Jan 14, 2010


I'm not sure what Philip R. Klein's mangled and mispelled title reference has to do with the subject matter of an ancient rock song, unless it refers to the old news he's dredged up in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Well - you have to give it to the Enterprise and Dan Wallach (who we think may be the best reporter in the area). They gave the political world a little shake up. And we simply sat back and watched to see what the reaction would be. And that is? None.

Now that is what we call Bebe LaStrange.

For the record, the Beaumont Enterprise published the story on Jan. 6, 2010. If you're interested in this issue at all, read their account for an accurate version of what really happened.

Regarding local reaction, apparently Klein wants everyone to share his hysteria:
You know - THE PIPEFITTERS that have been responsible for? Well, electing every single democrat in Southeast Texas.
I'm positive that the members of the Ironworkers Local 125, Sheet Metal Workers Local 196, Operating Engineers Local 450, Laborers Local 853, Painters Local 438, OCAW Local 423, OCAW Local 228, USW Local 8586, the Texas AFL-CIO, UTU Local 1957, IAM Local 823, CLEAT, The Beaumont Police Officers Association, among many others, would disagree.

Klein veers off-topic from an attack based on spurious "sources close to the Pipefitters Union" and "our sources in the business roundtable" to a racist rant about the demographics of Jefferson County:
It is the black community. And just wait until you see the census numbers.

There is a good chance that the minority community will be the majority - so if you want to win office you must have the black community. That means church's, that means community groups and organizers (giggle) and most of all - you must have the black elected leaders. So you white folk running for office - mark it up boys and girls. Things have changed. Jefferson County - is becoming a minority county as the white flight continues.
PRK claimed almost a year ago that Jefferson County was already a majority-minority county:
Let's look at Jefferson County.

What race is the minority race in Jefferson County? And do they have "minority business loans?" The answer is no. Why not? They are a minority.

From Philip's tone, one would think Klein believes this is bad for some reason, but the State of Texas officially became the fourth majority-minority state five years ago.  

Meanwhile, Klein has yet to file a simple grievance contesting Tom Maness' application. The clock is ticking!


Anonymous said...

I saw Philip at the Hamburger Depot (you should stay out of there Philip). He is much, much heavier than Ann Wilson.

Anonymous said...

With Klein, it always boils down to the color of a person's skin.