Jan 19, 2010

Where's the Beef, Philip?

Philip R. Klein's latest posting on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Black Balloon, is gibberish at best:
And so the political black balloons have been released. And they are flying. And they are being noticed.
Klein's article makes little sense, so let's revisit a "major scandal" that Philip "broke" last week:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County District Attorney Thomas Maness has filed for an office that - according to the Texas Legislature - does not exist. Meaning - he filing illegally and should be dropped from the race effective immediately.

According to sources within the Democratic party - as well at the Jefferson County Court House, Maness filed for the position of "District Attorney." There is no office called "District Attorney" according to the State Election Commission and State of Texas Statute. The proper name for the office that Maness is running for is "Criminal District Attorney." And that designation is important according to the Texas Legislature.
As if anyone in the Jefferson County Democratic Party would tell Philip anything. PRK attempted to blackmail the local media into supporting his hysteria:\
The Review has the documents. The Review will post the documents - only after we here the spin - IF THE MEDIA PICKS UP THE STORY AND RUNS IT. If not - everything we have ever told you about the media, its relationship with the Gang of Seven, how the government controls it, or how stupid they are - will now be proven to its fullest.
Since Klein was ignored, why hasn't he posted those documents?

This came after Klein accused Judge Lupe Flores of a Class A Misdemeanor over campaign irregularities, based on Klein's own confusion over Texas Election Code. Time is running out, since Klein can file grievances before early voting begins only:
Sec. 141.034.  LIMITATION ON CHALLENGE OF APPLICATION.  (a)  An application for a place on the ballot may not be challenged for compliance with the applicable requirements as to form, content, and procedure after the day before the beginning of early voting by personal appearance for the election for which the application is made.
So where's the beef, Philip?


Anonymous said...

Now we know why the DQ Dude went bust.

Anonymous said...

Nobody listens to anything that the DQ Dude says. He has lost ALL credibility and is considered a joke by everybody.