Jan 5, 2010

Calm Down

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review today, Philip R. Klein claims credit for Rick William's decision to run for the County Criminal District Court seat (emphasis is mine):
Rick Williams, GOPER, filed for office late yesterday afternoon for the Criminal District Court in Jefferson County Texas. And you thought that the political world was in shock. The calls and the madness from some were overwhelming.

"What is wrong with you people? Why would you run someone against Stevens. He is the best judge on the d*** bench!" - Was one call.
In keeping with this narcissistic self-aggrandizement, Philip has manufactured his own version of the real events based on three "facts" (emphasis is mine):
First, Stevens applied and was accepted for a new job in Washington under the Obama administration. And that is all good - we guess?

Second, Stevens is a great judge - and good and honorable man who we really like here at the Review. But he applied and was accepted for a new job in the Federal Government. Leaving the door open to a political candidate.

Third, no other candidate stepped up to the big plate on the democratic side. So......Stevens has applied and was accepted for a new job in the Federal Government. Leaving the door open to a political candidate. Being?
I'm not sure whether Judge John Stevens applied for the position of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, but I'm absolutely positive that he has not been accepted. 

Klein has never acknowledged the real reason: John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Huchison can block those nominees through the blue slip process.  In the Eastern District of Texas, Senators Bailey and Cornyn had their own nomination: John Malcolm Bales.

This conflict has been going on since before President Obama took office. As a result of this petty partisanship, no Obama nominees for U.S. district judge, U.S. attorney or U.S. Marshall have been appointed in Texas.

Klein's confusion becomes legion by the end of this article:
Ah yes. So Obamacare hits Southeast Texas as year two of his administration begins. Still - no US Attorney in his second year in the Eastern District of Texas? Do what? And now it is screwing up the electoral process on the local level? Tell us NO!
Fact Check: there is indeed a U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. John Malcolm Bales was appointed to the post last May, replacing Rebecca Gregory who resigned in April.  As the current U.S. Attorney, he'll hold the position until replaced, hence his place on the list of Republican nominations.  

Regarding Rick Williams, Philip hasn't commented on the job he did as an economic development consultant for the City of Nederland.  Rick was later appointed to the 279th District Court by Gov. Rick Perry in 2006 after Judge Tom Mulvaney passed, but Randy Shelton replaced Williams in the first elections held after William's appointment.

If Philip R. Klein was truly involved in Rick Williams' decision to run, I have serious doubts about William's qualifications to be a judge.


Anonymous said...


You will have to excuse PrK this time. He is obviously deliriously giddy over the fact that Maness has an opponent and therefore is more confused than ever on all other subjects. In case Williams doesn't know yet, I would suggest he immediately ask for substantial and frequent donations from Klein. It's not often that a cash cow runs right out in the road in front of you!

Anonymous said...

Phil should get his facts straight before confusing the "millions" who count on his politcal expertise.

Anonymous said...

Gus- Why don't you invite PRK to contact Judge Walker and ask him when was the last time he had ANY contact with Rhonda Dugas. Since PRK is convinced that Dugas is part of the Walker machine it would be interesting to find out the truth. Better yet, why don't you contact the Judge and ask him and report your findings to all of us. (Judge Walker has not spoken to Rhonda in over two years).