Jan 25, 2010


Philip R. Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

This afternoon the Review was shown preliminary statistics that suggest that Jefferson County Texas could reach 25% of the total population in poverty. This includes men, women and children whose average income or family income lower that the poverty level.

According to the Census Bureau, the forms won't be mailed until March. Despite Philip's claim, there can be no "preliminary statistics" without data. Klein digs a deeper hole:

In the last census the number hovered at 17% - and if the number holds true according to our sources at the census bureau, in the last ten years Jefferson Counties poverty level as increased by just over 60%. And that is a shocker even to us here at the Review.

Actually, the poverty rate for Jefferson County was 18 percent in the 2000 Census. Philip is obviously confused about the difference between a real census and an estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau. Persons below poverty, percent, 2007:

  • Jefferson County: 17.1%
  • State of Texas: 16.3%

The trend is obvious; so is the nature of Klein's credibility. 

Here's another conflicting data set between Philip's claims and reality: 

You people at home that read this site - all 20,000 per week - get ready.

Compare with the data from Website Outlook.

Since each visit generates between two and three page views on the Southeast Texas Political Review, we can extrapolate that Philip is getting between 40 and 60 real visits each day. This is verified by info from Sitelogr:

So, where's the beef, Philip? Your time is running out!


Anonymous said...

How about those ratings Klein? U B busted!

Anonymous said...

If wealth were measured by intelligence, Philip would be the poorest pauper in town

Anonymous said...

PRK's "reader mail" that he writes himself referes to people at the courthouse as "courthouse thugs". Just exactly who is he referring to. That is some of the most honorable people I know. Again, make up a lie just to say something bad about good people. PRK's trademark.