Jan 20, 2010

Legal Beagle - LCM

Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review concerns Kolby Flowers, a high school senior who is running for a seat on the board of trustees for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville ISD.

In this article, Philip admonishes the local media:
And you guys in the media - leave this boy alone. Please. We think it is abuse.
Considering the content of Klein's article, Kolby's treatment by the local media is very fair. Compare with Klein's observations:
First - we called a legal beagle that gives us pretty good thought in Austin, Texas. He tells us that he is not sure if it is legal. The question will be if he votes during the time he is a student at the school on issues that may benefit him. If so - conflict and it is a no go.
The only issue is whether Kolby is eligible to run. According to Texas Education Code, there is only one requirement:

b) A person may not be elected trustee of an independent school district unless the person is a qualified voter.
Kolby has apparently met that requirement, but Klein follows with another short-sighted and opinionated comment: 
Second - if he is elected to office - what does he bring to the table? Nothing but kids stuff. Like we all care about what kids think? They are there to learn. So learn.
Klein's juvenile and myopic observation underscores his ignorance. According to Kolby's campaign website, the candidate has already implemented ways of saving money for the district's taxpayers.

While denigrating this candidate, Klein throws another red herring into the mix:
Last - is he a true taxpayer? Or is he living with mommy and daddy? If not then.....?
Maybe I missed that requirement in Sec. 11.061 of the Texas Education Code? Philip offers his unsolicited advice based on his uninformed opinions:
  1. Finish High School.
  2. Enroll in College or Trade School. Run for student government and start to learn. Give back.
  3. Get a job - or better yet build a company and create job growth.
  4. Study up on the tax system - and how it can be run better.
  5. Get some big league world experience and at least become a taxpayer.
Klein apparently missed the part where Kolby was elected as the LC-M Student Body President and Vice-President of the Texas Association of Student Councils. As the student newspaper copy editor, I bet he writes better than Philip - Kolby's website is certainly more user-friendly and attractive than the Southeast Texas Political Review.

I'll note that Klein still hasn't followed through on this promise concerning Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness:
The Review has the documents. The Review will post the documents - only after we here the spin - IF THE MEDIA PICKS UP THE STORY AND RUNS IT. If not - everything we have ever told you about the media, its relationship with the Gang of Seven, how the government controls it, or how stupid they are - will now be proven to its fullest.
All we've seen so far is that Philip R. Klein can't back up his outrageous accusations with real evidence.

Where's the beef, Philip?

In closing, I'll offer my own advice to Kolby: pay absolutely no attention to the village idiot. .


Anonymous said...

Wow, tough guy. Phil is bullying a high school student.

Anonymous said...

I bet Colby knows the difference between coo and coup.

Anonymous said...

Is Phil smarter than a Fifth Grader? Nah.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole...I hope he sits on his keyboard by accident.

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse. he might of called Kolby a smelly little girl.

Anonymous said...

I live in LCM District. In this case, I have no problem beating up a high school kid. He is 18 and he is running for a real office.
The kid doesn't have any real answers other than he is a student at LCMHS. Trust me, there are 400 other seniors at LCMHS. Do you really want high school kids running their school?

Oh yeah said...

I live in the BISD. Do you really want the idiots in the LC-M, WO-S, PASID, and BISD