Jan 22, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein's latest:
KFDM - Now wait a minute? The Enterprise writes an article - the article says that two TV Stations and a Newspaper group files a PIR for the name of a police officer that shot a man at Parkdale Mall. The story? Not the name - but who didn't file the PIR? Two TV Stations....being? NOT THE NEWS LEADER KFDM? Uh......which TV news station has a city councilwomen that.....oh never mind. Just our overactive imagination?
The Beaumont Enterprise didn't identify which station, but Philip filled in the blanks based on his own personal feud.  It's more likely that KBMT 12 is the odd man out, since they apparenttly didn't cover the story at all.
Speaking Of - God help us - the banks own KFDM and management is going to be replaced and restructured? Ouch? And layoffs are coming. Maybe that explains? A run in politics?
Philip is misrepresenting the real facts again based upon his own petty bias..The "management" at KFDM is not being replaced; rather the family that owns the parent company, Freedom Communications, is giving up its stake in the company. In this case, "management" is the parent company's board of directors, which is de rigueur in bankruptcies.  Considering Philip's personal experience, one would think he would be more conversant with the real facts on bankruptcy.

Here's an irony: Klein claims the population of Hardin County is exploding exponentially, but one of of the few independent newspapers in the county, the Lumberton Observer, ceased publishing in the past year because of a lack of advertising revenue.  PRK never mentioned that.
KBTV - Has a new web site. Very nice! Congrats!
And the new website looks just like the old one!
Rumor Mill - Seemingly FOX 4's numbers are rumored to be of discussion in newsrooms around the area. We have not seen them - but when your competition starts talking about them....well?
Ironically, Philip R. Klein keeps mentioning the ratings for Channel 4, but the official Nielsen sweeps don't start until next month. Opps (sic)!
Kid In LCM - The kid has a following. It is very interesting to read the letters. We have posted two of the many we have received. It is starting to sound like a Kool-Aid gig.
To me, it sounds as if Klein is simply attacking another candidate with no real basis for his own accusations.
Perry Palin - Do you want to see her? Go in two weeks. Zig Ziglar and the Perry Road Show. The talk - trying to get them both to do a hop to Hardin County? Rumor only.
Rumor only, meaning Philip just invented this today.  Philip also predicted that Governor Rick Perry would come to Lumberton in December.
KSET - We just still want to hang ourselves. Really.
Personal note to Philip: Please don't hang yourself! Who would take your place as the village idiot?
National Funny - NBC filed a complaint with the Whitehouse over ABC's access to the Prez. Who cares?
Apparently Philip R. Klein cares, since he mentioned it.
Sullins and Lumberton PD - Talk about an aggressive and well put together police force? How about that Chief Danny Sullins. These guys have it together up in Hardin County! Solved a big arson case and put to rest the "other case." The media finally got the message. Good job guys. Honor and professionalism. Not bad.
Klein didnt' mention the Lumberton Fire Marshall, Jim Philp, or the ATF agents who also assisted. Ironically, the press conference where they announced this news took place at the Lumberton Fire Department, not the Police Department.
Finally - War declared on us by Tom Maness and Judge Larry Thorne. Story next week. You gotta hear this one. You will simply giggle.
Hey Philip, where's the beef? I'm sure we're all excited about those documents:
The Review has the documents. The Review will post the documents - only after we here the spin - IF THE MEDIA PICKS UP THE STORY AND RUNS IT. If not - everything we have ever told you about the media, its relationship with the Gang of Seven, how the government controls it, or how stupid they are - will now be proven to its fullest.
 If Klein's accusations really are true, perhaps he's explain how a simple error in filing will prove "everything we have ever told you about the media, its relationship with the Gang of Seven, how the government controls it, or how stupid they are." 

I see lots of stupidity and it's centralized on the The Southeast Texas Politiical Review.


Anonymous said...

About the crude dig at KSET, the new station on AM 1300: Glad you're back, Jack Peiper! I'll listen to you but never to a certain blowhard on KBTV.

Anonymous said...

Gus, Channel 6 already has the name of the officer who did the shooting.

Radioman said...

As for the KSET comment...I think M & D Supply has a sale on rope! The view from the "cheap seats" must be nice! From all of us in the media...either "pony up", "step up" or at least try "fact checking" at least one story. I like comedy like the nest person...but hey...lie to your "partner" not to everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Today's Wizard of Iz comic strip in the Enterprise took aim at a "mindless blogger." Just how did
cartoonists Parker & Hart learn about Klein?