Feb 27, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein failed to post Nitwit Tidbits on the SET Political Review this week. Instead he posted an article with his Primary Predictions 2010, which provides more than enough material for comic relief:
Editors Note : Each primary or election for the past 17 years, the Southeast Texas Political Review produces and publishes its predictions. We hover at around 80% correct.
Fact check:
Philip has been making that claim of 80 percent for years, but the reality is distinctly different. Philip mentions his no-endorsement endorsements:
Because we predict a race does not mean we endorse any candidate. In fact, in the history of the Review we have never endorsed any candidate.
File Klein's statement under "If it walks like a duck:"
Jimmy Dyke [sic]. For over 10 years he has managed the biggest government project in the history of Jefferson County. That being Pleasure Island. And when you look about - you see a guy that understands the show. Sources this weekend tell the Review that Dyke  [sic] has simply put his resume out there. He is a leader with a positive outlook that is refreshing. And frankly - if any of the above should take the ride - it should be Jimmy Dyke [sic].  We would love to see him up there giving some common sense to some pretty big time guys in politics that have their own agendas in place and as a goal rather than what is best for Jefferson County.
My favorite of Klein's no-endorsement endorsements in the current races:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned through five sources close to Cornelius Williams, you know, THE Cornelius Williams US Attorney - that he is in the final stages of deciding to run against the corrupt Jefferson County District Attorney TOM MANESS?

A source very close to Williams tells the Review : "I think it is time to flush the toilet bowl called Jefferson County and bring in a honest man into the District Attorney's office in Jefferson County."

Another source tells the Review that Williams is "as honest as Judge John Stevens" and is a man of "integrity."

We are speechless. Simply speechless. Where do we give money and what can we do to help?
Klein claims:
We want to say publicly that we hold each candidate in honor today because they signed their name on the dotted line...And we thank them and wish each of them luck. 
A few of Philip's statements from the past five days:
A punk. A liar. A cheat...

Folks - this is a very very sick women.

We smell a rat - and now you can see a rat on UTUBE TV.
The examples are legion. We'll revisit Klein's predictions after the counting is done.

Philip's Endorsement

Philip R. Klein wrote on the SET Political Review (emphasis is mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned through five sources close to Cornelius Williams, you know, THE Cornelius Williams US Attorney - that he is in the final stages of deciding to run against the corrupt Jefferson County District Attorney TOM MANESS?

A source very close to Williams tells the Review : "I think it is time to flush the toilet bowl called Jefferson County and bring in a honest man into the District Attorney's office in Jefferson County."

Another source tells the Review that Williams is "as honest as Judge John Stevens" and is a man of "integrity."

We are speechless. Simply speechless. Where do we give money and what can we do to help?
Ace reporter Jerry Jordan wrote on The Examiner:
'No comment'
Investigation reveals DA candidate received mail at substance abuse facility

Candidate for Jefferson County District Attorney Cornelius Williams Jr., who is a former prosecutor in the U.S. Virgin Islands, has refused to answer questions about why he has a probationary law license from the State Bar of Texas, telling a local television station the matter wasn't "germane" to the election.

"And it is not germane to the campaign," Williams told KFDM-TV6.

Information obtained by The Examiner from public records at the Jefferson County Elections Division revealed Williams had a November 2008 General Election mail ballot sent to him in "Patient Room 1303" at Memorial Hermann Hospital's Prevention and Recovery Center, located at 3043 Gessner Road in Houston, on Oct. 22, 2008.


Questions also remain regarding Williams' place of residence because of his tenure in the Virgin Islands. According to his application for placement on the March 2010 Primary Ballot, Williams swore under oath that for the past two years and two months his "continuous residence" was 4495 Fortune Lane, Beaumont. His voter registration is also listed there.

But public records also show that he rented a condo at 3016 Estate Street, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. At one time, he also rented an apartment at the Orange Grove Apartments in St. Croix.

A woman answering the phone at Longleaf Condos said Williams moved back to the United States around January 2009.
Read the full article on The Examiner.
Ace Reporter Jessica Holloway filed this report on KFDM Channel 6:

Watch the full story on KFDM.
KBMT published this story:
On Thursday night, more than 200 people gathered at the Jefferson County Courthouse to participated in a political forum with 22 Democratic candidates.

The Jefferson County Deputy Constable Association hosted the forum, which lasted four hours.


The only missing candidates from contested Democratic races were Cornelius Williams Jr, who is running for district attorney, and Marc DeRouen, who is running for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2.

Read the full story on KMBT Channel 12.
KBTV Channel 4 noted:
Candidate's Mother Issues Statement Supporting Her Son

Beaumont's mayor pro tem Get Williams Wright defends her son's integrity.  Her son, Cornelius Williams Jr. is running for Jefferson County district attorney.

See the full report on KBTV Channel 4.
Isn't it ironic that Philip R. Klein and Dr. Carrol Thomas support the same candidate for Jefferson County District Attorney?

Feb 25, 2010

Bellow II

Philip R. Klein mangles the proper spelling of David Bellow in his recent posting on the SET Political Review.. I've already debunked most of this,  but lets review (pun intended):
FLASHBACK - David Bellows signs up for a program called "College First" with the US Army Reserves as a medic. Portions of his division is called up to serve to Iraq. Bellows stays home. Why? Because he tells the military that he is full time in school. However, it is learned that Bellows has signed up for an online Masters Course at a non-accredited school. Bellows tells the US Military that he is a full time student and is exempt from call up - however - is told that sometime in the next four years - he must spend two active. The Review is leaked documents from a US Military source in Washington DC. Post review of the documents - the Review files a FOIA request for outline of the "College First" Enlistment Option. The request is received via mail today.

And so as Bellows tells the world that the Review lied and the media drops the ball - we now get it in black and white for all to see.

As we read the document - and we marked it - clearly by his own admission - Bellows has lied to the public taxpayer and his military commanders.

The Review contacted the DOD in Washington for clarification a third time and was told : "If this solider is in the Reserves signed up under the "College First" program and is not attending under the guidelines then he should either be dismissed from the program and return the money or deployed with his fellow soldiers." We were then referred to the Texas National Guard PR Department who told us that : "We are aware of the situation down there. It is creating a stir," which the source demanded anonymity.

Let's look at the problems here.
Yes, let's look at some of the problems. They're outlined in red (edited for size - see the original graphic image as posted by Philip R. Klein here):

Another problem with Klein's documentation concerns those items not stated. Nowhere does this document specify that one must serve two years of active duty after two years of college.
Bellows is in for four years. Two of which he must serve. Meaning? If he wins office he is gone for two years.
Not according to the evidence that Klein has presented. Let's revisit this statement:
The Review file[d] a FOIA request for outline of the "College First" Enlistment Option. The request is received via mail today.
I made my own request and the real contract that Bellow signed looks nothing like Klein's purported letter from the Department of Defense. Here are the pertinent points from Bellow's actual contract(again, edited for size and personal information redacted):

Those regulations cited by Philip R. Klein became effective on Oct. 1, 2008. David Bellow joined the College First program in August 2007 and had already reported to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) months before the regulations cited by Klein were in effect.

Since there is personal information like the redacted Social Security number, I've decided not to post all of the real paperwork. Instead, I'll let Philip post that on the SET Political Review.

Let's review (pun intended). The contract that Bellow signed specifies six or eight years of service, the first two years to be stabilized for College First. He must continue to serve in the Army National Guard on a week-end basis, unless his unit is deployed to active duty. He is required to stay in good standing as a full-time student at an accredited university. Distance learning programs are not prohibited. If he defaults, he is responsible for reimbursing costs of the program and loses his non-deployable status.

These lies perpetrated by Philip R. Klein are actionable as defamatory speech and clearly demonstrates a reckless disregard for the truth. Compare with Klein's claims:
We were then referred to the Texas National Guard PR Department who told us that : "We are aware of the situation down there. It is creating a stir," which the source demanded anonymity...he could face a court marshal. Meaning jail time and maybe a dishonorable discharge.
Klein meant "court martial." I suspect than an FOIA request for any other FOIA requests related to Bellow's contract would provide some interesting evidence in a court of law.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of David Bellow or Bobby Franklin, but another example of how Philip R. Klein regularly distorts the truth to advance his own selfish and personal agenda, sometimes not necessarily his own.

Feb 24, 2010

No Trust In Arnold

Philip R. Klein obsesses on Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold in his latest posting on the SET Political Review:
So we asked you - the readers of the Review and this is what you told us. We presented the facts as we had them - went on TV and said what we said - Arnold came and rebutted - and you voted - so here it is and what you think :

Over 80% of you either said you don't trust or are not sure of Commissioner Eddie Arnold and his explanation. And that says something.
It says Philip Klein is nuts quite loudly. In what's becoming de rigueur for the SET Political Review, Philip altered the original poll (emphasis is mine):

Even though Klein's poll ran for three weeks, only 69 people responded.
And today with technology we know that we get around 300,000 page entries through the front page and over 3 million plus page views.
Compare Philip's unsubstantiated statement with real technology from Website Outlook and Sitelor.com:

The daily readership of SET Political Review has increased to 33 visitors a day over the past week. PRK makes this claim based on dubious responses from an Internet poll that represents 00.03 percent of the total population of Jefferson County (emphasis is mine):
And so you get what you get. Corruption. And the public sees it - and they voted in our poll - and Commissioner - you better listen up. As you watch one or two of your buddies get the boot - you are next sir. Our suggestion is to start thinking about a true retirement. It is not because we don't like you. You are a nice man. But your political actions and your idea of running the government is more about spending other peoples money - rather than take more from the taxpayers and spend it on others.
Philip has been predicting this for years. From Dec. 4, 2007:
Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold. Arnold we are told is getting a fundraiser together with some local democrats.
Commissioner Arnold ran unopposed and had no fundraisers.
This issue is over. The Review has proved its point. Arrogant, misuse of government funds and most of all - a sickness that has killed Jefferson County. We call it OPM - "Others Peoples Money."
This statement sounds like a plot from a bad Joe Landsdale novel featuring a bankrupt DQ owner in a sleepy little East Texas town, who made friends with the Small Business Administration, secured two loans, paid off his mortgage, and built a swimming pool in his back yard.

In the end, the protagonist is abducted by aliens from Planet Pearl while cranking his hot tub, transported to another galaxy, and positioned in orbit as a new moon over a world dying from OPM.

Feb 23, 2010

Things Philip R. Klein Missed

In today's posting on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein invented purported election returns. We'll revisit after the ballots have actually been counted. Remember this from Mr. 33 percent:
Welcome, Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.
He missed this item in today's Beaumont Enterprise:
Texas Country Reporter is new PA publicist
Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips is the city of Port Arthur's newest publicist.

At Tuesday's city council meeting Port Arthur city council voted to hire Phillips and his Dallas-based production company, Phillips Productions, Inc., to be the city's public relations and marketing correspondent.

At the meeting, Phillips said he wants to help change the negative perception people have of the city.

City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons said the city will pay Phillips Productions $78,000 to develop a marketing plan for Port Arthur. That plan will include developing a Web site and working with local media outlets to promote the city's redevelopment.|

Of that money, $26,000 will come from the city's general fund, $26,000 will come from the Economic Development Corporation and $26,000 will come from the hotel occupancy tax collections fund, Fitzgibbons said.
While the subject is not as titillating as Rhonda Dugas' bra strap, consider the connections and the issues in this story. One would think Mr. Klein would be all over this as another example of how "JEFFERSON COUNTY IS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS!"

Philip and Bob are old DQ buddies. Bob went on to syndicate the highly-rated show, "The Texas Country Reporter," and founded a successful production house in Dallas. Philip, of course, went on to parlay his work with Dairy Queen and the Texas Restaurant Association into the SET Political Review with more than a "million hits" every day.

Feb 22, 2010

Shock Video

Philip R. Klein accuses Rhonda Dugas of being a drug addict in his latest posting on the SET Political Review:
Dugas, dressed in a orange top and showing her bra strap and cut t-shirt - rants on about Carolyn Guidry and explains to the viewer - well nothing? She really says a bunch of nothing. As we were watching the video and laughing this morning - a guest to the Reviews office laughed and said : "...there is no doubt she is either drug or high..."

Frankly - we don't know but we blew up the video on our systems and took a good look at her eyes and it did not look good for dear Rhonda.
This isn't valid political comment, it's merely a mean-spirited, personal attack. Moreover, I found Dugas' charge of discrimination against Carolyn Guidry much more pertinent to this campaign.

Philip promises to file a complaint:
However, when you are in politics - you have to play by the rules. So - we here at the Review will file our complaint post checking the status of her campaign contribution report (s) at 5 p.m. And we will post it.
Here are Rhonda's filings, according to the Jefferson County Clerk's website. Note the date that the reports were recorded by the County Clerk's office (in red):

For the record, Philip R. Klein is a blatant liar and these allegations are actionable as defamatory statements.

So far during this campaign cycle, he has stated that Rhonda Dugas, Judge Lupe Flores, Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness, and David Bellow are guilty of campaign violations. He's also personally attacked candidates Kolby Flowers, Jamie Smith, Jeff Brannick, Keith Hawkes, Brent Weaver, Mark Domingue, and claimed that his sources tell him County Judge Ron Walker will leave office in April.

We smell a rat...
I smell a class action lawsuit.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Rhonda Dugas, Carolyn Guidry, Sgt. Derwin Seals, or James Ferrell, but another example of how Philip R. Klein regularly distorts the truth to advance his own selfish and personal agenda.

Feb 21, 2010

Your Money

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip's bias is clearly evident in his comments regarding a KMBT Channel 12 story. The bolded emphasis is Philip's, a direct quote from Jefferson County Commissioner Mark Domingue, who is seeking reelection to the Precinct 2 seat in the primary election.
"To be honest with you, it would be pretty hard for me to step aside with a good conscience," said Domingue. "To know that $29 million projects are in limbo would not be a good feeling."

Do what? How knew we have $30 million dollars in projects going. Government projects? What the hell? Who knew?

Our bet is there is a bunch we don't know that goes on in Commissioners Court because our media does not keep us informed. We have a beautiful airport that nobody uses and bridges that are falling down? Go figure?
Klein either purposefully misled and deceived his readers, or his comprehension skills are so poor that he missed the paragraph immediately preceding Domingue's quote in the Channel 12 story (emphasis is mine):
The incumbent says he is especially proud that the Commissioners Court will bring $29 million worth of road and bridge repairs to the county in the next few years.

"To be honest with you, it would be pretty hard for me to step aside with a good conscience," said Domingue. "To know that $29 million projects are in limbo would not be a good feeling."
I suspect he intentionally took the quote out of context, since Philip complains that he is unaware of "30 million dollars in projects going" and references "bridges that are falling down."

PRK blames "our media" who "does not keep us informed." Too bad Philip doesn't watch KFDM Channel 6 - their report on the race had more details specific to these road and bridge projects, published two days before the Channel 12 version. Likewise, the Beaumont Enterprise has covered this issue, but Philip has a hard time with reading, writing, or basic comprehension skills.

Ironically, I couldn't find anything on the KBTV Channel 4 website regarding this race. 

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Commissioner Domingue or Brent Weaver, but another example of how Philip R. Klein regularly distorts the truth for his own selfish agenda.

Philip R. Klein, Racist

In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review earlier this week, Philip R. Klein wrote:
But what they are not saying is the agenda that is being pushed by the black community - which is? Well let's use government funds for either a take over of the YMCA system and call it a part of the Parks Department - or even inject money to keep the dead YMCA system alive?

Oh yes - GOVERNMENT FUNDS TO PULL A 501 C-3 Foundation out of the hole? Or at least keep it alive for a few more months? To save "30 Jobs."
Compare Klein's lunatic conspiracy theory with reality. From the Beaumont Enterprise (emphases are mine):
"Find the need and fill it, find the hurt and heal it."

That's the motto of Harvest for Lost Souls church, 515 Magnolia St., that Pastors Kennedy and Deanna Andrews said applies now more than ever in a city that will lose its 109-year-old YMCA on March 1.

Andrews said he has a solution: A "youth empowerment" center complete with a recreation area and movie room in the old Downtown YMCA's racquetball gymnasium off Calder Avenue that kids from across the city could use.

The church has been making the faithful step of realizing this dream for four years, putting about $20,000 in work into the building.

Harvest for Lost Soul's effort is one of at least three ways the community seeks to fill the void in the wake of the Beaumont YMCA's announcement that it would close its L.L. Melton and Parkdale Mall branches and stop building its new Dishman Road branch because it has no money.
Klein dug an even deeper hole:
The YMCA is a group built on Christian principles. Doing the right thing. Having a place for programs that push for doing the right thing. The Y is not there for social programs - other than Christian social programs. Therefore - government should stay out - as good as the Y programs are. 
If Philip isn't a racist, then I'm sure he'll have no problem donating $1,000 from his Gadfly Foundation to the Harvest for Lost Souls Church as evidence of his sincerity.

Feb 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Philip R. Klein

In "Klein's Speech To The GOP Woman That Was Canceled!", Philip R. Klein writes:
What I want to say and what I will say will be the same thing. You see when you get me - you get me. I am who I am am and I say what I say - and I get what I get. It is that simple. 
Any questions on why Philip's invitation was rescinded?

Nitwit Tidbits

Well let's go a little early this week. We have a bunch of stories - so many places to go yet nothing complete.
Beaumont Enterprise On Fire - We love it! Looking good. We love the databases. We love the more snappy editorials. But why do brown nosed to BISD? Anyone?
As in the Williams v. Maness race? Has anyone noticed that both Philip R. Klein and Carrol Thomas support the same candidate?
Da Money - City of Beaumont gets 3.6 big bills.

Da Money II - Our sources say they will be short way more than 3.6 million. The numbers we are hearing on sales tax decrease? We are hearing maybe 32%. No way to make that up. No way.
The $3.6 million that Klein references is only the first payment in a series of monthly royalties that's expected to top $20 million.  Regarding the "sales tax decrease," the City of Beaumont has already released the figures: 14 percent, so Klein is quite confused as usual.
Da. Money III - Smaller cities like Kountze? Cutting back. $100 k short so far this year. Layoffs and cut backs.
Kountze - isn't that in Hardin County? How times have changed! It seems like only last week that Philip R. Klein wrote:
Hardin County is looking better and better every day.
Actually, Philip did write that last week.
Austin Gig - Someone that mad at the government that they fly a plane into a building? We are under attack by our own citizens? Wow.
Advice to Philip: try googling Oklahoma City Bombing, the Haun's Hill Massacre, George Metesky, John Brown, or the Wall Street Bombing of 1920.
KFDM - Larry B's wife is running for office - AGAIN. But this time he is staying on the air. Wow! Wow! Wow!
"Wow! Wow! Wow!" isn't a valid point or a coherent thought. This is a primary election, not the general election. I wonder why Klein hasn't mentioned that Dana Melancon is still on the Hardin County ballot, even though he's dropped out of the race.
Signs Signs Signs - We got confirmation that Maness called his troops out to pick up signs. We are still seeing them all over the place. Funny stuff. Hey Tommy - you may win the race - but you know now you are damaged goods and many people don't trust you. Like us.
Philip R. Klein didn't mention that the signs were illegal, nor did he comment on the unsubstantiated rumors that PRK is directly involved and that Beaumont police have a license plate number.

Neither did Klein explain how he could have talked to "sources in four different areas of the County", "one black leader near Southpark [sic]", "a deputy we know with the Jefferson County Sheriffs [sic] Department", "two [other] sources that demanded anonymity", and visit "some of the early polling places," yet still have time to publish a long-winded article by 10:00 AM on the morning the signs first appeared. 
Gotta File Another Lawsuit - So we are now suing Twitter and Facebook. As well as two IP addresses. We know who they are and when we file it - it will end two peoples careers. They have had a chance to take it down. They did not. Welcome Trog to the suit.
Al Gore may not have invented the whole internet, but Philip R. Klein sued it. 
Bellow Fall Out - Two callers to the office today that the big boss spoke with. According to the callers - they called KFDM and KBMT newsrooms asking about the Bellow's story. According to the callers the TV stations told them the story was false and "Klein Lied." They the big boss sent them the documents in possession. Guess what? Made viewers wanting to know how a web site gets the news faster and more accurate than TV news. Our response? They are lazy and other than four news men we know - they are novices and could not understand how water is made if they went back to 6th grade science class. And you know we are right.
My response? What gibberish. The "big boss" still hasn't posted those documents as promised.
Complaint Documents Ready - The Ethics Commission petition is ready. So - we wait to see what Ms. Rhonda will do? What will she do? File at the last minute is our guess. But it is still a violation. We are ready - documents and all.
Despite five articles exclusively devoted to Rhonda Dugas, Philip has mentioned the other three candidates in the race only once. I'll note that Rhonda isn't the front runner in the race, so this preoccupation is evidence of Klein's personal obsession.
Palin Mania - Is coming to Beaumont March 25. We wonder if there will be a fundraiser for the GOP that night? We wonder if anyone thought of it?
I wonder if the Jefferson County Republican Party can afford Sarah Palin's fee.
Thank You - Thanks for the comments on the editorial. It would have been a good speech. Giggle.
What kind of idiot has to tell himself when to start and end:

The Re-birth of the Republican

[Gibberish omitted]

My favorite part of Philip's speech:
Enough about the Web-site - and me - let's talk about you. What do you think about me?
Polling - We are going to keep the polling up. Funny! We are not alone and they just don't get it. We are thinking that there are going to be some skid marks on some chairs in the Jefferson County Commissioners Courtroom.
This will give Philip a chance to waffle on the findings of his original poll. I hope he doesn't forget to calculate the margin of error this time:
I am thinking that there are going to be some blank stares at the computer in Philip R. Klein's office.
Likewise - A message to RM - thanks for the tip please call us back. Your tip checked out. Story next week.
Apparently RM left his name but not a return phone number. Maybe the dog ate Klein's caller ID. A message to TM: 01001011 0110110 0011001 0101101 0010110 1110001 0000001 1010010 1110011 0010000 0011000 01011011 10001000 00011010 01011001 00011010 01011011 11011101 0000101110
Stop Now - Orange County has a big announcement coming. Big switches to the GOP coming? Stay tuned. Now it is getting interesting.
According to Philip, a big announcement is coming after early voting has already begun in the party primaries. See formula for computing standard error above.
Message To Lumberton Residents - Calm down. It will be okay. Really it will. we promise. Bellow and crew will be gone.
Message to Philip R. Klein: never avoid taking your medications.

Feb 17, 2010

Bye By David

Because of Philip R. Klein's smoke and hot air this week, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality may issue an emergency ozone alert for Nederland.

In his Southeast Texas Political Review posting on Monday, Philip takes a hatchet to the subject of David Bellow, a conservative Republican who is running for the Precinct 4 seat on the Hardin County Commissioners Court:
The Review has learned that a complaint has been filed with the Ethics Commissioner regarding Bellows refusal to file the proper Campaign Contribution and Expense report with the county. According to documents reviewed by the Review this afternoon, Bellow filed a report on January 22, 2010 which was wildly incomplete. As well, he did not file his proper report on January 15, 2010 and never filed the period report properly for February 1, 2010.
Klein's ignorance of Texas campaign law is stunning.  No complaint has been filed with the "Ethics Commissioner," since there are actually eight commissioners on the Texas Ethics Commission.  As of today, there are no sworn complaint orders against David Bellow.

Furthermore, there was no report due on January 22, 2010, according to the Texas Ethics Commission.  I have no doubt that any report from January 22, 2010 was "wildly incomplete," since no candidate in the State of Texas filed a report for that date. 

Instead the TEC required two finance reports with these deadlines: January 15, 2010, and February 1, 2010. Klein clearly states that Bellow never filed these reports properly.

Note the time stamps below on Bellow's real reports, obtained from the Hardin County Clerk's office.  I've redacted David's personal information, but you can click on the image to download full copies of the original reports, the ones that Klein claims were never filed properly:

Klein's blatant lies are actionable as defamatory speech. I would recommend David Sheffield as a potential attorney, but he's currently unable to practice private law due to his position as the Hardin County District Attorney.
According to sources inside the Department of Defense, political sources and Below himself, the Review has learned that David Below signed up post graduation from Texas A&M University to a program called "College First" which Bellow enlisted in the Army National Guard. According to the US Army - "College First" is a program where enlistees enroll in college courses on a full time basis at a college or university in the United States for two years, then report for active duty for two years. The "College First" enrollee gets not only money for college by some stipend money for living expenses from time to time.
Apparently, Klein's "sources inside the Department of Defense" aren't aware of the requirements of the College First program:
The Army offers a unique enlistment incentive called "Army College First," that allows college students to enlist in the Army in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP), continue with their college education, receive a monthly stipend from the Army, then enter the Army at the advanced rank of E-4 (if at least 30 college credits were earned under the program). Depending on MOS (job), individuals may also be eligible for a $3,000 "College First" Enlistment Bonus.
In other words, this applies to active duty soldiers in the U.S. Army, not members of the Army National Guard. If this were true, I doubt that Bellow would have been named the Army National Guard Battalion Soldier of the Year for 2009-2010. What's your take on that, Philip?

Klein further claims:
The Review has learned, and verified through DOD last week that Bellow has enlisted and enrolled and was paid for the program. Bellow is supposed to be a full time student at a University or College. The Review has found - he is neither.

The Review has obtained DOD documents showing that...Bellow is enrolled as a part time theological student at Liberty Online University. This is an online program for those wanting to study theology and is NOT a full time university or college.
I showed mine, but Philip won't show us his documentation to substantiate his outright fiction.

PRK's ignorance of post-secondary education is embarrassing. Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University, which is now the largest Christian university in the world. The school and its distance learning program are fully-accredited and Bellow is indeed enrolled as full-time student seeking a Masters in Theological Studies, after graduating with a BS degree in Political Science from Texas A&M University.

In other words, M. David Bellow is enrolled in a Baptist Seminary, seeking an advanced degree from a credible Christian university. Phillip R. Klein is a dropout who has a hard time with fundamental reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Klein claims:
David Below may have lied to the military regarding his current status as a "full time student" which may land him in jail - or better yet to the front lines in Iraq within "the next two weeks."
According to Klein, David Bellow will be in Iraq or jail by March 3, 2010. The clock is ticking. Klein promises his own investigation:
The Review will file a FOIA to the DOD in the morning for David Bellow's complete enlisting forms and proof of college enrollment to the DOD as soon as the doors open on Tuesday morning.
Readers may remember the last time I goaded Klein into producing documentation to back up his spurious claims. I hope Philip's purported documents spell the candidate's name correctly this time. We'll revisit, many times I'm sure. I'm still waiting for those cases to be "refilled" in Hardin County.

Perhaps Klein's deceit and course language are evidence of demonic possession (vulgarities are edited):
What the h*** is going on up in Hardin County with this guy? How in the h*** is anyone taking him seriously.
I've often felt the same way about Philip R. Klein. When Philip produces documentation for these charges, I'll destroy the rest of his argument. There is so much more - from his reader mail page:
We don't make it up.
Yes he does.

Disclaimer: After last week's dialogue with some readers over the Oscar Ortiz phone calls, I think it's important to reiterate that the scope of Operation Kleinwatch is to identify Philip R. Klein's bias and fallacious logic, to offer critical analysis of his opinions, and to fact-check his bizarre claims, half-truths, and malicious libel.

These are solely my opinions from the perspective of a moderate independent and do not imply an endorsement of any candidate. There is one exception in the current races: a vote for Cornelius Williams is a vote for the BISD administration, in my opinion.

In the Ortiz incident, I believe that city officials made the greatest mistake by disregarding citizens to pursue a clearly political agenda, an alternative viewpoint to Klein's bias. In this case regarding David Bellow, I believe that Philip R. Klein has manipulated the truth and hysterically manufactured spurious charges again to further a political agenda, not necessarily his own.

Feb 14, 2010


Philip R. Klein mangles the real story behind the City of Beaumont's involvement with the L.L. Melton Family YMCA:
On Saturday - KBTV dropped a story regarding Smith and his meeting that he has called with church and political leaders regarding the LL Melton YMCA that is closing down after the recommendation of the Executive Director to the Board.

Now - there seems to be a big upset in the black community (not the West End) regarding the LL Melton YMCA - and city council member and candidate for Jefferson County Commissioners Court Jamie Smith drops his bomb shell saying he is lining up some big names in town and going to try and come to the rescue.
But what they are not saying is the agenda that is being pushed by the black community - which is? Well let's use government funds for either a take over of the YMCA system and call it a part of the Parks Department - or even inject money to keep the dead YMCA system alive?

Oh yes - GOVERNMENT FUNDS TO PULL A 501 C-3 Foundation out of the hole? Or at least keep it alive for a few more months? To save "30 Jobs."

Now there is some money on the table - being the "$20 million" dollars that the City of Beaumont is going to get from the big gas find in Beaumont. So far - no check. As well - the cut backs in the Beaumont Fire Department. No money from tax revenue's that are dropping like a rock in a bucket of water from citizen's moving out of Jefferson County - and thus the political set up.
Philip racially-biased account shows his typical ignorance of the real issues, which doesn't match the version from his cited source, KBTV Channel 4.
Councilman Smith says on Tuesday, the city council will also discuss the possibility of a claim against the Beaumont Metropolitan YMCA.

Smith says the city will consider trying to recover the money it invested in the new gym at the Melton.
Neither Philip Klein or Klein TV 4 mentioned that with the closing, the City of Beaumont is on the hook for a $1 million loan made nine years ago:
Ralph Muzzillo, immediate past chair of the YMCA's board of directors, said Thursday the Melton branch was a resource drain.

"The board did everything it could to help Melton, including the construction of a controversial gymnasium a few years ago," Muzzillo said, emphasizing his statements were his own opinion. "That gymnasium substantially increased the cost of operations at Melton at the expense of the Y as a whole."

Beaumont City Manager Kyle Hayes told The Enterprise in January that the city used $1 million in Department of Housing and Urban Development money to build the new gym at the Melton branch in 2001.

The city is about halfway into a 20-year schedule to pay back the money. If the Melton facility ceases being a YMCA, the city could take ownership and seek at least a partial repayment, Hayes has said.
To guarantee the loan, the City of Beaumont may have to foreclose on the property:
The city's south end representative says council is getting involved because it's a stakeholder in the property the Melton sits on and the community it serves.

Last month, the Beaumont YMCA announced that, due to a long-time lack of memberships and support from the south end community, it would only be open on Saturdays starting February 1st, but would maintain its programs at different locations.

Ward 4 Council member Jamie Smith says the change in operations isn't just a problem with the residents there, it's a problem with the lease agreement for the land between the Beaumont YMCA and the city.  However, the YMCA says a private organization's business shouldn't be a public problem.

And while Smith stopped short of saying what the city may do, he vowed it will do something.

"I think the majority of the council realizes this is a business decision," said Beaumont Metropolitan YMCA C.E.O, Jeff Moore, "They understand if you have a product and it's not selling, regardless of whose fault that is, that you have to make a business decision."

He added, "We are still within the parameters of our lease agreement, and if they feel we are breaking it, that's unfortunate."

Council member Smith says if the lease is, in fact, found to be breached, the city would be allowed to foreclose on the property.
More gibberish from a self-proclaimed political consultant.

Deep Thoughts by Philip R. Klein

Philip R. Klein writes of Sarah Palin and Rahm Emanuel in his latest editorial on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Palin has the chance to really do something. That is tap into the exchange between the people and government. And that is a very good thing. However, what did we hear come out of her mouth this week? She wants Rham Emanuel to resign because he used the term "Retarded?"

Hey Sara - that is the most Retarded thing I have ever heard in years.
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Feb 13, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

This is Nitwit Tidbits! Where Philip takes you on a tour of the week - [sic] and around Southeast Texas Politics [sic]. So let's go:
Philip Klein's Quote of the Week: It is a rare week for anyone to get two stories on the Review for any one politico - but Eddie Arnold gets the honors this week.
This hardly ever happens, except where the subject matter is Rhonda Dugas, Tom Maness, Hiilton Kelley,  Judge Ron Walker, Judge Layne Walker, Carl Griffith, Brent Weaver, Judge Larry Thorne, David Bellow, Bo Alfred, Carrol Thomas, Nancy Beaulieu, Larry Beaulieu, Kolby Flowers, Becky Ames, David Sheffield, Audwin Samuels, Tom Gillam, Deloris Prince, Jack Chatman, Carolyn Guidry, Mark Domingue, Patrick Swain, Keith Hawkes, Jeff Brannick, Mitch Woods, Zena Stephens, Miriam Johnson, Jim Rich, Dr. David Teuscher, Jack Pieper, Roberto Flores, Allen Lee, Oscar Ortiz, Thurman Bartie, Judge Lupe Flores, Paul Brown, Nick Lampson, Roosevelt Petry (or was that Pitre), Melody Chappell, and Christine Delgadillo. I'm sure I've missed some.
It's Here - We have been telling all of you. Your government over the past six years has been on a spending spree. They have jacked up home valuations and they have jacked up taxes. Now the people are leaving in droves, now the people have stopped spending, and now government suffers. First up - the Fire Department in Beaumont. We could think of better places like the Parks Department or .... well....maybe combining EMS with Fire (Saving rents, electricity and other employee costs) to the tune of $600k? But who are we? Watch and learn people - here it comes.
Philip fails to acknowledge the impact of the worst global recession since 1929.  According to City Manager Kyle Hayes:
"There's a lot of families out there that are hurting, there's a lot of businesses that are hurting, across the country, and municipalities are not immune to those financial struggles.  We're gonna be fine, we're just gonna continue to be proactive and work it out."
Since the budget deficit totals $4 million, Klein's $600 thousand solution, if accurate, fails the arithmetic test.
Eddie's Mess - We just love it when you hit a politico in the tummy and he/she reacts. It is better than that - Eddie on the offensive which we love. So here is the story - Eddie sends an email to the GOP Chairman Shane Howard. And Howard, not thinking, sends the email (which is political in nature and has nothing to do with county business on a county computer on county time) as instructed to the JCRP and GTRW members. Two things happen - first we get a copy of the email from ten people laughing telling us to keep the heat on him. Here it is :
Philip didn't include the original email as written; instead he removed the forwarded message again. Note the  clumsy edits on the version posted to his Reader Mail page.
And second - the reaction to which we will update you in reader mail - which is just as funny from democrats and GOPERS. He has no idea what can of worms he has opened.
Is this a can of worms or one fat worm that writes his own Reader Mail to himself?
Golden Triangle Women's Association Speech - The boss will be speaking on to the GTRW on March 1st - wait - this just in - there is a bi-laws change issue (according to the new president who spoke to the boss yesterday) - so the invite has been recanted and he will not be speaking on March 1st. There was no reschedule. Giggle. No guts no glory.
Presumably, the bylaws of the Golden Triangle Republican Women (GTRW) bans speakers who confuse their name.
This Just In - Ortiz has threatened the reader meter guy near his home. Offered him hot coco instead of coffee. Port Arthur Police are investigating.
How much did this "investigation" cost taxpayers in Port Arthur? 
TEA Letter - We broke the TEA letter story. The letter? Being held because of "legal concerns." Hmmm...
The last story that Philip broke concerned Tom Maness's purported illegal filing.
Hardin County Quiet - That is until Mondays Review. Explosion David Bellow style. Stay tuned.
I suspect that Hardin County will remain quiet, even after the "Mondays [sic] Review."
Closing the Y - So no more YMCA in Beaumont? Nope - remember this - when the government takes money away from you in taxes, fees and fines - you have less to spend in support of charitable causes. And so - it begins.
Philip first claimed last October that the city of Beaumont would purchase the "LL MILTON" YMCA:"
There is a movement inside city hall for the City of Beaumont to PURCHASE THE LL MILTON YMCA! Oh yes there is....and it has the votes? So now NANNY GOVERNMENT is going to get into the frigging YMCA business.
The YMCA has spent the past year closing facilities across the country, including those in Nashville, Corona Del Mar, NorwichToledo, and Hattiesburg as a few examples. Others, like Flagstaff., are having serious financial problems. Is this evidence of corruption in Jefferson County as Philip claims, or is this related to the depressed contributions in a challenging economy?
It's Cold - Where in the h*** is Al Gore when you need him? Anyone?
Gore sailed off the edge of the world with Christopher Columbus. Philip's fallacious appeal to ridicule underscores his ignorance of the subject matter: he doesn't know the difference between climate and weather.
Climatologists have predicted these weather extremes for several decades. While the Vancouver Winter Olympics are victim to the warmest  winter in Canadian history, snow storms have swept the U.S. Hre's a succinct explanation that everyone but Philip can understand.
How could global warming be driving a pattern like this? One word: moisture. A warmer atmosphere holds more water. Plus, warmer surface temperatures are triggering more evaporation of ocean water worldwide. That water goes up, up, up into that atmosphere. And what goes up must sooner or later come down.

This is precisely what scientific studies are now documenting. Water vapor in the global atmosphere jumped by about 5 percent in the 20th century, P.Y. Groisman and his colleagues reported in 2004. This while there has been an observed, significant uptick in heavy winter precipitation events in the Northeastern U.S., according to a 2006 study. And all the while, global temperatures have risen sharply, including an average warming of 4 degrees Fahrenheit in the Northeastern U.S.
In other news around the state:
Houston News - "It's not our fault - it's the dumb kids fault." That is what the Houston Teachers Association says - when HISD voted to fire teachers that cannot teach and improve kids test scores. It is hard to be held to a standard. Now isn't it?
There is no Houston Teachers Association; neither did the Houston Federation of Teachers or the Congress of Houston Teachers make such a statement.

In other statewide news, a gorilla escaped from the Dallas Zoo and over 20 sightings in the 800 block of Nederland Avenue were reported.
Crime Stoppers - Seemingly they are hurting also. So we are cutting them a check. Do so also. A good cause. The reason for the hurt? When the government takes money away from you in taxes, fees and fines - you have less to spend in support of charitable causes. Duh?
No mention of the global recession? Charities across the U.S. are reporting a major downturn in donations. The decline in donations from 2007 to 2008 amounted to 5.7 percent overall, the first decline since the Reagan/Bush recession in the late '80s. Estimates aren't out yet for 2009.
Another Kennedy Goes Down - Patrick Kennedy will not run again. It is just too funny.
Perhaps Philip will explain the humor in an editorial on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Patrick spent eight terms as Congressman from Rhode Island. but is rumored to be moving back to Massachusetts to challenge Scott Brown for his father's seat in the Senate when the term ends in 2012. Read this article for a better overview than the misinformed version of Philip R. Klein.
And Finally - Stillllllll......no.......campaign contribution report on Rhonda Dugas. Now she is over 12 days late - which is a clear violation of State Ethics law. You can read all about and watch it on your local TV news....oh...never mind. What the built they have aborted.
Perhaps Philip could dedicate a new page to the "The Rhonda Dugas Review."

Feb 11, 2010

The Tapes (The Sequel)

Though outside the scope of my blog, these comments on my article yesterday deserve a response:
  1. I usually agree with you on all points, however No one owes an apology to Ortiz. Chief Richards and Fire Marshal Mulliner were doing their job. Perhaps you could research his fire after Rita. (Fire Marshal is spelled with one l and Chief is ie not ei.)

  2. I agree with Anon 10:07. Ortiz compounded his initial blunder by making a second phone call.

  3. several points - Ortiz was not the only person tagged that day. His was the only car left in the fire lane with a tag when he left city hall.

    As for hoping Ortiz follows thru on his promises - I hope you were kidding. Ortiz has problems with the FM because the FM follows the codes and standards adopted by council to do his job. When Ortiz can't get the FM to "look the other way" for his friends is when Oscar gets mad. Its happened many times while Ortiz was mayor. And several as a "consultant".

    Hope you haven't hitched your wagon to him. Thought you were smarter than that...

  4. The only partisanship appears to be your affiliation with Ortiz. He was wrong for parking in the fire lane. He was stupid for making the subsequent phone calls. I think Klein is an idiot but I wonder how sympathetic you would have been had it been Klein that parked in the fire lane and made the calls? I would love to hear your comment.
Regarding my spelling errors: guilty as charged and I've corrected those typos. Regarding my comments on this comedy of errors, let me clarify my opinion.

These conversations should never have been sent to the Jefferson County District Attorney for possible prosecution as a terrorist threat. To me, this was the most egregious mistake made by any of the parties. To do so is overtly political partisanship. This action displays a disregard for the costs of pursuing this spurious charge and poor judgment by both Mulliner and Fitzgibbons.

From the available reports and phone calls, no one returned Ortiz's original phone call, perhaps to offer an explanation that other vehicles were stickered. This shows a lack of professional courtesy. Instead, Chief Richard forwarded the Oscar's call to City Manager Fitzgibbons for possible prosecution based on this alleged terrorist threat on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2009:
"Tell that damn moron the next time he puts a sticker on my car I'm going to come over there and make him lick it off."
After Ortiz apparently heard about this from a third party, he called back two days later on Friday, Jan. 29, 2010, to confront Chief Richard. It was during this phone call that Ortiz compounded his initial poor judgment:
"No, I said I was going to kick his ass if he keeps harassing me...Him and I have never got along because he does such a sloppy job when he does inspections...and that wasn't a threat, it was a promise because I'll kick his ass if he does mess with me."
In my opinion, this is where Oscar Ortiz crossed the line. This is not the behavior one would expect from a mayoral candidate. Regarding his past, I'll not comment on the garage fire, the taco factory, or his character, since this is not relevant to the issue of these phone calls. Furthermore, Oscar is not the front-runner in this race, so I think he has little chance of winning this election.

Regarding my sympathies had this been Philip R. Klein, I'm not sure since I can't imagine this scenario playing identically. As an example, I'm positive that PRK would have accused Tom Maness of corruption in some way, since the Jefferson County District Attorney is peripherally involved. Perhaps this would have been one of those instances where I choose not to comment.

Feb 10, 2010

The Tapes


In this Southeast Texas Political Review posting, Philip R. Klein gives his unsolicited opinion concerning an incident in Port Arthur involving former Mayor and now-candidate Oscar Ortiz.

The phone calls are self-explanatory. Port Arthur Fire Chief Larry Richard turned recordings of both calls over to the Port Arthur City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons, who sent the tapes to Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness for prosecution as a terrorist threat. After reviewing, Maness returned the tapes to Port Arthur and apparently declined to pursue the matter, according to the Port Arthur News.

Typically, Philip is confused:
First, the secretary is NOT THREATENED.
The purported threat by Oscar involved Fire Marshal Mark Mulliner, not the secretary.
Okay, so now we have listed to two children be made because of a warning ticket?

Actually, it's not a ticket; it's a sticker, which Oscar clearly references. 

If Philip doesn't comprehend the basic details of the incident, how can one expect an informed opinion?  Unfortunately, Klein has stated many times that his opinion, thinly guised as a Southeast Texas Political Review "article" (I use the term loosely), constitutes valid journalism.

Philip's throws a little mud:
Oscar, go pay your ticket and take your 72 year old body over to the gym and limber up.
If President Reagan could govern the U.S. at age 78, I'm absolutely sure Oscar can serve as Mayor of Port Arthur. If re-elected to a fourth term, I sincerely hope that Oscar follows through with this campaign promise and metaphorically kicks the collective butts of Fire Marshal Mulliner, Chief Richard, and Mr. Fitzgibbons for a shameless display of petty partisanship. Oscar apologized; I think a few more are due.

Rather than address these real issues, PRK offers this unsolicited advice to Mayor Prince:
As for Mayor Prince - stay out of it. Frankly, it is beneath you so keep it there. If it were us - we would call the entire thing silly and call it a day.
As for Philip R. Klein, stay out of it. Frankly, it's above your intellect so keep it there. If it were me - I would call the entire thing silly and call it a day.  A silly day.

Feb 9, 2010


Philip R. Klein's inconsistent positions and racial bias are evident in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Okay - let's start with the citizens advisory panel. That is - these group of dumb asses that hooked on to Carroll Thomas's big bang government theory. The bigger - the better for the "childrens". Well we all see how that is working out and the control that the citizen's advisory panel has? Right? NONE! Zero! It is a joke. They went around town as the sales people - who some got a commission check (for another day) and some got egg on their face. Like a good doctor in town? Maybe?

Now let's move on over to the politically neutered Chamber of Commerce. Where do we start? Nancy Beaulieu - an elected official who is the chairman of the political action committee? So the cat is in the hen house? Jesus God - we just thought things were bad. You have the Chairman who is an elected official of the city council that is pushing the biggest tax increase in the history of Beaumont? And she is a sitting city council person that does not get the more you take away from business in taxes is the less they have to spend on JOBS? In a 10 + % unemployment gig? And that is the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce?
Evangelical Christians, please note that Philip used God's name in vain.

Ironically, Philip R. Klein has written of his support for Cornelius Williams, who is running against incumbent Tom Maness for Jefferson County District Attorney:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned through five sources close to Cornelius Williams, you know, THE Cornelius Williams US Attorney - that he is in the final stages of deciding to run against the corrupt Jefferson County District Attorney TOM MANESS?

A source very close to Williams tells the Review : "I think it is time to flush the toilet bowl called Jefferson County and bring in a honest man into the District Attorney's office in Jefferson County."

Another source tells the Review that Williams is "as honest as Judge John Stevens" and is a man of "integrity."

We are speechless. Simply speechless. Where do we give money and what can we do to help?
Philip can make his donation at the Law Offices of Graham & Williams on Park Street. In the meantime, here are some questions about Cornelius Williams that Philip hasn't addressed:
  • Is there a connection between Cornelius Williams and Dr. Carrol Thomas?
  • If so, what is the nature of this connection?
  • What does Naomi Lawrence-Lee have to do with this?
  • Why is Williams only allowed to practice law in Texas with a probationary license
  • Was he licensed to practice law in the State of Texas before Oct. 21, 2009?
  • Does Williams own property in Jefferson County?
  • Why have only four local attorneys endorsed Williams, but over 100 have endorsed the incumbent?
While Philip was consumed with spurious documents, mispelled names, and Rhonda Dugas' filing fee, he missed the biggest story in the primary elections.  I'll be watching for this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Feb 8, 2010

Eddie Arnold's Real Message to Philip R. Klein

Eddie Arnold responded to a posting on last week's Southeast Texas Political Review, where Philip R. Klein denigrated the Jefferson County Commissioners for a deal involving the U.S. Postal Encoding Center. For years, the building served as the Southeast Texas headquarters for Sears, before being willed to the County by Vic Rogers.

Afterwards, the county leased the building to the U.S. Post Office for its Encoding Center. When those operations were moved to Houston, the county was left with a vacant building which they've been trying to sell for several years.

Typically, Philip refused to print the letter in its entirety. Instead, he butchered the letter into specific parts but left out those portions for which he had no rebuttal. As an example, Philip left this statement out:
You really should consider moving else where or run for political office yourself if you’re so unhappy with what’s going on in Jefferson County.
I've posed this same question to Philip on numerous occasions.

Below, you'll find Commissioner Arnold's letter as written in its entirety. I thought it was a reasoned, articulate, and succinct explanation of the real issue, unlike Philip's sophomoric and juvenile response.
From: Eddie Arnold
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 5:51 PM
To: 'SETREVIEW@gtbizclass.com.'
Subject: Postal Encoding Building Sale by Jefferson County

Mr. Klein;

Apparently you have a deficiency with your Math skills, a lack of understanding of the agreement that was negotiated, or as usual you don’t care about the truth and facts with regards to the Jefferson County Commissioners Court decision to sell the Postal Encoding Center  in downtown Beaumont. All you care about is publishing your normal negativity, false innuendos and half truths.

You really should consider moving else where or run for political office yourself if you’re so unhappy with what’s going on in Jefferson County.

To set the record straight, if you are interested in the truth, is the real WIN-WIN deal the taxpayers of Jefferson County should know about.

You wrote that the County was selling the empty building to a rich businessman for $2.0 million and then the County was going to pay him $2.0 million to lease it back. I don’t know where you got your information, apparently you or your “source close to the fourth floor”  used some FUSSY MATH.

The real deal is as follows:
  1. Jefferson County Commissioners plan for the present and future needs of County Government including both expanding for sometimes unfunded State and Federal mandates as well as Down or Right sizing as the case may be. This includes office space allocations.

  2. Jefferson County taxpayers owned a large 66,000 sf. office building at 750 Pearl St downtown Beaumont, TX, ( formerly the Postal Encoding Center - PEC, building ), which has been empty since the USPS moved out in Dec. 2005.

  3. The Commissioners court decided that we should try and sell this building. We repaired the Hurricane Rita damage and put the building on the market to sell via a public bid. We received no bids the first attempt. Then the building sustained additional damage from Hurricane IKE in 2008. We once again considered selling the empty facility.

  4. A survey was conducted for the County to try and determine how much, if any, future office space might be needed for County Government, in lieu of having to pay market lease rates, if needed. This survey was conducted to ensure that our decision to sell the Postal Encoding center was the Right One.  

  5. Jefferson County properly bid the sale of this public property out, following and exceeding all local and State procurement laws.

  6. Jefferson County received 1 and only 1 bid which was within 4% +- of an independent certified appraisal conducted by a local certified appraiser. The bid was advertised for over 3 months and the closing date was even extended.  In addition the property was advertised on LOOP NET a nationally known Commercial property listing web site for the same period. We had several hundred hits on the sight during this time frame as well as receiving several local inquiries.

  7. To protect the taxpayers from incurring higher lease rates, if needed, we negotiated discounted lease rates for a 4-5 year period with the buyer as a part of the sell.   

  8. The purchaser and the County agreed that if and only if the County needed extra floor space within the next 4-5 years, that the County could exercise an option to lease back up to 14,000 feet of 1st floor office space. The lease price negotiated includes floor space, parking, all utilities, taxes, insurance and janitorial at a price well below market. The key is the County doesn’t pay anything until when or if we exercise the option and actually occupy the space.

  9. So Mr. Klein Do the Math. If Jefferson County were to exercise the option for the full 14,000 sf. at the negotiated rate of $1.00 per sq. ft., the very maximum we would pay for the full 5 years is less than $1.0 million. To my knowledge we have no plans to need the space for more than 1-3 years MAX if at all. SO HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT A $2.0 MILLION FIGURE “Good old boy Deal” ?????

  10. So I contend that Yes it’s a good deal for the taxpayers of Jefferson County. It puts a publically held property back on the Tax roles which will generate over $50,000. in new tax revenue each year for the areas taxing entities, it saves Jefferson County over $55,000 annually in insurance and utility costs and not to mention having 250 - 400 new professional jobs added to the downtown Beaumont economy.

  11. So let’s see that would add up to a $500,000 savings to the taxpayers, Plus the $2,111,000 Jefferson County received from the sale of the PEC building that was donated to the taxpayers.
WOW MR. KLEIN, IT SEEMS TO ADD UP TO OVER $ 2.5 million to the good or worst case if we do need all the additional floor space $1.5 million savings to Jefferson County Taxpayers.  Anyway you try and twist this it’s a WIN – WIN  for Jefferson County Taxpayers.

So Mr. Klein, How can you make the false accusations you published on your blog, and that you expressed in person on radio and TV programs about this issue  when you apparently didn’t bother to research the truth?  I think that your readers need to know the truth, so I hope you will publish this for all to see.

Eddie Arnold
Jefferson County Commissioner Pct. #1
1149 Pearl 4th Floor
Beaumont, TX  77701
Offc. 409 835-8442
Fax.  409 835-8628
Well said. I'll note that Philip's standard operating procedure is to offer uninformed opinions over issues that he's not bothered to research. Likewise, butchering Eddie's original message shows that this isn't about the taxpayers of Jefferson County; instead, it's about Philip's ego.

At the very least, this obfuscation is unethical. More realistically, it's another excellent example of Philip R. Klein's reckless disregard for the truth.

Note to Eddie Arnold: Don't pay any attention to those purported letters from Philip's readers on his Reader Mail page -- Philip wrote the messages himself and answered them, too.

Any comments, Philip?

Feb 3, 2010

Seriously (Where's the Beef? Part III)

Yesterday's article, Where's the Beef, Philip? (Pt II), challenged Klein's evidence in his allegations of an "illegal" filing by incumbent Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness, Philip R. Klein responded with this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review today:
Now many of you have been asking us about the document we hold regarding Maness's original filing. And we do not want to be unfair and not release it. We want Maness to have time to call the folks at the other Web sites (it is amazing that they have that pipeline isn't it) to do their biding for him. You know - keeping the fold tight?

So - here is the official document we obtained from the Jefferson County Clerk's office that was now considered a "typo" or "not a legal document" regarding how Maness filed for office :
Philip did not post an "official document," but a manipulated graphic image of a purported notation in an unidentified and spurious document:

I've reduced the size to fit on this page, but here is a copy of the actual image as posted by Klein.

With the most cursory of examinations, a few things are immediately obvious:

1) Whoever wrote this can't spell very well. Presumably, Tom Maness knows how to spell his own name. 

2) Tom Maness had nothing to do with this spurious document. He filed during the first week and Cornelius Williams filed on the last day. Maness would not have known for sure if Williams would run, unless the DA consulted a political analyst who has psychic powers.

3) Philip's confusion over basic high school civics is evident again. In a party primary election, Texas election code requires candidates to file with the county chair of the political party, not the county clerk as Klein claims.

In this case, Maness had to file with Gilbert Adams, the chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party:
(2) the county chair or the secretary, if any, of the county executive committee, for an office filled by voters of a single county.
4) As party chair, Gilbert Adams did not file this document, since this isn't the official List of Candidates which must be sent to the county clerk no later than 10 days after filing ends. Note the requirements:
(a) For each general primary election, the state chair and each county chair shall prepare a list containing the name of each candidate who files an application for a place on the ballot with the chair, as the name is to appear on the ballot, and containing the candidate's address as shown on the application.
5) Whoever wrote this document can't spell very well. Presumably, Gilbert Adams knows how to spell the Jefferson County District Attorney's name correctly.

Philip still has time to officially contest Maness' filing if this so-called "evidence" is real. If Klein doesn't file an official grievance, then his taste for chicken is confirmed.

So, where's the beef, Philip?

Feb 2, 2010

Where's the Beef, Philip? (Pt II)


According to rumors around the Jefferson County Courthouse, approximately 100 local attorneys have endorsed the reelection campaign of District Attorney Tom Maness. Challenger Cornelius Williams has four. Philip hasn't mentioned that rumor, but we'll revisit after the primary elections.

Philip R. Klein promised in his Nitwit Tidbits two weeks ago:

Finally - War declared on us by Tom Maness and Judge Larry Thorne. Story next week. You gotta hear this one. You will simply giggle.

Unfortunately, that story didn't happen ("giggle"). This came after Klein claimed that Maness was guilty of a fraudulent filing:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County District Attorney Thomas Maness has filed for an office that - according to the Texas Legislature - does not exist. Meaning - he filing illegally and should be dropped from the race effective immediately.

Philip promised to post these documents:

The Review has the documents. The Review will post the documents...

Unfortunately, that didn't happen either ("giggle").

As I noted, Philip can contest the filing himself until early voting begins:

Sec. 141.034.  LIMITATION ON CHALLENGE OF APPLICATION.  (a)  An application for a place on the ballot may not be challenged for compliance with the applicable requirements as to form, content, and procedure after the day before the beginning of early voting by personal appearance for the election for which the application is made.

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened either ("giggle").

So, where's the beef, Philip? Or is chicken more to your taste?

Feb 1, 2010



Here's a recipe for a typical article by Philip R. Klein on the Southeast Texas Political Review. In this instance, the topic loosely revolves around the campaign of Keith Hawkes for Jefferson County Treasurer.

Take one part confusion over basic high school civics:

So when you hear about this place called the county treasure - it is what it is - the place where the money goes and gets worked.

Mix with two parts racial bias:

Hawkes is running into some road blocks or blacks?

All you have to do is mention WALKER to the black community in Port Arthur or Beaumont and you get the - I am going to vote against that guy attitude - when you are running in the democratic primary

Combine with one paranoid conspiracy theory:

Hawkes is given the throne in waiting by the Walker clan's right hand henchman being Patrick Swain. The plan is cooked up that the county treasures position is going to come open. That means that the gang of seven, firmly in control of the outflow of money - could and would control the inflow of money making the circle complete.

Bake until half-done.

Polling Strong


In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has conducted two polls in two of the county commissioners races in Southeast Texas. The two polls were conducted over a two week period from January 15 - 29th. There was a total of 102 respondents to the phone poll in both races. The following are the results :

If the election for County Commissioner in your pct. was held today - who would you vote for :

  • Mark Domingue: 39%
  • Brent Weaver: 43%
  • Undecided: 18%


  • Bo Alfred: 41%
  • Jamie Smith: 46%
  • Undecided: 13%

While most political consultants are familiar with basic statistical analysis and population sampling, Klein again proves that as a political consultant, he's more adept at running Dairy Queens.

As an example, readers will notice that Philip hasn't included the margin of error (MoE or Standard Error). To derive the margin of error, one needs a confidence interval (c).  Here are the formulas:


Neither did Klein address whether this was a random sample or a stratified sample. A purely random sample that includes respondents from all precincts in Jefferson County will give distinctly different results from a sample that comes exclusively from Precincts 2 and 4. Given this information, Philip probably conducted his poll in Hardin County.

We're not even sure if Klein's math in figuring percentages is correct. I've repeatedly shown that Philip has a hard time counting past 10 while wearing his shoes. More likely, this poll is as bogus as most of his so-called "statisitics."

Readers may remember this classic when Philip insisted that one of the few callers to his now-defunct radio show "talk educated" about the VX waste that was incinerated in Port Arthur:

This stuff has already been, before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect.

Clear as mud. We'll revisit Philip's "polls" after the primary elections.