Jan 13, 2010


In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein pounds his voluminous chest:
The Review broke a story yesterday - regarding the incorrect filing of office by District Attorney Thomas Maness. He filed for office wrong and under state law - his incorrect filing is null and void - and he could re-file - as an independent. The Review was given documents that back up the claim as reported to the Review yesterday. The Review consulted with state election lawyers as well as local legal counsel and it was found again - that District Attorney Thomas Maness did not file for the correct office and should be removed from the ballot in Jefferson County.
I addressed most of this in yesterday's post.

"The Review" has consulted "state election lawyers" and "local legal counsel,"  but "The Review" hasn't filed a simple grievance contesting Maness' place on the balance. Early voting begins on February 16,  so Klein is running out of time to make an actionable complaint according to Sec. 141.034 of the Texas Election Code.
LIMITATION ON CHALLENGE OF APPLICATION.  (a)  An application for a place on the ballot may not be challenged for compliance with the applicable requirements as to form, content, and procedure after the day before the beginning of early voting by personal appearance for the election for which the application is made.

Philip's article includes this attempt at blackmailing the local media into giving him air time:
The Review has the documents. The Review will post the documents - only after we here the spin - IF THE MEDIA PICKS UP THE STORY AND RUNS IT. If not - everything we have ever told you about the media, its relationship with the Gang of Seven, how the government controls it, or how stupid they are - will now be proven to its fullest.
Philip said stupid. Pot meet kettle.

Here is the Klein Konspiracy du Jour:
Either what we have said will be shown to be true - or you will see a massive cover up that may or may not be public.
PRK omitted the most obvious choice: he's an idiot. I'm sure all local media would give Philip R. Klein plenty of news coverage if he contested the application of Tom Maness to back up these inflated accusations.

Not filing a grievance speaks volumes about the integrity of "The Review."


Anonymous said...

Phil's a lumberjack and he's okay.

Anonymous said...

The word "integrity" should never come from Klein's mouth!

Anonymous said...

Why do all of Klein's sources demand anonymity?
Is it because his little mind imagines all these conspiracies and it's his attempt to give them relevance? (Hmmmmm! Giggle!)