Jan 4, 2010

Day Zero

Philip R. Klein posted this gibberish on the Southeast Texas Political Review earlier today, regarding filings in the Jefferson County 2010 party primaries:
Now - here we go in the last bastion of the democrat stronghold in Texas. And the GOP has stepped .... well.....baby stepped up and now we wait for 5 p.m.

Why are we waiting? Well there are two races that seemingly may have last minute changes according to sources close to both democrat and republican camps. They are the Pct. 2 commissioners race and the Pct. 7 judges race - which both have a solid GOP backing. As well - only one person has hit the GOP slate - which means that the GOP will control the races.
Klein didn't explain how David Reeves, the only Republican in the county primaries, will control all races in Jefferson County. Neither did Philip comment on the number of law enforcement jobs that Reeves has held, where he's currently employed, whether he once ran for JP in Orange County and on what ticket, or why the rest of the media published the news of Reeve's filing a week before Philip.

Instead, Klein displayed his mathematical prowess with this shrewd observation:
What we want everyone to watch for is two things. First, we want you to watch for how the GOP will cross over. With a solid candidate running for office in Pct. 7 - there may no cross over. Meaning - the GOP has something to vote for. And any candidate really needs the GOP to win.

So as we ease through the day Monday - we want all of you to watch.
Readers will note that PRK lost count after one thing and never got to the second item. 

Klein also missed the filing by Rhonda Dugas for County Clerk. According to the Beaumont Enterprise, posted this evening after the filing deadline: 
Filing as Democrats in Jefferson County were Port Neches businessman Cass Brantley for Jefferson County Precinct 7 justice of the peace; Rhonda Dugas for county clerk; and Jefferson County Assistant Auditor Keith Hawkes for county treasurer.

Earlier in the day, Cornelius Williams Jr. filed to run for Jefferson County criminal district attorney. Williams will face incumbent Criminal District Attorney Tom Maness in the March primary.

Also in Jefferson County, James Milton Ferrell Jr. filed this morning to run for county clerk. Ferrell will face incumbent County Clerk Carolyn Guidry and Jefferson County Sheriff's Sgt. Derwin Seals in March.
To be revisited!

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again with Klein on Dugas. Hey Phil, Rhonda is liked and respected many times more than you. At least Rhonda is trying to make things better. You just sit back and complain about those who are trying.