Jan 24, 2010

Klein's $1000 Offer

Philip R. Klein continues to bully Kolby Flowers, a high school senior who is running for a seat on the board of trustees for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville ISD (emphasis is mine):

You want to put an 18 year old boy in an office where he knows a little about nothing? Come on? As for knowing more than I think he knows. Tell you what - bring him in here and we will ask him 20 questions regarding rules of procedure, taxing, abetments, law and / or public policy and he will know or think he knows just about 4 of the answers. If he answers 15 correctly I give $1,000 to his prom at LCM. How about that?

I'm absolutely positive that Kolby could spell "abatement" correctly - Klein regularly displays his obtuse understanding of basic civics. Last week, he declared Judge Lupe Flores guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor according to PRK's ignorance of basic Texas Election Code.

Like most bullies, however, Klein is afraid of a level playing field, so he wants to stack the deck against Kolby with questions that PRK has prepared himself.

Here's a better idea:  have an independent third party create a test of 20 civics questions and administer the test to both.  If Kolby beats Klein, the fat man should donate $2,000 to Kolby's campaign and issue a public apology. Perhaps Klein TV, KBTV Channel 4, would publicize the event in a 30-minute question and answer format.

Some advice to Kolby: demand cash on the payoff - don't take a check!

Note to Philip: literacy tests for voting and public office are unconstitutional - didn't you know that?


Anonymous said...

klein would be embarassed. you have to put a 5th grader up against klein to get be fair.

Anonymous said...

Now Einstein is accusing ALL Judges and ALL courts of being corrupt. This guy is truly a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

Folks- Just to let you know that Klein is lying again. Judge Walker has no plans to step down early. He will finish his term. No sources spoke to Klein about this. The entire article is a lie. Just more of Klein's personal vendetta against Judge Walker for beating Carl Griffith.