Mar 31, 2010

Open Letter to Philip R. Klein (Re: BISD)


I hope you appreciate the irony in your latest SET Political Review posting, since it's (loosely) based on Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law regarding the former South Park High School building (the emphasis is mine, not yours):
Sources tell the SETPR that backhoes and cranes may begin tearing down the Southpark Middle School in no less than 72 hours even though Judge Bob Wortham ruled that his order stands for 70 + more days and that BISD will use non-bond money to do so.

Even more shocking is the Findings and Fact of law - which opens the doors to a peak into the corruption at BISD. Here are just a few of the findings.
Perhaps you'll comment on your repeated refusal to address South Park by its proper name. Does this show lack of respect, arrogance, ignorance, or a combination?

In your juvenile rant, you missed the significant points in Judge Wortham's Conclusions of Law. From KFDM Channel 6 (emphasis is again mine):

1. In failing to make a substantive inquiry as to what the costs of renovation of the South Park school building would be as opposed to demolition of the three story main building that now houses South Park Middle School and construction of a new school, the BISD school board has breached its fiduciary duty to the citizens of BISD.

2. In continuing to put out the message that there would be no demolition of the South Park school building prior to the November, 2007 bond election when the BISD school board and administration had already decided that should the bond pass that the South Park school building would be demolished, the BISD school board and administration committed a fraud upon the citizens of BISD.

3. In deciding to demolish the South Park school building behind closed doors and outside of public scrutiny, the BISD board violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.

4. The Court feels it is limited by the pleadings and the strict statute of limitations for election contest cases. Had this been an election contest case, the Court feels sufficient evidence was produced to require the Court to order a new bond election.   
According to Opinion No. DM-114, Texas Attorney General  Dan Morales noted that trustees of school districts have been held to be “county officers,” subject to removal in accordance with Article V, Section 24, of the Texas Constitution. Specifically, they can be removed by a judge of the district courts.

Since a district court judge has already determined that the school board committed fraud, violated the Texas Open Meetings Act, and breached its fiduciary duty, why don't you act upon your professed convictions and lead a recall effort instead of confusing the issue with your hot air?

Surely this would be a slam-dunk for a political consultant of your prowess - imagine the publicity you would generate for Klein and Associates Political Relations, A Division of PRK Enterprises, Inc!


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. How's that Hatch Act complaint coming along?

Seven Minus One

Philip R. Klein comments on the retirement of Miriam Johnson as Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector:
The Gang of Seven loses one of their own this morning that has many in the political world shaking their heads - but not us.
Philip stole the notion of the "Gang of Seven" from Michael Aguilar, who first coined the term years ago to describe the Board of Trustees for the Port Arthur Independent School District. Klein has, at one time or another, identified these people as being one of his seven: 
  1. Bo Alfred
  2. Eddie Arnold
  3. Jeff Brannick
  4. Mark Domingue
  5. Caroline Guidry
  6. Miriam Johnson
  7. Waymond Hallmark
  8. Lolita Ramos
  9. Michael Sinegal
  10. Patrick Swain
  11. Ron Walker
  12. Mitch Woods
Johnson's pending retirement has been no secret in recent weeks, except perhaps to PRK. After 26 years in the tax office,  I suspect the simple truth is that Miriam is ready to retire. The rumors have circulated for months, as KFDM Channel 6 noted:
Johnson told KFDM News she'd been planning to retire from the position for the past year and a half and made sure her employees were prepared.
I couldn't find any mention of Miriam Johnson's retirement on the KBTV Channel 4 website. Perhaps they're still waiting for Miriam to enter the race for Jefferson County Judge, based on Philip's previous claims.

In Philip's manufactured account, he speculated on her personal life and hints at another tired investigation (I've edited his crude language):
Miriam Johnson walks off the job this morning - sorry - she retires this morning post the public electing her to office for a few full terms. She quits in the middle of her term and her number two takes over. Now the first question on everyone's mind is why? She is the most powerful women in the courthouse and she walks away?

Ah yes - is there more? Will we know? Family issues? Public issues? Catches wind that there may be on ongoing ..... 

Well we don't know and we do not want to speculate - so lets move on to the next wave of March Madness in Jefferson County. That is - who will come to the party.

The black community we have been told is pushing very very hard for a black name or two. It has not been released - but d** it - they want someone with black skin. Never mind the qualifications. They want a black man or women. Watch for the executive committee fight to begin.
Philip's racism is showing again. Likewise, Klein's imagery in this posting speaks volumes about his obsessions and insecurities:
Slowly - one by one - the gang of seven is becoming neutered.
And that grunting you are hearing from the 1st floor bathroom at the courthouse...
And he looks like Jaba [sic] the Hut on a good day.
It has not been released - but d** it - they want someone with black skin.
They want a black man or women.
Black women?

Deep Thoughts by Philip R. Klein

From Philip's latest poll on the SET Political Review:
Jack Brooks, whether you love him or hate him, is an American Political Icon. He is history walking. Was in Dallas at the Kennedy assisnation and was standing next to former president Johnson when we sworn in . 
 Typing while drunk again?

Mar 30, 2010

PA Housing?

Two weeks ago, Philip R. Klein wrote on the SET Political Review:
Local Election - Oscar v. Prince? Any others?
As I noted at the time, Willie Bae Lewis immediately came to mind. In his latest posting , Philip Klein wrote:
It seems that this will be a mainstay argument in the Mayors race. You know - something that the citizens of Port Arthur will understand? It seems that Council members Flood, Beard and Chapman are beating the Willie Bae drum in trying to stop the PAHA from outsourcing to San Antonio for their contracts and labor.
Better late than never, I suppose, but those allegations come around every few years. Ask Oscar Ortiz.
Ortiz, Akbari deny wrong doing in housing scheme
July 3, 2007

PORT ARTHUR — Outgoing Port Arthur Mayor Oscar Ortiz and Ike Akbari of ITEX Developers LLC. both debunk allegations of wrongdoing and favoritism set forth by local businessman and Port Arthur Housing Authority Chairman Roosevelt Petry Jr.
Petry has brought his complaints about Ortiz and Akbari to the District Attorney’s office. His allegations claim Ortiz pressured the PAHA to cancel contracts with other developers and solely use ITEX for housing authority projects, which will be funded through federal community development block grants.

“We simply ask the Housing Authority to pick us as their developer of choice and allow us to go forward to get the funding for Port Arthur,” Akbari said.

The developer said the application for the position is a competitive and detailed process.
“Even if the mayor or another government official wanted to help (me get the contract) they couldn’t,” Akbari said.

Akbari added that if his firm is chosen for the work for the PAHA, Ortiz will donate his time to work with his company and the Housing Authority as a liaison.
Isn't it ironic how a shrewd political consultant like Philip R. Klein missed that?


Philip R. Klein's racism is again evident in his latest posting on the SET Political Review
Welcome to the new Jefferson County? Where the black democrats now have found a voice?

Oh yes - sources close to the Jefferson County Democratic Party tell the Review that Marsha Normand is now the front runner to replace John Stevens as the next judge on the bench. The surprise move came in the last meeting of the executive committee - who wants a "black judge" on the bench. There is only one other on the district court level.

As you can assume - this brought some question into who is running the executive committee - which in the past has been held tight by the gang of seven and Gilbert Adams himself.

So we called around about Marsha Normand - because frankly she was not even on our radar screen.
Philip professes ignorance about Normand, but I seriously doubt whether anything is on Philip's "radar screen" beyond the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet.  Klein apparently slept through the primary elections of 2006, when Judge Stevens won his seat in a run-off election against Marsha Normand.

After Charles Carver retired, several candidates ran for the position, with John Stevens and Marsha Normand leading the pack. In the primaries, Marsha Normand won the popular vote with 8,478 votes, while Judge Stevens ran a close second with 7,946 votes. Stevens came back to win the runoff election with 7,602 votes over Normand's 6,188 votes. 

Since Klein missed the 2006 primaries, he's obviously not aware that Normand began as a cop and eventually worked with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. After getting her law degree, she worked with the Jefferson County District Attorney's office and now works as a criminal defense attorney.

Since Normand clearly ran a close second in the runoff election that gave Stevens his seat, one could argue that Normand has more legitimacy than any of the other candidates.

Philip's prediction:
It is starting to look good for Rick Williams. And the GOP. And John Stevens may have done a good thing for the GOP. Williams may have the Mo and the cross over from AWM's and the Tea Party movement to sit him on the bench. Normand might not have the basic support of her own party.
Readers may remember that Williams was appointed to the 279th District Court by Gov. Rick Perry in January 2006 to serve the remainder of the term left vacant by the death of Judge Tom Mulvaney. During his first election a few months later, Judge Randy Shelton beat Williams by almost 10,000 votes.

Klein predicted Williams would win that race, too.

Mar 28, 2010

Shock (Typing While Drunk Again)

Philip is blogging under the influence again in his latest posting on the SET Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Lt. Ray Beck was set to be announced as the candidate to replace Mitch Woods as US Marshal elect for the Eastern District of Texas. And now as widely reported - Beck was arrested this past evening at 4 a..m. in the morning for DUI. Further, questions swirl tonight about who was in the car with Beck - which now seemingly means nothing.
I'm not sure how Lt. Ray Beck could be arrested "this past evening at 4 a.m." Perhaps this reflects Klein's time zone, better known as The Twilight Zone.

Despite what the sign post up ahead reads, Beck has already applied for U.S. Marshal of the Eastern District of Texas. From the story on KFDM:
Beck also recently applied for the U.S. Marshal position, the same job Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods was seeking, before removing his name from the running a few days ago.
Any lingering questions about Philip's sobriety are answered by this statement:
Sources also tell the Review that Beck was being considered as a replacement for Sherriff if Mitch Woods if he had been selected for the position.
My take? Try writing while sober.

Mar 26, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Like the rest of Philip's postings on the SET Political Review this week, there's not much of interest here.
KFDM Loses Another One - Ashley Rodrigue is gone gone gone. It seems (according to our sources) Ashley is going to Baton Rouge (LSU Baby!) and will take a reporters job. More money - bigger market for a talented young lady. They are really bailing now.
I suppose losing one reporter in the past six months constitutes a major bailout in Philip's world, but he didn't mention the real swinging door in the local media. 

Neither did Philip didn't mention that Ashley Rodrigue is returning home, after she added some experience to her resume' at KFDM. Nor did PRK mention that staff members at KFDM were given $1500 bonuses after the Chapter 11 reorganization of parent company Freedom Broadcasting was approved by the US Department of Justice.

My prediction: look for several new and highly-qualified people joining the Channel 6 news department in the coming weeks. Readers will remember that Philip claimed the Beaumont Enterprise was to be sold last year, but Klein published a recent internal memo on his site that indicated the Enterprise was hiring new reporters as well.
Miriam Bolts - Baby La Strange? [sic] One of the gang of Seven goes bye bye in the middle of whatever. So the County Judge Jeff Branick calls ... d*** - sorry let's start again. The county judge Ron Walker calls a meeting to pick her number two. Hello GOP - there will be an election - YOU CAN WIN THIS ONE WITH A GOOD NAME. GET ON IT NOW GOPERS!
The last time Philip mentioned Miriam Johnson on The Southeast Texas Political Review, he claimed she would run for Jefferson County Judge against Nick Lampson. Neither of them ran and Miriam is retiring.
Beaumont Enterprise - Interesting - the Beaumont City Database posted. Wow! Talk about big government.
In spite of his bias against the Enterprise, Philip still quotes them. Klein's primary criteria on "big government" is whether it's dominated by Republicans or Democrats.
Love Those Democrats - Blaming tea parties for angry tirades. As the victims. Funny stuff. Can anyone remember? History changed? Look over here? Not at what we passed? Wait until your next town hall guys. - here - look for yourself!
Regular readers of the SET Political Review are quite familiar with politics based on hate and hysteria, but Philip again proves he has a hard time keeping up with current events. John Boehner called the vote on the health care bill "Armageddon." It was Newt Gingrich who said the Democrats are responsible for threats from the Tea Party.

Perhaps Philip and Newt are still angry about sending Grandma to the death panels.
Lot's of Emails - Will post Friday. Some really funny ones. Lots of cops wrote us!
All written by Philip Klein to himself, as usual.
Attorney Thought - We had an attorney tell us today that he thought all of the tickets should be thrown out for entrapment. There was not emergency therefore no crime. That would be funny stuff if that happened. But we doubt it. We will see. It only takes one.
Philip is "100 percent pro-cop."
Shocking - Get this one. The Social Security Fund is bankrupt. Like not in 2016 - now. Today. It is bankrupt. No more money today. Wow!
From the Summary of the 2009 Annual Reports by the Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees:
Social Security's annual surpluses of tax income over expenditures are expected to fall sharply this year and to stay about constant in 2010 because of the economic recession, and to rise only briefly before declining and turning to cash flow deficits beginning in 2016 that grow as the baby boom generation retires. The deficits will be made up by redeeming trust fund assets until reserves are exhausted in 2037, at which point tax income would be sufficient to pay about three fourths of scheduled benefits through 2083.
This isn't good news, but the point is that Philip again shows confusion and miscomprehension over the real issues. This is typical for those with the attention span of a gnat - Philip has already forgotten his investigation into those purported Hatch Act Violations.
**** Bombs - FBI Directive to Homeland. Watch for women with big ***. They could be bombs. We are not kidding. IT is serious. God help us.
I edited Klein's crude language. 
The Bayou - We just jumped over to the Gator House and was shocked. No shots at KBTV this week? What the hell? Funny stuff. You never hear a peep out of the toothed one on KFDM as it simply dies on the vine.
I defer to Philip on this, as he's tried many times to criticize KFDM on The Bayou. As noted, he's either ignored or laughed out of the comments.
Kelli's Corner - Well - we want to be nice. But we are looking for political blogs - not a recipe house. So we are going to watch a couple more posts regarding Kelli Phillips blog on KFDM before we drop it. It goes a little bit political or it has to go. Where are all the political blogs? Someone?
Klein apparently thinks he's in charge of Kelli's blog, but she can write about any subject she wishes. Kelli's Creamy Chicken recipe sounds much better than Philip's Ragu Spaghetti Recipe, which involves combining one jar of Ragu with a half container of cheap parmesan cheese.

Mar 25, 2010

Shunned and P*****

In this article on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on a visit by former First Lady Laura Bush to Beaumont, where she held a press conference before her meeting at the Texas Energy Museum.

Note that I've edited Klein's vulgar language, since his obsession with excretory functions is symptomatic of a personality disorder:
Well - it seems that former first lady Laura Bush wanted this night to be about the Texas Entergy [sic] Museum. Not about politicos. So she agreed to come give a speech under certain circumstances. One of which was that she would talk to the media about the museum - with no questions - and then that is it that is all [sic]. No media. And this p*****d the media off.

How do we know? Well - KFDM has no stories up about her on their web site and did a drop spot at the 10 p.m. news. The Beaumont Enterprise made a curt comment in their story. KBMT did a nice little story - but got p*** in it saying that they were not allowed to ask questions. And on and on.
Klein's favorite print publication, The Examiner, didn't mention the visit either. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
Event organizers urged the media to not ask Bush questions, and instead listen to Bush's prepared remarks.
From KBMT:
Mrs. Bush delivered a prepared statement to a group of media members, who were not allowed to ask questions.
Klein spins this into an indictment against the local media, but I think they were just reporting the facts. And part of the facts were that they weren't allowed to ask questions.

I'm positive that PRK would have claimed censorship had this same scenario played out with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mar 24, 2010

Woods Walks

Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods held a press conference on Tuesday to announce his withdrawal from consideration as nominee for US Marshal of the Eastern District of Texas.

On the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein speculates on the reasons:
Our guess? Team Obama.

It is not [sic] almost two years deep in the Obama administration and there is no US Attorney, no US Marshal and frankly appointments are being held up. Why? Because unless there is a social agenda - not law enforcement - appointments are not important. Woods knows that. And the word on the street is that maybe the appointments and confirmations to the senate may go way past summer. Then you ask - why? Why hitch a ride on a dying star? Why hitch a ride on a president that is everything but law enforcement? Why hitch a ride on the likes of President Obama? Who will bring down the democratic party.
Since we're both guessing, I suspect it has more to do with the length of time it takes to get an Obama nomination pushed through the political process. In December, the Beaumont Enterprise quoted a named source from the Department of Justice about the nomination of Judge John Stevens:
Spokespeople for the White House and the Department of Justice, which conducts extensive background checks on all presidential nominees, would not comment on the status of the nomination.

Those background checks can take months, Department of Justice spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said.

Of the 93 U.S. Attorney positions, Obama has nominated 35 people. Ten of those have been confirmed by the Senate, she said.
Sheriff Mitch Woods answered this question during his press conference:
"I did not want to turn the President down. Of course, if this happened real quick, it would not have given me the time to think about it and dwell on it, and I wouldn't have has so much contact with the public asking me to stay."

"I've been overwhelmed with people who've wanted me to stay. It has taken me a long time to deliberate. I think I can do more to serve the Eastern District of Texas as Sheriff and serve the people who've elected me."
As a cretin with many hidden agendas, Philip often misses the point that sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar. Doesn't it seem like only a few months ago that Philip published the "story behind the story," based on another "anonymous source":
It is slow. I am not going to lie to you. The Obama administration has a bunch on their plate - but I have been told that both Stevens and Woods will be in the federal system here pretty quick," said the source in Washington late Friday night. 
Klein also predicted a "dark horse" candidate that never appeared and that's the real story behind the story.

Happy Birthday, Philip!

Thanks to The Sam The Eagle Political Review for the advance warning! I have some to contribute.

March is National Ethics Awareness month, National March Into Literacy Month, National Mental Retardation Awareness Month, National Brain Damage Month,  and National Trisomy Awareness Month.

On this day in history:
  • In 1801, Alexander Romanov I was crowned emperor of Russia. In his later years, he became increasingly suspicious of everyone around him and eventually died under mysterious circumstances.
  • In 1930, Pluto was named a planet prematurely.
  • In 1937, a bus blew a tire, rammed into bridge, and killed 18 people in Salem, Illinois. The victims were members of a professional roller-skating unit, including a four-year old girl who may have been odiferous at the time of her tragic death.
  • In 1959, Prime Minister Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim withdrew Iraq from the Baghdad Pact. This led directly to the first assassination plot by Saddam Hussein.
  • In 1962, Benny Paret was KOed in a welterweight title fight and died 10 days later.
  • In 1972, Great Britain imposed direct rule over Northern Ireland because of open hostility from the IRA, after British paratroopers killed 14 people during Bloody Sunday. This led to decades of violence.
  • In 1976, Argentine President Isabel Peron was deposed by the country's military
  • 1982, the USS Jacksonville collided with a Turkish freighter near Virginia less than a year after the submarine was launched.
  • In 1980, the archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, was murdered during mass.
Other notable people who share Philip's birthday include Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, and Clyde Barrow. Clyde later robbed the Beaumont National Guard Armory on College Street.  

In closing, Sam Jaffe, Richard Widmark, Peter Lorre, and Jules Verne all died on this day.

Mar 23, 2010

Money Problems

Philip's sources are showing again in his latest posting on the SET Political Review:
According to sources inside the Jefferson County Courts - Banc of America took a note from a company called E-One about a year ago post the purchase of a fire truck by Labelle - Fannett Fire Department. Banc of America was to be paid $20k every year in February for 10 years. Post that - the truck was bought and paid for.
Compare Philip's version, posted on March 22nd, with the Southeast Texas Record story published on March 16, 2010:
Bank claims volunteer fire department failed to pay loan for equipment3/16/2010 1:55 PM By Kelly Holleran

A Texas bank has filed suit against a local volunteer fire department it says failed to make payments on an equipment loan.

Banc of America Leasing and Capital claims LaBelle-Fannett Volunteer Fire Department entered into a lease and option contract with E-One Inc. on Oct. 19, 2007.

In the agreement, LaBelle-Fannett VFD obtained financing for an E-One Tradition 2-Door Pumper which was to be mounted on a 2006 Freightliner M2 chassis with a side mount pump panel, according to the complaint filed March 5 in Jefferson County District.

To obtain the equipment, LaBelle-Fannett Volunteer Fire Department financed $200,045.80 from E-One, which assigned its interest in the agreement to Banc of America on Sept. 26, 2008, the suit states.

However, Banc of America claims LaBelle-Fannett VFD stopped making required yearly payments of $20,004.58 on Feb. 12, 2009.
Philip offers this insightful commentary:
Out [sic] take?

Who the h--- knows. [sic] It is all a mess and there are some trying to fix it. But one thing remains - somebody better come up with some cash or it is bye bye fire truck. Which it should be [sic]. If you don't pay your bills - you don't get your fire truck.
In the meantime, I'm curious how that Hatch Act investigation is going and whether Philip has filed an official complaint yet. If not, where's the beef?

Mar 22, 2010

According to Philip R. Klein, It's the End of the World as We Know It

Let's review (pun intended) a few of Philip's comments on the Healthcare bill  over the past week. Klein first predicted:
Healthcare - They got the votes or will be called weak and unable to govern. It passes by one vote.
By last Friday, Klein had already changed his original prediction to this:

The real number: 219 - 212. Even after two attempts, Philip still missed the actual vote.

If Philip can't get the simple numbers right, readers can bet he's even more confused about the real details of the bill. Consider this statement:
Make no mistake - the is a democratic bill that forces you the taxpayer - whether you serve hamburgers at a fast food joint - or you are a CEO of a major corporation - to buy something. You don't have a choice - even if you were a billionaire and have no need for insurance - you will buy something or pay a fine or go to jail.
This bill mandates a 2 percent tax penalty for those who choose to go without health insurance. No jail, no fines, just a higher income tax bill. This makes a lot of sense to me, since we all pay for those indigent emergency room visits. In Texas, however, one can go to jail if that person repeatedly refuses to insure their car. 

Philip's rant on the healthcare bill is a typical Klein exercise in fear-mongering and hysteria, whether it's his statements about death panels, government takeovers, or socialized medicine. Philip hasn't explained how handing 32-million new customers to private insurance companies constitutes socialized medicine or a government takeover. One could make an convincing argument that the health care bill is actually pro-business, since those who stand to gain the most are the insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals, hospitals and doctors. This is not exactly what most people would call Socialism.

Philip makes this simplistic argument, typically based on half-truths and falsehoods:
And this is how one party rule can kill this country. For us here in Southeast Texas - it is the same mind thought of your elected officials in Jefferson County. It is about power - it is about people that simply want to control you lives. It is about protecting them - it is about the pressing their will on yours - not governing. Thus you see the social experiment called Jefferson County.
Philip's comment belies the facts: In 2009, Republicans filibustered 80 percent of all legislation in the Senate in the name of partisan politics. In probably the most egregious example, Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of Senate Republicans, filibustered a proposal for a deficit-reduction commission that he himself demanded.  In Texas, the appointment of many qualified people to federal roles have been delayed for over a year while our two senators played partisan politics.

I'm not a fan of this bill, but I am a fan of enlightened and informed debate over the real issues. I've seen none of that on the SET Political Review. 

Mar 19, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R Klein writes on the SET Political Review:
Welcome to our end of the week (we have a bunch of new readers this week) to Tidbits. Where we give you just a little of what we have left over from a week of politics.

Philip could document his boasts by simply making his Stat Counter public.  However, I suspect he's hiding an inconvenient truth: Traffic History
Time Range Traffic Rank Reach Rank Reach PerMillion PageViews Rank PageViews PerMillion PageViews PerUser
3 Months 3301199 3611999 0.27 3141273 0.01 3.1
1 Months 1557466 1657443 0.8 1607617 0.02 2.9
7 Days 4524203 4212549 0.3 4839367 NaN 1

Spill Over - They are going to run it deemed on Sunday they say. You people with a D next to your name - and are running for office. Get ready.

To be revisited. Philip has previously predicted that the bill will pass by one vote.
PIR Launched - We sent our PIR to Patrick Swain. Paddie has yet to send the information. Tick Tock. It is only a test of time.
I hope it's more credible than that "PIR" concerning Tom Maness
Arrogant - Say what? Say who? Question us? That is seemingly the attitude of commissioners court this week to a few employees that seemingly have had enough. Stay tuned - they are talking - TO US.
More "sources who demand anonymity." 
Houston Chronicle - Had a great story this past week on politics and how it affects your daily lives. A good read. When then did it get missed by....never mind.
Philip didn't include a link to the article, which suggests that the article didn't exist or Klein couldn't make it through the multi-syllabic words.
Impeach The President - Check this one out and watch the libs scream : HERE Too funny.
I thought this was funnier.
Sea Rim - The Enterprise reports that Sea Rim will be rebuilt with your tax dollars. The last Sea Rim is at the bottom of the ocean. Just like your tax dollars.
And this is a bad thing?
Sales Tax Revenue - Why is everyone being so quiet. The only place talking about the 35% decrease in sales tax is the City of Beaumont. The projects have the number near 43% by years end. So where will they get the money? Because you know they WILL NEVER CUT BUDGETS. It's here. You just don't know it yet.
Philip's comment on sales taxes is based on this statement from The Beaumont Enterprise:
Sales tax revenue usually provides 35 percent of the annual general fund budget, but has dipped 13 percent below projections so far this year. 
What we have here is a failure to comprehend. 
Bayou - Picking on 4 again? Old.
So is picking on KFDM, The Beaumont Enterprise, KBMT, The Port Arthur News, and any other local media that ignores Philip R Klein. I suppose in the case of Channel 4, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Calmed Down - Bellow back on the Ambulance and in the Military. Watch next week. We have a great story.
Klein missed this part of the story. What happened to this prediction:
David Below may have lied to the military regarding his current status as a "full time student" which may land him in jail - or better yet to the front lines in Iraq within "the next two weeks."  "We are aware of the situation down there. It is creating a stir," which the source demanded anonymity.

Mar 17, 2010


Philip R. Klein recycles old content in his latest posting on the SET Political Review (emphasis is mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned and confirmed this morning from a high ranking Texas Workforce Commission representative that the unemployment rate in Jefferson County has now hit 20%. The rate, and not the public rate announced to the media, is the "adjusted rate" using numbers from those that have (1) given up on reporting, (2) benefits that have run out, (3) taken part time employment, (4) moved out of the area, (5) attempting to start their own businesses.
Been there, done that, invented the DQ Index ©.  Typically, Klein's predicts shock and awe:
This shock report will be announced in the next few weeks - and will rock the political world.
Find the real facts about the U-6 rate here. See the national monthly U-6 here. Check the monthly data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

My Open Letter to Philip Klein from Monday (see below) apparently didn't meet PRK's exacting editorial standards for his Reader Mail page. He did make this comment concerning the Klein Booby Hatch Investigation:
According to the General Counsels office that I have been dealing with - if you are an EMPLOYEE of the taxing unit (school district, county, city) and that county benefits or receives money from the federal government in grants or loans or awards - you must resign from your job to run for that said office. There are some exemptions - but those are for city municipal governments or current elected officials (imagine that).
According to the Office of Special Counsel that I've been dealing with:
The Merit Systems Protection Board has held that the test of whether an employee is covered by the Hatch Act is whether, as a normal and foreseeable incident of his principal employment, the employee performs duties in connection with an activity financed in whole or in part by federal funds. Special Counsel v. Gallagher, 44 M.S.P.R. 57, 61 (1990).
Klein also admitted he was confused in another "reader mail:"
" why don't you file on who you say broke the law?"
Answer : I don't know that it is our responsibility. 
Let me answer that. Philip has a civic duty to report violations of the Hatch Act. So, where's the beef,?

Mar 15, 2010

Open Letter to Philip Klein: "The Same Old Think..."

Dear Philip;

I felt compelled to write a personal message, since you've outdone yourself regarding your misinterpretation of the Hatch Act. Consider this a piece for your "Reader Mail" page.

I think you're shirking your civic responsibility. A violation of the Hatch Act is civil, not criminal:
Is a Hatch Act investigation an administrative or criminal matter?

Answer: A Hatch Act investigation is an administrative matter. Hatch Act matters are adjudicated before the Merit Systems Protection Board, which is an administrative agency.
Yet, you wrote:
The monitoring of the Hatch Act is exclusively held to the District Attorney of the County to which the campaign races are overseen.

...but be sure that the Jefferson County District Attorney should have enforced the Hatch Act...
Can you explain why a county criminal district attorney would investigate and enforce federal civil complaints? I don't think you know what you're talking about, regardless of what those many anonymous sources purportedly told you.

Congress expressly granted the Office of Special Counsel administrative and investigative duties over the Hatch Act. Violations of criminal law such as bribery and fraud are referred to the U.S. Attorney General's office. Nowhere in the U.S. Administrative Code is jurisdiction over Hatch Act violations granted to a county criminal district attorney.

Contrary to your confused opinion, the power to enforce the Hatch Act is in your hands, Philip:
Is the Law Actually Enforced?

Anyone can file a complaint of a potential Hatch Act violation by filling out this form available on OSC's Web site.
You can also file an online complaint here.

I did, however, find interesting your bad attempt at blackmailing the local media into chasing your loony conspiracy theories:
...we have made the decision to expose the violations and leave it up to the media to follow up on.
If you truly believe your contrived accusations are real, why don't you give the local and national media something real to report?

As a tax payer, "editorialist", citizen blogger, political analyst, private investigator, wing nut, and former operator of five bankrupt Dairy Queens, file a Hatch Act complaint on those five people you've refused to name. Do a press release and hold a press conference. Do a video shoot as you press the send button on your complaint. You could even recycle that speech you never delivered to the Golden Triangle Republican Women (GTRW).

Such a complaint is credible, but this statement on the SET Political Review is not:
The Review has been in direct contact with the Office of Special Counsel who has asked us for a list of names and counties. 
After watching this same trite scenario play itself out last month with your silly accusations about Tom Maness, I think you're all hat and no cattle.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. You never commented on the amazing similarities between your writing style and that of Theodore Kaczynski (the emphasis is mine):
Throughout the manuscript...Kaczynski capitalizes entire words in order to show emphasis. He always refers to himself as either "we" or "FC" (Freedom Club) [in your case, this would be "we" or "the Review"]  though he appears to have acted alone. Donald Foster, who analyzed the writing at the request of Kaczynski's defense, notes that the manuscript contains instances of irregular spelling and hyphenation, as well as other consistent linguistic idiosyncrasies (which led him to conclude that it was indeed Kaczynski who wrote it).
Is this coincidence?

Mar 14, 2010

Ben Dover

Philip R. Klein displays his hypocrisy again in the latest posting on the SET Political Review. The topic: the Jefferson County Courthouse.
The Palace Needs Work! And not [sic] cost will be spared. And we will leave no stone unturned. And we will house our employees in downtown in a place we just sold and give the buyer 1 million dollars (if we have to ).

Here is the bottom line dear readers - it is this. And only this - the only thing they will have left to build is a moat around the d*** place. And the jokes continue at Beaumont PD and alike [sic] - maybe they can put one two [sic] or three of the boats in the moat around the courthouse to protect the employees and commissioners who spend their money like they were millionaires.
Compare Philip's position on the Jefferson County Courthouse, completed in 1931, with Klein's position on the former South Park High School, built just eight years earlier in 1923:
What should happen? Well the BISD should save TAXPAYERS MONEY and simply conform to what they said they would do...which is? Keep Southpark [sic] and build another school or remodel.

If you use the excuse that it is old - well go to the University of Texas, or Texas A&M and see buildings that are 100 years old and if they even thought about tearing them down there would be riots.

Goodbye tradition - goodbye heritage. Goodbye Southpark [sic]. It means nothing other than a message that a new regime has taken over. And they say anything and do anything to get what they want.

Southpark [sic] is the last standing memory for many in Beaumont of yesterday. They want that to go - so that the true change can happen. Southpark sic] will fall just as hard as Jefferson County will in the next ten years.
For the past 15 years, Philip has been predicting the death of Jefferson County "in the next 10 years." Klein doesn't detail why his positions are different.
Jefferson County Commissioners are going to "talk" about how they are going to redo the entire courthouse? And house employees in the great "Deal in Downtown?" All the while they have an empty building in Nederland that the county owns and could use it and save TAXPAYERS A MILLION DOLLARS?
Remember these photos?

These pictures speak volumes about Philip's sense of aesthetics and practicality.

Klein's simplistic and juvenile opinions underscore a poor comprehension of issue fundamentals. The project has been ongoing for several years. Two hurricanes and a recession have slowed the original timetable, but County Commissioners will review bids already received during their workshop on Monday. Nor does PRK demonstrate knowledge of what the courthouse's designation as a historical building really means to this project.

Instead of substantive comment, Klein resorts to another tired and trite personal attack:
Now we want you to watch a few things in the media over the next few days. Ready? Here we go :

1) Patrick Swain and his buddy that lost will come up with a few numbers. They will look good. Because it is time to look good.
Regarding Klein's reference to Keith Hawkes, Philip made this prediction in January:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County Assistant Auditor Keith Hawkes may drop out of the race for County Treasure [sic].

According to sources that contacted the Review late this afternoon - Hawkes was upset about an article written by the Review this past week in stating that Hawkes background will be known for his relationship with County Auditor Patrick Swain. 
That didn't happen, but no article on the SET Political Review would be complete without Philip's self-aggrandizement or a shot at the local media. From today's article:
It is just another day - with NO CHECKS AND BALANCES BY THE MEDIA? And thus you see why this web site is blowing numbers through the roof! We are doing what the watch dogs should be.
"Blowing through the roof", or just blowing? Philip could verify by simply making his Stat Counter public; how about it, Philip?

Mar 13, 2010

On Philip R. Klein's Trademark Violations

In his Nitwit Tidbits on the SET Political Review  this week, Philip R. Klein writes:
Mad At Us - We are just the paper boy? Sorry that the Enterprise is mad at us for posting last week a memo from their leaders. We got it leaked? Get over it. It is the same thing you guys do every day of the week.
Philip is apparently confused about the difference between publishing an internal corporate communication without permission, and publishing public documents from city, county, state, and federal sources.

I've documented Philip's unethical behavior on many occasions. Let's consider the use of the term "Tidbits" by Philip R. Klein each week. Here's the artwork from his home page:

The ® symbol on the image is a dead giveaway that Philip has stolen a registered trademark. Here's the original version that Philip took from Tidbits® of North Pinellas:

Tidbits® is trademarked by Tidbits Media, Inc:
Tidbits® of North Pinellas is a division of Tidbits Media, Inc.  Montgomery, AL, 36106 
All Rights Reserved ©2009
The company operates a franchise publishing business for Tidbits® newspapers and websites across the U.S. As such, the business sells licenses for the use of the name, logo, and content  to local publishers, who sell advertising to make a profit (emphasis is mine):
That is one of the benefits of owning a local license of a national media property like Tidbits. Through a decade’s worth of first-hand knowledge gained from the expertise (and sometimes costly mistakes) of one hundred fifty plus licensees operating in over 250 counties and 40 states plus Canada, our system has emerged as a proven method through which entrepreneurs may shine.
Consider the nature of the content offered to Tidbits® franchisees (emphasis is mine):
Our publishing system has emerged as a proven method through which entrepreneurs may shine. Our experience shows that the part of publishing that requires the greatest amount of time is the research, writing and editing, and designing each week’s issue. Tidbits Media, Inc provides the fun, non-controversial editorial content (text) thus eliminating the need for Tidbits Publishers to hire writers, editors and researchers. Tidbits publishers deal with the part of their paper that makes them money - ad sales.
Considering the nature of Klein's contentious and controversial opinions, dubious sources, and hysterical rants, I'm pretty sure the company has a good case for a legal action over trademark violations.

Any comment, Philip?

Mar 12, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

"Well another week. Kind of slowed down. And that is a good thing. But when it is slow....they are:"
Shook Up - We have been talking to the AG's office regarding the Hatch Act. Seemingly there are three that should resign today in order to comply with the law. We are digging a little deeper right now and will have a story next week.
I hope it has more substance than the investigation into the misspelling of Tom Maness's name? 
Notice The Silence - There seems to be some real silence out there in the media and the political world since we broke the Hatch Act story. Hmmmm.
There seems to be a lot of silence about the deployment of David Bellow?
Mad At Us - We are just the paper boy? Sorry that the Enterprise is mad at us for posting last week a memo from their leaders. We got it leaked? Get over it. It is the same thing you guys do every day of the week.
Not true. The stories published by the Beaumont Enterprise on a daily basis always have some basis in truth. 
Threats - Ugh? Like what are you going to do with us that won't make headlines. Recording our phone conversations and then publishing them? So what?
A reader comments, "Philip's not that committed. He's only in it for the publicity."
Local Election - Oscar v. Prince? Any others?
Willie Bae Lewis and Lowra Read come to mind.

Others that Philip missed are the horse races for the seats on the Nederland and PAISD Board of Trustees. Apparently, at least one political consultant has never heard of Julia Samuels. Perhaps Klein can't comment on those races because of pending litigation. As I recall, Willie Mae Elmore and Philip were once involved in a round of litigation involving a defamation claim.
Mexican Military - Helicopters over Texas? Do what? SA News has the story.
Philip hasn't learned how to link a page. Here's the real story. Is there a point somewhere?
Media Fluff - Rats in a store. How about rats in the courthouse? Ooopss....missed that story huh?
Nederland has a rat infestation, too.
More Media Fluff - Port Arthur News still pumped up over what? Our taking on Spooner or our comments that the other side is not heard when Spooner Spews? That would be a great name for his column?
Translation: "Why won't they publish my 'edtitorials?' I have my own website read by tens of people every week!"
Healthcare - They got the votes or will be called weak and unable to govern. It passes by one vote.
Fluff from Philip in an effort to seem topical. Klein's has previously claimed that the bill mandates death squads for senior citizens, provides healthcare for illegal immigrants, and will fund abortions. To be revisited.
Demise - The end of the democratic party for this cycle and back to......who the h*** knows what? Tea Party time?
More fluff from Philip, who has argued that the Tea Party movement is too liberal.

Mar 10, 2010

Oh Crap

In this posting, Philip R. Klein bankrupts his bag of tricks and resorts to the standard SET Political Review formula for short fiction.

For a previous example, see my commentary on Philip's article of January 12, 2010, where Klein accused Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness of campaign law violations. The title of PRK's story: "Oh Crap."

Part 1 of the SETP formula - a vague reference to a purported investigation of allegedly illegal activities:
Legal Beagles across Texas have begun to toy with the idea that some of the elections this past week could be overturned with a little known law called the "Hatch Act" which clearly states that State and Local city employees who run for office must resign if their position or department receives federal funds.
Though Klein professes ignorance of the Hatch Act, I distinctly remember studying the Hatch Act in high school civics and two government classes in college. I suspect most high school graduates know of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OFC), who administers the act. I remember them from 2008, when the FBI raided their offices during the Bush Administration. 

Part 2 - quote a dubious source:
So we called Washington DC - and asked the question at the United States Attorneys office. "The Hatch act clearly states that if federal funds are being used by a government agency any employee is precluded from running for office unless they take a leave or quit," said the spokesperson.
Perhaps Philip meant the US Department of Justice or the US Attorney General's office, although it's not relevant. Had Klein really called, he would have been referred to the OFC, who is responsible for prosecuting all violations of the Hatch Act. The Attorney General's office has enforced the OFC's jurisdiction. 

Part 3 - Reference (sometimes spurious) documents in Philip's possession.
And then we were referred to a flyer and about fell out of our chair after reading it.

So read this and get shocked :
Part 4 of the PRK formula: make an unfounded accusation based on miscomprehension or deceptive intent.
Compare Philip's interpretation with the language of his source document:
Who is covered by the Hatch Act:
  • Executive branch employees in any agency of a state or local government whose principal employment is in connection with an activity financed in whole or in part by federal loans or grants are covered by the law.
Who is not covered by the Hatch Act:
  • Individuals who exercise no functions in connection with federally financed activities
  • A duly elected head of an executive department of a state or municipality who is not classified under a state or municipal merit or civil service system; and
  • An individual holding public elective office. The latter exemption applies only when the elective office is the position which would otherwise subject the employee to the restriction of the Hatch Act.
Part 5 - Reinforce the notion of an "investigation":  
We will see if the AG's office comes to Jefferson County for a visit.
If the Attorney General's office visits Jefferson County, the purpose will not be contrived violation of the Hatch Act. They have no jurisdiction over violations.

Out of the thousands of states, cities, municipalities, and elected boards in the U.S., the OFC registered only 445 complaints nationally during the election year of 2008. 

If Klein's accusations are indeed true, they he can easily file a complaint with the OFC.  We'll revisit many times, I'm sure.

On an ancillary note, is it coincidence that Klein published an entire paragraph in all caps today after my article from yesterday (see below)?

Mar 9, 2010

Spooner PA News (Abridged)

In this posting on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein accentuated these words in all caps:
These two lines capture Philip's long-winded argument perfectly: disjointed, vacuous, and devoid of any redeeming value. Instead, Philip simply attacks The Port Arthur News and Russell Spooner for his editorial:
No Mr. Spooner - you arrogant fool - the GOP and even going more right - the tea party people have had enough of "do-good" democrats telling us that they know better what is good for us. Government is not the answer. So stop trying to convince us that the government is better for us. We do not need you, your beloved government including Nancy Pelosi, telling us what is good for us. We are free Americans. Maybe if you love government so much - go live in Canada. Oh wait, you will have to come to the US for your health care or you might die waiting in a line or for an appointment?
As political commentary, this sounds more like the manifesto of Joe Stack or Theodore Kaczynski:
Throughout the manuscript,..Kaczynski capitalizes entire words in order to show emphasis. He always refers to himself as either "we" or "FC" (Freedom Club), though he appears to have acted alone. Donald Foster, who analyzed the writing at the request of Kaczynski's defense, notes that the manuscript contains instances of irregular spelling and hyphenation, as well as other consistent linguistic idiosyncrasies (which led him to conclude that it was indeed Kaczynski who wrote it). 
For those familiar with the SET Political Review, this sounds eerily familiar. I would not be surprised to read in the Beaumont Enterprise one morning that Philip R. Klein crashed a black SUV into the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Mar 8, 2010


The topic of Philip's latest posting on the SET Political Review is Oscar Ortiz:
One of two things are going to happen this spring. Either Oscar Ortiz will come in and shake things up - or he will be done as a politico forever. There is no in-between.
After this juvenile analysis, Philip soon changes the subject and wanders into more familiar territory:
Setting politics aside for a moment - we find that Port Arthur is a dying town. With corruption everywhere.
Of course, no posting from Philip Klein would be complete without a conspiracy and an investigation:
...Ease on over to the Port Arthur Housing Authority which a long time undercover investigation has suggested that over $50,000 in money has been requested for the Housing Authority from places like the Regional Planning Commission when the money is getting channeled to?
That's certainly clear as mud. We'll revisit many times, I'm sure.

Note Philip's vulgar language, refuge of the truly ignorant:
It is just a dying community that has one thing left - the plants. And they milk them for money as fast and as hard as they can, then kick them in the n*** and tell them they are not giving enough - and they want more.
Likewise, Klein's racism is showing again:
The blacks run the city. That simple. that true. And Oscar isn't black. And the Mexican Vote and the White Vote doesn't match the black vote.
I suppose that "White Vote" is more important than the "black vote" to Philip, and that all Latinos, even those second and third-generation U.S. citizens, are still "Mexicans" on Planet Klein.

Nothing to see here, keep moving please.

Mar 7, 2010

Kiss Off

Philip R. Klein quotes a questionable source in this posting on the SET Political Review:
We got a call this past Friday from a close source to one of the plant managers with a close relationship with the industrial council who tells the Review that they are "furious" with the Port Arthur City Council after awarding a contract with Phillips Productions this past week to help with Port Arthur's image.

The reason? And it is not what you think!

"These guys up on Port Arthur City Council sit there and lecture us about who we hire. They do this demand thing about hiring local help. They tell us we are bad business partners and beat us up in the media. But what the h*** does Port Arthur due? They hire a Dallas firm to redo Port Arthur's image? Is there nobody in Port Arthur or Jefferson County they can hire?" - asked the source.
Philip is not exactly clear on why a "close source to one of the plant managers with a close relationship with the industrial council" would insert themselves into this issue. I think this line is probably a dead giveaway as to the real identity of this "source:"
"....But what the h*** does Port Arthur due?"
Apparently, Philip and his spurious source aren't aware of Bob Philip's ties to the area:
In 2007, Bob married KFDM-TV anchor Kelli Adkins. They currently reside in Beaumont, Texas where Bob can be seen interviewing the locals. 
Likewise, readers may remember the last time Philip quoted a source "close to a plant manager." From May 2008:
Today, the Jefferson County Commissioners have on their plate a huge tax abetment [sic]. And this time it is with TOTAL. And it .... should pass. With yes votes from Arnold (leading the charge) and Waymon Hallmark.

"We will be watching today," said one manager to the Review over the weekend.
Philip clearly manufactured this source, notwithstanding his mangled reference to an "abetment."

Surely a plant manager would have known the abatement in question had been passed five years earlier for the Total Hydrotreater project, completed two years earlier in 2006.  The action Klein referenced as a "tax abetment" had to do forming a committee to determine whether conditions for the abatement were properly met after completion.

Note to Philip: You never followed up on several claims in recent weeks. Here are two examples:
  • What about those documents you promised to post proving a conspiracy between County Judge Ron Walker and Rhonda Dugas? 

  • And what about that claim you made over two weeks ago, purportedly from the Texas National Guard PR Department, that David Bellow would be in the front lines of Iraq or jail within "the next two weeks."  I thought the front lines had moved to Afghanistan? And if this were credible, why is David Bellow still in Hardin County and not jail or Iraq? More importantly, why has there been no action whatsoever on the part of the US Army or National Guard on this issue if your source (I use the term loosely) was credible? 
Any comment, Philip?

Mar 6, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

According to Philip R. Klein and the SET Political Review:

Bellow Tapes - Overwhelmed with downloads. Shut the site down twice.
Philip must have the budget hosting package if only 222 page views can shut this site down twice.
Cha Cha Changes - At the Beaumont Enterprise.
Philip printed a purported email message, of which I found this most interesting:
We are also in the process of hiring several more reporters for news and features.
On January 15, 2009, Philip claimed the Beaumont Enterprise would close its doors:
As we see it...[The Beaumont Enterprise] will end up closing shop or selling off. Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.
Over a year later, the Beaumont Enterprise is still in operation, hasn't been sold, and is expanding its workforce. In a competitive response, Philip has made some changes at the SET Political Review:
FROM: Philip R. Klein, Editor
TO: Philip R. Klein, Editor
DATE: March 5, 2010
RE: Newsroom announcements

Philip R. Klein has been promoted to Spellcheck Supervisor. Philip, who has been a great contributor to our daily news operation, will now oversee our spelling operations to ensure that we meet our daily quota of misspelled words and mangled grammar.

Philip R. Klein has assumed new duties as Research Editor, shifting his primary focus from finding unsubstantiated rumors to manufacturing our own content on a regular basis.

Philip R. Klein has joined our editorial staff as Assistant Editor of Editorials, where he will strengthen our efforts at providing fresh gibberish and nonsense under the guise of our biweekly "edtitorials."

We are also in the processing of hiring a new reporter. Our leading candidate is Philip R. Klein, who has extensive experience operating Dairy Queens in Nederland and has coordinated an international search for Patrick McDermott.
From the editorial staff of Operation Kleinwatch, good luck on those changes, Philip et. al.
Domingue - Shows class. Sources say he called Weaver and was very very nice and said he would help in the transition. Class.
Let's revisit Klein's original prediction about this race:
The GOP has a fresh face waiting in the wings to run Domingue. The Review has been asked not to leak the name.
I'm surprised that Klein never claimed that Weaver switched parties. Despite totally missing the race for County Clerk,  Klein continues his attack on Rhonda Dugas:
Dugas - Back into her hole. Nothing - nothing on thank you or nothing on why she lost. Maybe because?
Philip never produced any documents as evidence of his wingnut theory concerning a purported conspiracy between Judge Ron Walker and Rhonda Dugas.
We here at the Review will file our complaint post checking the status of her campaign contribution report (s) at 5 p.m. And we will post it.
I wonder how that complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission coming is along.
Port Arthur News - New look - looks good.
I bet Klein would become a fan of the Beaumont Enterprise if they would only put his picture on the front page:

Lesson learned: never get between Philip and a camera or open microphone.
Had Enough - No more this week. That is all. That is it. Too tired.
Or too drunk? Here's an interesting story from the past:
The Week of October 10, 1999

Examiner Loses Another Reporter : "Things Are Bad"

First it was Jerry Jordan, now it is Jason Trahan that has jumped ship from the Examiner. Two huge loses in just under two months.

Jordan, now a Reporter for the Lufkin Daily Newspaper and Trahan, now a Reporter for the Arlington Daily News, were the back bone to the writing staff at the paper. As much as many want to say they were unfair, our sources tell us that they were "just following orders" in the way stories were written from Editor Peter Lee.

In our opinion, Jordan and Trahan are good writers. You have to be to show the kind of stomach that it would take to be the "mouthpiece" for one the most powerful lawyers in the Country. We say that only because our sources at the Examiner have told us that "it is hard to write a fair story about an issue that is going to be litigated that week in the Court House. Like it is just a coincidence that the topic we talk about on the front page is being litigated that week, and 200 copies are delivered to the Court House? Come on!"

Another source told us "we know that we have a credibility issue, and it weighs on us, but we get paid, and we know who signs the checks. Besides, we are becoming really popular with the Dead Heads of the West End of Beaumont. They just love to see their picture and name in the paper."


Mar 3, 2010

The Spin Begins (Philip at 16 RPM)

In the Reader Mail section of the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein posted a letter to himself this morning and answered it, too:
From Beaumont: "This morning my husband and I saw you on FOX4 Good Morning. You were great! And we got turned on to your site. What a great read on the elections this year. We have book marked you and are now a fan on both FACEBOOK and your site!"

Answer: Thanks for the nice comments. But not so good. We were off on two races pretty bad. Smith surprised us. He really did.
Readers will notice several of Philip's signature grammatical train wrecks in the original message purportedly from "Beaumont." 

For the record, Philip missed three races entirely and claimed close races in two others that resulted in landslides. I suspect that by the time the general elections occur in November, Mr. 37-Point-5 Percent will claim he got all of the races right in the primaries.

Klein also manufactured this "breaking story" this morning (emphasis is PRK's):

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the wrong ballots (computer ballots) may have been sent to the Taylor's Bayou area of Port Arthur - and that they were used and citizens in Pct. 4 actually voted in the Pct. 2 race. The numbers are unknown. Estimates are 40 plus ballots. Sources tell the Review that a request by Domingue will be made later in the day for "clarification" if the accusations are true.

This is a breaking story and we will have more - if necessary later in the day.
Apparently, this bogus claim was too much for even Philip, who printed this retraction shortly afterwards:
Nothing To It

The Southeast Texas Political Review has discovered that the complaints on voting in Pct. 2 - and living in Pct. 4 - is based upon voter confusion. The Review was in the county clerks office this morning and discovered that there was voter confusion regarding the lines that split that Taylors Bayou area - being one side of Taylors Bayou is in Pct. 2, and the other is in Pct. 3. The Pct. in question are 31 and 108. The confusion from the voters came from the actual line - meaning one side of the street is in one district and the other is across the street. The Review has found no issue.
The real issue is with the SET Political Review, since Klein is confused about the difference between JP precincts 2 and 3, and voter precincts 31 and 108. Apparently, Philip believes Taylor's Bayou runs down the middle of the street. By the time PRK gets to the end, he's given up all pretense of comprehension and refers to the precincts as a "district."

Hits and Misses

Let's review (pun intended) Philip's predictions in the 2010 local primaries. Readers will notice that Philip has cherry-picked his races again. For example, he mentions one race in Hardin county but ignored the other five. Orange County apparently doesn't exist in Philip's world.
Criminal District Attorney: But [Tom Maness] will win the office back. And we think that it will be 60-40. But if there were a race where we might be wrong - it might be this one. There is an underground movement.
County Clerk: Thus you get - a run off. We see Guidry and either Seals or Ferrell = a coin toss...Watch for dirty tricks. A run off.
Miss. So much for Philip's conspiracy theory - It's interesting to note that Rhonda Dugas got more votes than Philip has regular readers of the SET Political Review.
Treasure [sic]: Georgine Guillory will win this by a few votes. We see around 55-45 (in that area). 
Commissioner Pct 2: Domingue leaves - Weaver comes in. And we all get more of the same. A new face.
Hit, pending the results of any recount.
Commissioner Pct. 4: Jamie Smith has a following. And they are voting Again - a different face same tude.
Miss (by a country mile).
JP Pct. 2: Derouen wins it. But it is closer than maybe everyone thinks.
Hit, although Derouen's 65 percent margin isn't "closer than maybe everyone things."
JP Pct. 6: Duce wins this and Bobbie goes for City Council again. Another close race.
Hit, but an 84 percent margin falls into the landslide category, not "another close race."
JP Pct. 7:  And we just cannot get a feel for this one. Cass has some friends in Southeast Texas. Burnett has some friends in Southeast Texas. So? You pick it - we cannot.
Miss. Burnett's 88 percent margin falls into the freight train category: everyone saw it coming except Philip.
JP Pct. 8:  If we had to guess - we would say - Gillam.
Hit, although Gillam's 72 percent margin falls into the freight train category.
JP Pct. 1 - P2: Ken Dollinger had a great idea. Get rid of this office. But no - not to be. So there are three. Which may force a run off. Which will be Bradley and you pick.
Hardin County Pct. 4:  Franklin wins.
Hit, pending any recounts. With a victory margin of only 86 votes, this was an extremely close race. Philip missed the significance of this.

Mar 1, 2010

Philip R. Klein, Liar

Philip R. Klein prattles on about the City of Port Arthur and waxes hysterical over an election night victory party in his latest articles on the SET Political Review. Been there, done that, better late than never.

In the meantime, I received the rest of the information that I requested specific to the charges that Philip R. Klein manufactured concerning David Bellow.

This document conclusively proves Philip R. Klein is a blatant liar:

You can download a copy of the actual file here.

Any comments, Philip?