  Philip never personally apologized for this. Had Gillam not sued Klein for defamation, PRK would never have retracted that story.

    I'm also reminded of another incident where Klein claimed:
    They have kept it very quiet from the media. But now they are ready to talk. And as one of the first media groups, being a blog, two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department are speaking with the Review.

    The Fire Department and the City have reached an impasse according to the sources and it looks like their fight is headed to mediation. At stake? Two main issues - being money and a program called "boot strap" or as some in the fire department call "black strap."
    This prompted a response from the Port Arthur Firefighters Association posted on the front page of their website (emphasis is mine):
    Building Bridges Not Burning Them
    Updated On: Jun 22, 2008 (14:15:00) 

    On Tuesday June 17, 2008, a blog from the Southeast Texas Political Review website, written by Phillip Klein, was circulated around City Hall.  The blog alleged that two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department had come forward to speak on matters concerning the ongoing contract negotiations between Local 397 and the City.  The blog is completely unfounded, baseless, and without merit.

    None of the information or statements in his blog is true or correct.  Local 397 and the City have not reached complete impasse, however a date for mediation has been set.  Neither side in the negotiation process has ever mentioned the implementation of a "Boot-Strap" program, nor has the City offered in any of its proposals anything less than four percent for wages.  Furthermore, the City Council has not provided any input into the negotiating process indicating an agenda that preferred the hiring of minorities over any other qualified individuals.

    Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Local 397 and the City of Port Arthur are working together to achieve a complete contract with language that is acceptable to both parties.  Negotiations thus far have been positive and have contained constructive dialogue.  Local 397 is optimistic that a complete contractual agreement will be obtained prior to reaching complete impasse.

    It is the position of Local 397 that Mr. Klein's blog is a complete fabrication.  No member of our organization would ever participate in such an irresponsible act as to offer such erroneous "insight" into the bargaining process.  Local 397 also rejects the tone and language used in Mr. Klein's blog and considers it sensational and inflammatory in nature.  This blog in no way represents the views or opinions of Local 397.

    Only authorized statements or media releases provided by the principle officers of Local 397 represent the positions, viewpoints, or opinions of the Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Association.

    Klein's blog, "The Fight Is On", is an egregious use of media charged with falsehoods that can only distract from the truth.  It is our hope that the irresponsible actions of this individual can be overlooked and that both parties in the bargaining process will continue to move forward.  
    As it turned out, the firefighters and the city reached an agreement less than two weeks later, and none of the issues that Klein mentioned played a part in the negotiations.

    I'm still waiting for Philip's thrice-promised follow-up article to his claim concerning a purported announcement from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. According to PRK, the ATF is "investigating" the Regional Planning Commission for the arson of the First Baptist Church in Kountze to cover up evidence of fraud.

    That never happened. Neither did most of these events concerning Judge Larry Gist, at least not in the way that Klein describes.


    Klein posted this story about the Beaumont ISD today, after I published the article immediately below, entitled "What? No Comment?" His posting has no substance, but as noted in my origianl article, Klein failed to mention this decision (from an article on the Southeast Texas Record):
    Judge Floyd said since no contract has been signed and there was only possible discussions between the district and contractors, then he could not issue the restraining order at this time.
    Also as noted, an official request for qualifications seems evidence of intent and constitutes more than "possible discussions," at least in my opinion.

    In his response to my article, Klein did not reference Judge Floyd, who signed PRK's improper subpoena for information regarding the Google accounts of Sam The Eagle and me.


    One of the anonymous servers I use to house images on Operation Kleinwatch ( is apparently having problems. Rather than relocating the images to another server and recoding the pages, I'll leave the images as they are for the time being.

    If the server is down permanently, I'll fix in a few days. In the meantime, I apologize for not meeting the high standards originally set by the Southeast Texas Political Review (snicker).

    What? No Comment?

    Philip R. Klein has avoided comment on the latest round in the proposed Beaumont ISD Hotel and Convention Center. From the Southeast Texas Record, dated Nov. 10, 2010:
    Judge Floyd allows BISD to press on with possible $50M event center & hotel

    The Beaumont Independent School District can carry on with discussions about possibly building a hotel and events center -- a speculative $50 million project -- near its new football stadium, thanks to a local judge's Nov. 8 ruling.

    Despite contradictory testimony from a board member, Jefferson County Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, found that Superintendent Carrol Thomas was following the direction of the BISD school board when he began requesting qualifications for potential builders.

    On Oct. 27, Beaumont residents Sonny Sherman, Chester Sherman and Michael Neil filed and obtained a temporary injunction against BISD, hoping to stop the district from constructing a proposed 8,000-seat multipurpose event center and 200-300 room hotel at the site of the Carrol A. "Butch" Thomas Educational Support Center on Interstate 10.
    Beaumont attorney Michael Getz is representing the plaintiffs.
    After hearing the arguments, Judge Floyd found that the Beaumont ISD could proceed:
    The plaintiffs in the case maintain the proposed building site, according to the $389 million 2007 bond, can only be used for the construction of new school buildings.

    They allege BISD misled voters in 2007 by not declaring that they intended on building an events center and hotel with taxpayer money.

    They further claim the athletic complex has already "ballooned" over budget by $15 million.

    Judge Floyd said since no contract has been signed and there was only possible discussions between the district and contractors, then he could not issue the restraining order at this time.
    He said the matter could come up again in the future, however.
    In my opinion, an official request for qualifications is evident of intent and constitutes more than "possible discussions." Since Klein has ignored this, perhaps he should explain why.

    Nov 10, 2010

    Target Next

    As promised yesterday, here's an update on Klein's claim that Judge Larry Gist was fired by Judge Layne Walker, according to statements given to Channel 6 KFDM:
    "I've been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, which isn't good," Judge Gist told KFDM News during a telephone conversation Tuesday night from his room at Baptist. "But the good news is that it's treatable with medicine. I expect to spend a few more days at Baptist. Then within a couple of weeks I'll be back on the bench. That's the plan."

    252nd Court Judge Layne Walker told KFDM News he and Criminal District Court Judge John Stevens will help fill the void created by Judge Gist's absence by handling some of his cases until he returns to court.

    "The docket will move forward," said Judge Walker. "Lord hopes he can come back and continue. Until he reaches that point we'll help with the day to day functions. His health is the primary concern. He would want the court to run in his absence to ensure justice is carried out."
    In his latest article, Klein detailed another conspiracy involving the Jefferson County Republican Party (JCRP) Executive Committee and the Southeast Texas Tea Party:
    The SET Political Review has learned that the JCRP Executive Committee, along with Tea Party activist, have targeted the City of Beaumont city council races this spring.

    "Our next target will be the City of Beaumont City Council. We have four people that have told us they want to run for the offices and clean up the city council," said our source.

    The targets are those city council persons that have voted for all of the crazy spending in ditches in downtown as well as have supported the city of Beaumont Police Chief. According tot he sources the city of Beaumont police department needs new leadership. As well, the Tea Party members and the GOP have grown increasing concerned with current Mayor Becky Ames and her tax and spend polices on quality of life issues in Beaumont.

    "Ames is on the table. We have a great well known candidate that is not scared to engage the community regarding BISD and how it has hurt Beaumont. We need a leader - not simply someone that tries to manage our lives and give us parks to play in. Beaumont has really high unemployment and businesses have been over taxed. It is time to change that," said the source.
    In recent weeks, Philip has become the self-appointed spokesperson for the Southeast Texas Tea Party and the JCRP Executive Committee.  While municipal elections in Texas are nonpartisan, the Beaumont City Council already has four Republicans. 

    Regardless of what Philip says, I don't believe the JCRP Executive Committee is talking trash about four of its elected officials. Longtime readers may remember this 2008 comment from Philip, attributed to "anonymous sources within the Jefferson County GOP":
    Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold...Arnold we are told is getting a fundraiser together with some local democrats;
    In reality, Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold ran unopposed in the primary. Since he was unopposed in the General Election, he won reelection by default.  Neither did Arnold hold a fundraiser with local Democrats.

    Typically, Philip R. Klein missed the most pressing issue: with four Republicans and three Democrats, who will be appointed to fulfill Councilmember (and Republican) Nancy Beaulieu's term when she assumes her new duties as JP after the first of the year?

    Special Statement:  The reader and master of satire who invented "Philip R. Kliar" deserves a special meritorious mention. Have you considered blogging and ridiculing idiots on the public stage as an enjoyable hobby?

    Nov 9, 2010

    Gist Out

    In "Gist Out," Philip R. Klein wrote on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from two sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse - that Drug Impact Court Judge Larry Gist will lose his job - if he has not already. And his long time assistant and coordinator will be (or already has been) will be given the option to retire or leave.

    According to our sources, who demand anonymity, Judge Gist learned of the impending dismissal as he was recovering in a hospital from a fall.
    Comparing congestive heart disease to "a fall" is disingenuous and constitutes exploitation of a sad event.

    Out of respect to Judge Gist, I'll revisit this after a statement is made by a credible source.  Philip, his bias from petty personal agendas, and his pack of anonymous sources are not believable, but the truth is common knowledge throughout Jefferson County. 

    Likewise, there is no truth whatsoever in this bizarre conspiracy theory:
    As well, Gist learned that his clerk would be dismissed or retired. Behind the decision was Jefferson County Judge Layne Walker - who according to sources - was upset at the Judge's demands for an IAD investigation and the overturning of a sentence for a Port Arthur man.

    According to sources, Officer Beaulieu and Officer Heilman of the Beaumont Police Department may have signed a confession that they lied in a sworn affidavit to the court as well as the accusations of money missing from a drug bust. Both Beaulieu and Heilman are still on the job - as a grand jury has been hearing testimony regarding the case and a special prosecutor has been assigned from Brazoria County Texas.
    Shane Phelps serves as First Assistant District Attorney in Brazos County, not Brazoria County. Imagine that, a self-proclaimed political consultant can't even keep up with the players.

    If not true, the deliberate implication that Officers Beaulieu and Heilman "signed a confession that they lied in a sworn affidavit" is defamatory speech and actionable under civil law. 

    Channel 4 KBTV is complicit in this defamation. In a televised commentary, Klein claimed the officers would be indicted on Thursday, October 27, 2010:   
    Philip R. Klein: We broke a story last week where two, they had to get a uh, uhhhhhh, special prosecutor from out of the area to come in and indict two Beaumont Police officers, which will happen either Thursday this week or the Thursday next week. They, uh, I just don't know how to explain to you Mike - you're from outside the area but you're getting oriented to it.
    None of this happened and now PRK raises the possibility that the officers will be no-billed, due to pressure from the Jefferson County District Attorney:
    Sources also tell the Review that pressure from District Attorney Tom Maness to the special prosecutor to wait until after last weeks elections - has now spread to the grand jury being pushed to no bill the officers.
    To be revisited. Furthermore, Tom Maness has no influence in this case, regardless of Philip's wild and fictitious claims.  The Jefferson County District Attorney's office was recused from the case, so show me the money, Mr, Klein.
    In the background, Gist, who was one of the people behind the scene that was outraged at the conduct of Brad Beaulieu and Eric Heilman received the call from a third party informing him of the pending termination. Further, that serious concerns are now given by supporters of Gist to call in the Federal Government in a complaint against Judge Layne Walker.
    By my count, Klein has claimed that Judge Layne Walker has been the subject of federal complaints, lawsuits, and investigations five times in the past three years. Here's my favorite, but none of these ever happened.

    Nov 7, 2010

    Nitwit Tidbits™

    Deer season tidbits. Time to go....
    Mike Getz - We got a tip that he is running for City Council. Either Beaulieu's seat or at large. We will see. The man is a hero. And can you imagine the pressure he would bring to council? Tea Party people are happy this morning.
    I got a tip that Philip just made this up. We will see. The man is an idiot.
    Numbers - Like we said - it came down to election day and the democrats stayed home.
    Like Philip also said: "So if you believe our numbers - the Democrats came out in the last three days and really made a difference in the vote."  Close, but no banana for Mr. Klein.
    Trial Time - Dr. Thomas has to be at the black educators conference somewhere in the United States - so the courts....get this....move IT UP! The hearing will be Monday. Who is the judge? Oh...boy we can't miss the black educators convention can we?
    I'd pay money to see "we" attend a black educators convention. Wouldn't you?
    65 - The number of seats switched to GOP. We said 53-56. Thank God we were wrong.
    From Republicans made a net gain of 64 seats from Democrats and retook control of the chamber which they lost in the 2006 midterm elections.
    Funny - A Galveston County race was won by a GOPER that spent nothing more than ..... the filing fee? No signs no nothing. Wow.
    Wow. And which race was that?
    Election Night Coverage - All three did pretty good. KFDM's dynamic duo tried to keep a straight face - that was fun to watch.
    Spoken by someone who knows nothing about the media, according to an exclusive interview by an anonymous source who demanded anonymity.
    Press Club - No speaking invitation to the Review guy. "If he speaks nobody will cover it or come." Too bad. We had some nice words to say.
    Klein still has a hard time keeping his stories straight. From a few weeks ago: "The Review is considering an invitation to speak to the Press Club."  
    Kill Deer - Here we go...let's kill deer! The cost to the hunter? Now well over $75 for a permit? Wow!
    The cost of resident hunting license is $25.00 and no special permits are required to hunt Whitetail Deer. Either Philip made this up, or Philip was required to buy three licenses since he takes up that much space in a deer stand.

    I'm reminded of a story Klein once told on his now-defunct KOLE radio show, where he described his deer hunt using a .50 caliber sniper rifle.  I'm sure Klein made that up, too.

    Nov 5, 2010

    The PRK Caption These Photos Contest

    Fox 4 KBTV posted Philip R. Klein's post-election roundup in a special two-part video this week. For a good laugh, see them here and here.  Mike McNeil claimed that Philip called 11 elections correctly, but he's using Philip's system of scoring.  See the real story directly below.

    Caption these photos.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    Winners of the last photo caption contest:

    Honestly, I know every
    buffet in town.

    How come Fox 4 doesn't have toilet
    paper in the bathroom?

    Nov 3, 2010

    Klein's Prognostications: A New Low

    As I pointed out in Part 1, Philip R. Klein revised his predictions several times over the past weeks. The most recent came from Saturday night, when PRK predicted that no Republicans would win Jefferson County races:
    Okay - the early numbers are in. And there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that there is a very strong GOP turn out in the areas that the GOP seemingly has control. The bad news - the Democrats came out in the last few days of early voting. And they have the advantage in the early vote.

    So if you believe our numbers - the Democrats came out in the last three days and really made a difference in the vote.

    So unless the numbers in the heavy blue pct's vote for the GOP (uh no) we will see close races - but no banana.
    The common cliché is "no cigar," but I thought Klein's fruit metaphor was appropriate for a nut. In reality, three Republicans were elected to county offices.

    Let's examine The Philip R. Klein Election 2010 Predictions in detail. This is his predictions from last week: 
    US House Of Representatives – District 2: Ted Poe will win the seat at 70% of the vote or more.
    Miss: Ted Poe won the seat with almost 90 percent of the vote.
    Governor: Perry will win this race. We predict at the end of the night a 56 and whatever win for Perry.
    Hit:  Perry won with 55 percent.
    Lt. Governor: Dewhurst by as many numbers as you can count. This will be a 60 – 40 race.
    Hit: Dewhurst won 62.2 percent, although Chavez-Thompson polled 32 percent of the race.
    Comptroller: Not much to this race. Really – the democrats could not even come up with a candidate...Susan Combs with 60-68% of the vote. 
    Major Miss: Combs got almost 84 percent of the vote and Edward Lindsay received 6.3 percent of the vote, enough to guarantee the Green Party access to the ballot for the next two years. This will further dilute Democratic strength during redistricting. Philip missed the significance of this race. 
    As for Patterson, Staples and Porter – they will beat their opponent by around 5-9 points depending on their race.
    Miss, Miss, and Miss: Patterson: 62 percent over 34 percent (28 percentage points); Staples: 62 over 35 (27 percentage points); and  Porter: 60 over 36 percent (24 percentage points).
    Jefferson County Tax Assessor – Collector: So our prediction is this – as the numbers for the GOP are hovering at 57% for the early voting – we will drop that by 6 points – making it advantage Howard – but by a nail. So we call it a pick it. Pick your candidate and don’t be surprised for a close night.
    Miss. In spite of Klein's gibberish, Shane Howard won the race by 10 percentage points. Most people saw this coming, but Philip missed it.
    Jefferson County Treasurer:  We see a win by Guillory.
    Major Miss. Not only did Tim Funchess beat Guillory by 11 percent, most people saw it coming. I wrote on Oct. 5, 2010:
    Georgine Guillory won the Democratic primary with only 60 percent of the vote, leaving a potential of 6,300 votes that could conceivably go to Tim Funchess. Putting this into perspective, that's six times the total membership of the Southeast Texas Tea Party. It doesn't take a shrewd political analyst to see how this race will turn out.   
    Philip R. Klein is an idiot.
    JP Number 7 – Mid County: Man – we just don’t know.
    Miss. Brad Burnett won the race by 11 points (55.46 percent to 44.54 percent). Most people saw it coming.
    JP Pct 1 Place 2: We see Nancy Beaulieu winning this race with around 59% of the vote.
    Major hit.  Beaulieu won 58.85 percent of the vote.
    Hardin County will see Billy Caraway come home to about a 59% victory and anyone with an R next to their name will sit pretty.   
    Major Miss and miss. Judge Caraway captured 73 percent of the vote to Russell Wright's 27 percent Most people saw it coming, but Philip missed the landslide.

    Likewise, Democrat Kathy Simpson beat Republican David Lisenby in the race for JP, Precinct 2, by 24 percentage points.
    Orange County – some of the people with D’s next to their names will get nervous after seeing the results. They are thanking their lucky stars that they have not that many running them right now. That changes in two years. Look for a mass defection.
    Miss, especially since Philip didn't know the candidates in the Orange County races. Note that Republican Jody Crump won his race for Precinct 4 County Commissioner by 20 percentage points.
    The House of Representatives will see a 54 seat win for the GOP. That could go higher – not lower.
    Hit. With 10 races still undecided, Republicans won 239 seats in the House, a gain of  61 seats. This makes the largest loss by the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives since 1938, when Roosevelt's Democratic Party lost a net of 72 seats to the Republican Party. Like the modern-day Tea Party, the minor Progressive and Farmer-Labor Parties also supported the 1938 Republican Party.
    In the Senate – we will look for a 47 seat win for the GOP. 
    Major Hit. At this time, the GOP won six seats for a total of 47.
    In The Governors races – Brown will win California, all others lien GOP. Look for a number being 28 Governorships going to the GOP. The wave is coming up on top of the ticket.
    Major miss.  In spite of my lien on Klein's credibility, Republicans won 27 races, while Democrats won 12 races. Democrats now hold 26 governorships and Republicans hold 24.
    Remember – our numbers have been off of the last two cycles. We used to be up in the high 90’s – in predictions. Now we are around the 80%. So we will see.
    Actually, Philip's predictions were accurate only about 37.5 percent of the time. In this cycle:
    • 17 races called
    • 12 misses
    • 5 hits
    • 29 percent correct
    A new low.

    Nov 1, 2010

    Klein's Prognostications: Low-Hanging Fruit

    Special Statement: I'm not devoting any more space to Philip R. Klein's unethical actions last week out of concern for this loyal reader. PRK pirated and posted a Facebook photo without permission on the Southeast Texas Political Review and implied that this picture would  be included in a lawsuit against Operation Kleinwatch (OK).  Klein's victim had simply befriended the OK FB page.

    Reiterating Friday's posting,  I'm touched by the show of support (!), but I do not actively solicit followers on Facebook. Since Philip has a history of harassing FB patrons, I encourage readers to read my blog directly, because all content from this blog is fed via RSS into my Facebook page.

    Leave your anonymous comments here for plausible deniability ("Gus did it.").  Use the anonymous links above to visit the Southeast Texas Political Review.
    I've ignored most of Klein's postings concerning tomorrow's elections before now. There were several reasons:
    • It's harder to hit moving targets, since Klein changed many of his predictions regularly.
    • I didn't want to give him a chance to change mistakes before the election.
    • Early voting wasn't over, so many statements couldn't be verified.
    • I suspect that Philip was typing while drunk (TWD) when he wrote his predictions.
    As an example, PRK could not have known the daily breakouts from early voting, since the results aren't released until tomorrow evening. All of his information came from Jefferson County Clerk, who posted the daily turnout on her website, despite the wild claims he made concerning voting totals.

    But tonight is election eve and the low-hanging fruit is ripe. 
    So we call it a pick it.
    Pick your candidate and don’t be surprised for a close night.
    But the vote is not today. So we say pick em.
    We will see. So pick it kids.
    With this insightful commentary, Klein's sobriety is already suspect. Here are more:
    Who knows that is who and who is “Open for Business.”
    Who knows what this gibberish means? Not I.
    Lt. Governor...we have Lt. Governor Dewhurst v. Linda Thompson.
    PRK meant Linda Chavez-Thompson.
    Jefferson County Tax Assessor – Collector... Marion Johnson bails out of the office...
    PRK meant Miriam Johnson.
    Jefferson County Treasurer...Georgina Guillory is good at one thing...
    PRK meant Georgine Guillory.
    JP Number 7 – Mid County...that is Mark DeRoune.
    PRK meant Mark DeRouen. Note that Derouen is running in Precinct No. 2.

    Typically, Klein made up a number, attributed to a credible source:
    Governor...This has been a dog race...Real Clear has the race at +12 for Perry – and some of the polls have it in the red tide going to maybe 15%.
    The RCP Average at the time Philip published this (10/26) was about 8.5 percent, not "+12" percent as Klein claims. See for yourself in the Flash chart on this page.

    Condescension based on ignorance is never pretty:
    She is a RINO Repub. For those of you that don’t know what that is – it is someone that runs as a GOPER but is really a democrat in a RINO skin.
    RINO means Republican In Name Only.

    Likewise, Klein's fuzzy math is reflected in the simplistic spreadsheet he posted Saturday night.
    The Review ran some numbers today and we came up with a formula based upon (1) past votes counted in 2008 and (2) a GOP up skew of 11%
    PRK's purported analysis followed no known statistical model, his modifiers made no sense whatsoever, and the data set is incomplete to support Klein's methodology and conclusions.

    For the mathematically-impaired, why would one apply a "GOP up skew" of 11 percent in a strongly Democratic box like the Port Arthur Sub-Courthouse?  Rather these modifiers would differ by box, depending upon several factors not included in Klein's calculation.

    The dead giveaway is Klein's simple arithmetic: unless calculus is used to crunch the numbers, it's impossible to determine a reliable confidence interval and margin of errors. PRK's calculations are closer to middle school math than college-level statistics.

    In his predictions, I think this is Philip's biggest blunder before the election. This comment is highly representative of Klein's expertise:
    Comptroller...Background : Not much to this race. Really – the democrats could not even come up with a candidate.
    The Comptroller's race is the most controversial race behind the gubernatorial election.  Here's why.

    Incumbent Susan Combs sits on the Legislative Redistricting Board and has no Democratic opponent as Philip noted. The Libertarian candidate, Mary Ruwart, could normally expect up to 20 percent of the vote.

    However, Green Party candidate Edward Lindsay may pull as much as ten percent in this race, primarily from Democrats who will not vote for Combs or Ruwart. 

    Why is this important? The Green party can gain ballot access in Texas for the next two years if they can exceed five percent in any statewide office. They gain four years of access if they can break two percent in the Governor's race. The party has not had access to the ballot for at least 12 years.

    As a brilliant strategy, the Republican Party funded the Green Party's ballot petitions program, qualifying them for the ballot in this year's off-election. (See here, here here and here). If the Green Party gains ballot access, this will further dilute the strength of the Democratic Party during redistricting.

    Read more here: 
    Philip missed the whole thing.

    Oct 29, 2010

    Nitwit Tidbit™

    From the Operation Kleinwatch (OK) Facebook (FB) page:
    FB Patron: I'm wondering why Mr. Klein felt the need to paste the profile picture of one of the group's members, a housewife who minds her own business, bigger than life in his Nitwit Tidbits?

    Is he going to post the pictures of everyone who thinks he consistently lies and forges sources and documents? If so, he's definitely going to need a large page...
    OK: Hi, FB. The short answer: Philip is big bully. I'm very sorry that Philip posted this picture, even though I have no influence over Klein's bad taste.

    I'll have more on this as a regular posting on my blog in the next day or so. Klein's actions raise many issues, including internet stalking, copyright violations, and felonious stupidity. I'd like to consult with several people, including my attorney, before I post anything of substance.

    As a warning, I've previously documented similar cases of Klein's internet stalking and thuggish intimidation in this article.

    IMPORTANT NOTE to everyone who views this page: if you identify yourself, you are subject to harassment by Philip R. Klein. Comments on this page are fed from my blog, so you can leave anonymous responses there.
    Backstory: A few brave souls have befriended the Operation Kleinwatch page on Facebook. Philip R. Klein posted a photo of one in his Nitwit Tidbits today, pirated from this patron's FB profile without permission.

    He included this caption:
    Who Is This Taking Shots At The Review ? - Welcome to the big leagues young lady. When you put yourself out there....we call it exhibit KW172.
    As previously noted, Philip R. Klein is a bully who is now stalking fans of this website to intimidate them.

    Ironically, I also received this notification from Facebook about 45 minutes after Klein posted this Nitwit Tidbit™. Apparently, someone tried to hack my into my FB account.
    ----- Original message -----
    From: "Facebook"
    To: "Gus Pillsbury"
    Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:35:43 AM
    Subject: Security Warning From Facebook

    Dear Gus Pillsbury,

    We have detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have temporarily suspended your account as a security precaution.

    You can regain control of your account by logging into Facebook and following the on-screen instructions.

    Please be sure to visit the Facebook Help Center  ( for further information regarding these security issues and let us know if you need assistance.


    Facebook Security Team
    I've decided to leave the OK FB page active at this location, at least for the near future. I strongly advise those who follow me on FB and who don't want their pictures posted on the Southeast Texas Political Review site to unlike my page. All content on my FB page is mirrored from this site, including anonymous comments. Please feel free to leave your comments here.

    As an observation, this is the party with which Philip R. Klein most closely associates himself:

    This is not politics by Philip Klein or Tim Proffitt, it's jack-booted thuggery.

    More to come.

    Oct 28, 2010

    The PRK Caption These Photos Contest

    Channel 4 KBTV posted Philip R. Klein's weekly nine minutes from Oct. 28, 2010. In his weakly segment, Mr. 37-Point-5 percent reiterated his Election 2010 Predictions.

    Leave your own captions for either or both photos in the comments section:
    Photo 1 Photo 2
    Disclaimer: I have no prizes, so your chances of winning are 0:0.

    Oct 27, 2010

    Election 2010 – Philip's Predictions (Pt I)

    Philip R. Klein writes in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):
    We are doing it different this year – we are laying out the race – our thoughts and then the prediction (s). So – we hope you enjoy and understand we have not been doing so well over the last two cycles hovering in the high 80% on the predictions. So with that – we hope you enjoy!
    See Mr. 37-Point-5 percent here. To be revisited on November 4, 2010.

    Oct 26, 2010

    Truly Pathetic

    Read more about Philip's latest editorial here in "Five Questions and a Pack of Lies."

    There is something pathetic about someone who has such low self-esteem that he has to write himself fan mail. Consider the latest posting on Philip R. Klein's reader mail page (emphasis is mine):
    I was in attendance at your talk to the Port Arthur Rotary Club where I have been a member for many years. You were entertaining and your message rings so true. I encourage other groups to have you come speak and hear the truth of what has happened to Southeast Texas. The more they scream the more guilty they look. Thanks again for speaking to us!"
    There are so many of Klein's grammatical signatures in this purported question from a reader that I'm absolutely certain Philip wrote this himself. I'll comment on two of them.

    Notice the awkward sentence structure with stacked prepositional phrases in Klein's opening:
    ...I was in attendance at your talk to the Port Arthur Rotary Club...
    Most people would write something like this:
    I saw you speak at the Port Arthur Rotary Club...
    "Scream" is another of Klein's signatures. Here are a few examples:
    Of course the teachers Union screams...
    The Gang of Seven screams that they need to lock down the courthouse...
    The Fire Department is screaming foul...
    The guy was seen hanging out his window screaming he loved Beaumont...
    You - the public of Jefferson County should be screaming right now...
    He is BORING! You just want to scream WAAAAAKKEEEE UPPPPP!
    We expect each of them to scream from the highest mountain...
    Everyone but the media who should be screaming at the top of there lungs...
    The waste and the misuse of tax dollars would make me scream...
    It is kind of fun to see the cockroaches run and scream when you bring up history...
    And we all scream GREAT!
    It just makes us want to scream RHINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leading many in the democratic party screaming dirty tricks and infuriating the black communities.
    Watch the libs scream...
    Other elected officials in Jefferson County Scream about keep jobs local
    Sometimes you just want to SCREAM! Seriously SCREAM!
    Ace nut counter Patrick Swain screamed the county was in financial crisis!
    Maybe the clinic kids can come out and give free flu shots for the citizens as they march around screaming...
    So tax dollars will be spent to study whether or not to accept citizens funds for a project
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......(us screaming).
    It makes us just want to scream Mayor.
    There will be a scream like never heard before.
    We would like to have a show on that station. Every morning at 7 a.m. and scream....GOOOD MORNINGGGGG PORT ARTHUR!
    And the business community screams YES!
    We had people calling - crying - screaming.
    And we hear at the Review just want to throw up and scream.
    They will scream and cry and call you names...
    A true root Republican should be screaming from the highest point at the courthouse...
    Sometimes we just want to scream.
    The similarities in Philip R. Klein and Theodore Kaczynsk's writing styles are striking:
    Throughout the manuscript,..Kaczynski capitalizes entire words in order to show emphasis. He always refers to himself as either "we" or "FC" (Freedom Club), though he appears to have acted alone. Donald Foster, who analyzed the writing at the request of Kaczynski's defense, notes that the manuscript contains instances of irregular spelling and hyphenation, as well as other consistent linguistic idiosyncrasies (which led him to conclude that it was indeed Kaczynski who wrote it).
    For those familiar with the SET Political Review, this sounds eerily familiar. I would not be surprised to read in the Beaumont Enterprise one morning that Philip R. Klein crashed a black SUV into the Jefferson County Courthouse.

    UPDATE: Twofer Tuesday

    Read more about Philip's latest editorial here.

    Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review is entitled "En Masse," but a more appropriate title would be "Bad Math:"
    We have taken a look at the early numbers since their release this past evening. And it looks from what we can see that a GOP wave of about 57% has hit Jefferson County.

    Rogers Park - with over 5,800 votes had another big day with Nederland having another big day too.
    Philip prefers to keep his readers in the dark, but you can take a look at the early numbers, too. See this link from the County Clerk.

    Philip calculated this figure of 57 percent by adding the total votes cast at the Roger's Park and Nederland Recreation Center voting locations. Of 18,255 votes cast thus far, Rogers Park generated 5,021 and Nederland had 2,754 for a total of 7,775 votes.

    According to basic arithmetic, this is a percentage of 42.6 percent, not 57 percent. Klein's claim is further predicated on an assumption that all votes cast in those two locations were for Republicans. This clearly shows that Philip has less insight than the average person who actually reads the source documents.

    This is not credible commentary; rather, it's gibberish from a self-described political consultant whose main priority is self-aggrandizement:
    As we prepare in the office this morning to publish out [sic] prediction issue tonight at 6 p.m.
    I hope Klein's predictions in 2010 are more accurate than his predictions from 2008, where he guessed three of eight correctly for a score of 37.5 percent.

    After the Election (Philip will still be an idiot)

    In this posting, Klein made this claim:
    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that indictments of two Beaumont Police Officers will be held until after the Election on November 2, 2010. Sources close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office tell the Review that the charges "are likely" however in the fairness to the electoral process - they are going to hold the indictments or even ask the grand jury for charge until then.

    "It is not fair. We have to think about what is fair to the family," said our source close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office.

    Fair? Really? Fair? What about the other 200,000 people in Jefferson County - remember the taxpayers?
     What is all of this - it stinks. Waiting to act by the DA's office again? Because of politics.

    Oh...did we mention that Beaulieu is a FOT? You know - a friend of Tom? Maness that is...the District Attorney of Jefferson County Texas?
    This is another of Klein's blatant lies.

    The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office has nothing whatsoever to do with this investigation, after they were recused and a special prosecutor from Brazos County was appointed. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
    The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office has been recused from the case and a special prosecutor, First Assistant District Attorney for Brazos County Shane Phelps was appointed.
    "Sources close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office" tell Operation Kleinwatch that Philip R. Klein is an idiot. More likely, Klein is trying to divert attention from his earlier claims on Fox 4 KBTV and the Southeast Texas that both officers would be indicted two weeks ago.

    In a related issue, Philip has never provided any details or information on a purported announcement by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms that the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission burned the First Baptist Church of Kountze to cover up evidence of fraud.

    I'm sure Philip will claim that the Jefferson County District Attorney's office dropped the ball on that investigation in Hardin County, too.

    Oct 24, 2010

    Five Questions and a Pack of Lies

    Charles Dickens wrote:
    Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule.
    And there's no better place to apply this rule than Philip R. Klein's latest editorial:
    This past week I had the opportunity to speak to three classes at the University of Houston. The topic - "Bloggers And How They Affect The Political Process." They were a great group of young people that really were interested in politics. Most where kids with huge ambitions and a not so good knowledge of the political process. However, they wanted to learn and they wanted to hear from someone in the political system that has been there and done that - on their level - meaning the internet.
    Fact check: Klein did not speak to three classes at the University of Houston this past week or at any other time this semester. To verify, start with the University of Houston Director of Academic Program Management at (713)743-0882. 

    Philip's claim lacks credulity. Why would UH seek a third-rate blogger, failed fast food impresario, and self-proclaimed political consultant who can't string together enough words to form a coherent and grammatically correct sentence as a speaker? 

    For further evidence, Klein's most recent video posted to YouTube has generated only 550 views since Oct. 11. 2010, even though Klein claims thousands of readers every day. According to a reliable source, a video of a boy making farting noises generated twice the traffic as Klein's video

    Houston has several world-class political bloggers on all sides of the political spectrum who have much greater influence on Texas Politics than Philip R. Klein. These bloggers include UH faculty members, so Klein's claim is not simply not credible. 

    Philip further claims:
    After the talk was over - a very nice young lady who was political science major came up to me and asked if I could spend 30 minutes with her. She had a project due called "five questions." She told me that she had been having problems with project - however after hearing what I had to say - she wanted to ask me the five questions. So I agreed to do it only if she took two hours and did some research on me on the net. She did and we did the interview. Today I would like to share the questions she asked today because I though they were great questions.
    Fact check: There is no class in the UH Political Science department that has such a sophomoric assignment. To confirm, start with the Department of Political Science at (713)743-3890. Klein's juvenile claim is more reminiscent of middle school homework than a college-level assignment.

    As with most of his letters to his "Reader Mail" page, Philip wrote these five questions and answered them, too. All of the questions contain Klein's grammatical signatures. Presumably, political science majors understand the proper use of punctuation, sentence fragments and run-on sentences, and other elementary grammar rules.

    For example, Klein's idiomatic language is clearly evident in the first question (emphasis is mine):
    1) In your talk today you told us the place in East Texas from where you are based. You called it the "Most Corrupt County In Texas." If it is that bad why don't you move to another part of Texas that has your political beliefs and morals?
    Most people with basic grammar skills would write (emphasis is mine):
    In your talk today, you told us about the place in East Texas where you are based.
    The missing commas and awkward sentence construction echo Klein's past postings. Here are three such examples:
    Meaning - Hilton Kelley should go back to from where he came.
     As some of the GOP women run to the courthouse to see if Beaulieu has crossed over - or maybe is crossing over now from where she was - the letter seemingly is making its rounds.
     On Friday Afternoons we try and read Trog from where we left off the week before.
     Let's examine some of Philip's specific claims:
    When we went to the web in March of 1996 - not many people read web sites. So some thought I had gone away. In fact, in 1997 I began to get calls from people asking me why they were getting their faxes.
    Fact check: Klein first registered the Southeast Texas Political Review in 1999, not 1996. From the INTERNIC Whois records for
    Updated Date: 01-oct-2008
    Creation Date: 29-jun-1999
    Expiration Date: 29-jun-2012
    Neither does the Internet Archives show any postings for the Southeast Texas Political Review before 1999.

    Philip makes this claim concerning his history as a radio talk show host:
    I can remember when I did a show in 1994 at an AM radio station during drive time for two years.
    Fact check: Philip never did a "drive time" radio show in 1994, 1995, or 1996.  This, too, is a blatant lie; During that time period, Klein was too busy running a DQ franchise into the ground to host a "drive time" radio show. More on this below.

    Perhaps Philip is confusing his stint as a Saturday morning part-time announcer on KOLE-AM in 2005. That show lasted approximately 18 months until the station changed hands and Philip's show was discontinued. A cursory listen to Klein's show will show why.

    Since Klein was never a "drive time" radio host, this entire story is fiction:
    A local bank owned by Jack Brooks was a sponsor of the radio station and told the station that as long as I was at the station they would not advertise. So...they had a choice - drop me or the advertiser. Lucky for them they dropped the advertiser and got two others to replace them and they made more money. You see having guts rather than cutting and running turns out to be something great sometimes. It always is a good thing when you do the right thing. Brooks lost that year. As I love Jack Brooks and will never forget the time he personally took me through his office that I called a museum - it get why he did it. He lost - I won. It was my first big political win and message of my arrival and the Review's arrival. I guess what I have learned from my relationship with FOX nationally and local is simply this - stand up for what you believe in and controversy sells. Rather than worry about what you have - focus about what you don't have.
    For more on Klein's "relation with FOX nationally," see his iMDB listing.

    On question two, readers will find conclusive proof of evolution in PRK's description of his bankruptcy: 
    In the late 1990's we got into a huge war in the federal courts over franchise rights and advertising rights to which demands were being made to our company outside of a franchise agreement. As CEO of the company, I knew a huge legal fight was coming. There was millions on the table. So I interviewed maybe 10 attorney's from Beaumont to handle my case. All of them said no - that I was too politically hot and no judge would rule for me. So I went to Houston and hired a great lawyer. Paid him big bucks. And it was worth it. The company won, We settled in the end - the company made a bunch of money - the other company got what they wanted and at the end the judge looked at everyone and said that for the first time in a while the right thing happened. Because it was a family business deal there was bad blood - and really only I was happy - but it worked out.
    Philip didn't explain why a lawsuit concerning "franchise rights and advertising" was filed in the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Verify for yourself through PACER:
    • PRK Enterprises (No. 99-10415)
    • PRK Enterprises (No. 99-01053)
    No other lawsuit by Philip R. Klein that matches this bizarre description can be found in the public record. Neither did Klein "go to Houston and [hire] a great lawyer. Paid him big bucks. And it was worth it."

    Instead, Beaumont attorney Mark Faggard represented Klein in this bankruptcy. Philip later sued when Mark tried to cut PRK a break on his legal expenses. For verification, see Klein's Motion for Summery [sic] Judgment.

    PRK also claimed:
    Every single Radio program, TV Program or interview I do my detractors read and comment. And if you look at it - it boosts readership or viewing or listening to that station. So...ignore me or get smart and put me on and increase your viewers. And the more I am on - the better it is for all businesses I own and that are owned. You just have to stand the detractors that try stifle free speech?
    Christine O'Donnell gets a lot of press, too. On stifling Klein's protected speech, read a different perspective here.

    Philip comments on his party identity confusion in question three:
    I am a conservative first, a republican and tea party person second? Now if you believe that I have land in Louisiana I want to sell you. What people don't understand is that if you are a true conservative you are already a member of the tea party. I worry sometimes about the tea party being simply another name for conservatives...Look - I am a conservative first and a republican second. End of story.
    Fact Check: Many "true conservatives" such as Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer have distanced themselves from Tea Party extremism. Tea Party Republicans have turned their backs on great Republicans like George H.W. Bush, Eisenhower, Taft, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, who were all rational and inclusive. They instinctively avoided the fringe and sought the center of any controversy.

    Klein's logic breaks down completely in question four, which concerns Philip's nuisance suit against Sam the Eagle and me (AKA John Does 1 and 2):
    Well, I have to be careful here. We are in litigation so what I say and you print will be brought up some day.
    Klein's grandiose claim belies the significance of a simple class assignment. He made the same claim concerning a Channel 4 appearance. Occam's razor corroborates that Philip just made it all up. 
    I am aware of the sites. I hired an internet investigation firm in Houston and a law firm in Austin to monitor what is said. Why? Well I don't want to read them because if I do it will influence how and what I write. So that has angered them.
    Read more about Klein's affidavit here.
    It has gotten really bad from time to time. To the point they have taken pictures of my home, tried but failed to take pictures of my sons home, pictures of our offices, and pictures of my family.
    I have never taken pictures of Klein's home, or tried to take pictures of Klein's family, his offices, or any farm animals  he owns. Klein provides no evidence to support this irresponsible claim.
    They have attacked verbally my children, my wife, my ex-wives, my businesses, our extended family and our clients and people that have done business with us. They talk about my weight, they talk about my friends, my lawyers and the try and disparage and put pressure on anyone I do business with like FOX 4. In the beginning it bothered me. But now it is all old. The same old dribble over and over by people that don't have the guts to sign their names. It is like you want to say man up? Grow a set? But then you remember people hide for a reason. That reason? They have more to lose if they were exposed than if manned up and signed their names.
    I have never verbally attacked PRK's children, his wife, his ex-wife, his businesses, his extended family, and his clients and people that have done business with him.  Klein provides no evident to support this irresponsible claim, even though all of my postings are still available in the archives. 

    I have, however, commented on stalking complaints against Philip, written an open letter on his daughter's editorial as published on the SET Political review, exposed falsehoods in his public speeches, ridiculed his TV appearances, and lampooned his Patrick McDermott investigation.  
    The question in front of the courts is if Philip Klein is a public person - or a private person Meaning is Philip Klein a public person with a public blog or is Philip Klein a private person with a public blog?
    Fact check: This is gibberish. The questions before the court are these, according to Philip R. Klein's brief before the Texas Supreme Court:
    • Reply Issue No. 1
      The trial court did not disregard the procedures of Rule 202 and did not order the
      parties to rely upon a Rule 11 agreement and a Subpoena. This was voluntarily done
      by the parties, and Rule 202 does not prohibit parties from entering into voluntary,
      informal discovery.

    • Reply Issue No. 2
      The Honorable Judge Floyd’s Order was not state action depriving Relators of their First Amendment rights to anonymous speech. The website and Relators’ contents are clearly defamatory per se, and neither their identities nor the content of the blogs are protected under the First Amendment.
    Philip derails completely off the track in this passage:
    If the courts rule in my favor - one of the suspected writers, Neil Harrison of Clear Channel Communications in Houston, will stand trial. As will his company Clear Channel who he has worked for and we have tracked his IP addresses back to his office. He has hired Brent Coon and Associates - which is the same law firm that represented a local Justice of the Peace in another failed lawsuit against the Review. In my opinion Coon is a low life scum bag liar that has more secrets in his treasure bag than he wants anyone to know. And he tries to represent himself as some great lawyer? He hides behind the law and gets some appellate lawyer to do his bidding for him because he has no idea how to write a brief. He is too busy trying to screw around with dumb pretty girls and play in his garage band. And even better than that everyone around him says that he has squandered his millions he made off the BP gig. Now he is trying to go back to the trough for more - but the defense lawyers and BP have his number. That happens when you try and hide? So as you can see those who attempt to discredit me are in fact not looking in the mirror.
    Our Attorney is Jeffrey L. Dorrell, not Brent Coon, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Klein's lawsuit. 

    Since previously identifying Sam the Eagle as Neil Harrison, Klein's implication is that I am Brent Coon. I  can't comment on Sam's identity since he's in litigation, but I am not now, nor have I ever been, Brent Coon. Klein has never offered any evidence whatsoever to support these bizarre claims before the Texas Supreme Court or on the Southeast Texas Political Review.

    However, I'm sure Klein's description of a low life scum back liar who has more secrets in his treasure bag than he wants anyone to know about applies to another party in this petition.

    In question five, Klein speculates on the end of the Southeast Texas Political Review and discusses his retirement:
    That is the greatest thing about life. Everything ends. I have been doing this gig for 17 years. I have put myself and my opinion out there. I have a great group of people that feed me information and a great group of people that I work with. The operative word is "I" and I think I get that? I will not retire in Jefferson County - that is for sure. I know I will move and we have some great friends in Comal County Texas as well as some investments up there. I do see the end of the tunnel. I can see it coming....but I just don't know when. If I had to put a time frame on it I would be saying within five years. As I am international now - I don't really have to be in one place. Less than 25% of the business is generated in Southeast Texas. So my guess is I will do just fine in Comal County.
    Note that Klein has commented on his personal business plan.  That five-year plan that Philip mentioned on the SET Political Review in 2004 apparently didn't pan out.

    Likewise, this analogy is quite revealing considering Philip's symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
    There is nobody behind me in the Review. In my other companies I have not chosen an heir apparent. My son is interested - but he needs time to grow and mature. He is doing it - but the jury is still out.
    An heir apparent? 
    If I leave Southeast Texas in the next five years - I will close it. I have looked at the number 20 - it is a nice round number. But again - who knows. I am not ready yet. But I can feel it coming.
    Oh look, another five year plan! Not that Philip R. Klein takes bribes, but I'll donate a one-way Greyhound ticket to New Braunfels if Philip will leave tomorrow.

    A standing offer:
    If this "very nice young lady" exists, then please feel free to contact me if you'd like a more factual account of Philip R. Klein. In his suspect account, PRK clearly stated that you've read the blogs. Since UH students have assigned email addresses, please use your school account.