Apr 30, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Here we go....
Wow - what a good week again for the Review. Another record page view week. The biggest in our history over 17 year history. We thank all of you for reading and now on to Tidbits!
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Lawsuit - The Appeals Court ruled for us - Google can release the information after a legal move we must make in the appeals court. John Doe 1 and 2 may now appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. We are going to make CASE LAW! This is good. This is what we want.
Another fine example of Klein's megalomaniacal delusions of importance concerning his nuisance lawsuit. 
Interview with Carolyn Smith - We asked the now infoumous Carolyn Smith (giggle) for an interview. She granted it on the net - so here it is :
Another fine example of Klein's preoccupation with fringe politics. "Infoumous?" Ironically, Philip R. Klein and his SET Political Review Facebook page belongs to the Jamie Dunnigan is bad for Lumberton School Board group. Is this really objective commentary, or Philip's private agenda?
DA Fiddle Faddle Strikes Again - Central Middle School Band Director from Nederland named Wilson gets 4 years adjudicated for playing fiddle faddle with a family member. God help this county.
Another fine example of Klein's personal agenda against Jefferson County District Attorney, Tom Maness. Klein has never commented on why these sentences in Jefferson County are consistent with the rest of the state of Texas.
IRS - You employers - don't worry about the health care gig. It is no big deal. Really - it is not. Ooops.....the Review got this in the mail from the IRS?
Another fine example of Philip R. Klein's hypocrisy. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, PRK could be eligible for a tax break.
Pleasure Island - Let it sink into the ocean. Some more good fishing. No more tax dollars. It is dead like Port Arthur is dead. That simple.
Another fine example of how Philip gets all of his news from one source. I wonder if this is the reason that Philip only says nice things about one local media outlet.
Teachers Fighting At BISD - Meeeeeawooowww. BISD Police Officers responded. Too funny!
More to come.
Obama SWAT Team - Get this...Obama is sending the SWAT Team to oil rigs. Okay?
Another fine example of Philip R. Klein's myopic viewpoints. The President is indeed sending SWAT teams to inspect drilling platforms in the Gulf, in response to rumors, fed in part by Rush Limbaugh, that this may have been an act of eco-terrorism.

Apr 28, 2010


Philip R. Klein writes:
The word finally comes to mind regarding the Southeast  Texas Political Review's lawsuit against Google, Inc. The parties, being "Sam The Eagle" and "Operation Kleinwatch" have hired legal counsel after being noticed of the Reviews intent to expand the lawsuit to Google itself as well as secondary parties including those who have posted on a secondary web site known as "Trog." As well as the Review's intent to ask for $10,000 in attorney's fees.

This past week, "STE" and "OKW" anonymous writers filed an "Emergency Stay Request" with the court. To which the Review responded. In the now represented response - the two parties - who we now know are one in the same - have hired attorney Jeff Dorrell in Houston, Texas.

We have posted our response to their emergency stay request in the appeals case in order to stay anonymous after the State District Court ordered GOOGLE, INC,, to turn over all of the information regarding these accounts to the Attorney's for the Southeast Texas Political Review. As well, since the parties (STE and OKW) have filed numerous frivolous requests and never showed up for one hearing, legal fees have been requested for the court to which will be heard. Meaning they have filed motions and never showed up when hearings have been scheduled. The court has advised all parties it has had enough of the filings without representation or even showing up in court.

Post hiring of counsel - Sam The Eagle and OperationKleinwatch, now ET. AL. with secondary web sites - are now referred to as "John Doe #1 and John Doe #2."

It is the full intent by the Review to file a Federal Lawsuit against the both parties - as well as another site and posters with days of the release of their names.

We will keep you updated - but we wanted you to see John Doe who now has a face with a name. And might owe a bunch of money in legal fees to us.
As is Klein's standard operating procedure, Philip left out a lot of critical  information and has again made claims that are simply not true. For example:
The court has advised all parties it has had enough of the filings without representation or even showing up in court.
Fact check: I'm absolutely certain that three of four parties in Philip's spurious legal action have not been advised of any such decision. If Klein's claims are true, then why didn't he post that document? The answer is obvious: liar, liar, pants on fire!

From PRK's comment that Sam the Eagle and I are "one in the same," we can deduce that Klein has suffered a mental breakdown from stress over his spurious legal action. Sam and I didn't know each other before this entanglement with Philip R. Klein, but we've become friends - being sued together by a fat and deranged lunatic will do that.

For the record, I'm John Doe #1 (the "scared little girl"), while Sam the Eagle is John Doe #2 ("Sam t. Eagle"):

John Doe #1 (AKA Gus Pillsbury)
John Doe #2 (AKA Sam the Eagle)

In time, I'll write the entire story of this lawsuit. I've been saving Philip's comments, copies of all legal filings (including those Philip has not posted), and other pertinent documents.

It is the blog's intention to produce this information to the public in the form of an upcoming book: Philip R. Klein, The Truth Behind the Man (snicker).  On second thought, I'll just post the whole thing here for free.

In the meantime, readers can be assured that Sam and I shall fight on the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our blogs, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, and we shall fight in the hills.

We shall never surrender.

Apr 26, 2010


In this posting on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein blathers on about purported bias in the Beaumont Enterprise:
Now your gripe with us is that we call them left wing. We call them one sided. We call them run by an editorial board and editors that simply are so left wing they have little or no common sense. Well? We are right. And the editors are driving the paper into the ground with mismanagement.
As evidence, Klein posits this wingnut claim (emphasis, use of upper case, and underscores are Philip's):

So everyone - and we mean everyone is putting this description out ...... except .........the Beaumont Enterprise? DO WHAT?

Well - let's use their words and give you the link to the story :

Police say they are searching for a black man,  his age said to be from 20s to 30s, wearing dark pants, possbily   [sic] Dickies' brand, a blue, runner's type jacket with white pinstripes, dark shoes and a blue cap.
Here's the link to the story from the Beaumont Enterprise.

Klein blatantly lied when he claimed, "Everyone -  and [sic] we mean everyone is putting this description out....... [sic] except ....... [sic] the Beaumont Enterprise?"

Here's the description from Klein's favorite TV station, KBTV Channel 4:
The attacker is still on the loose.

He's a black man, 5'8".

He was last seen wearing dark colored shoes, a cap, and dark colored Dickie jeans.

He was wearing a runner-style jacket with a stripe down the arm length.
Klein further claims:
So we thought about it. And we asked some of our close friends in the media who we duly respect and are friendly with us (not crappy like some that think their crap does not stink). We all came to these conclusions :

1) Someone (note there is NO AUTHOR to the piece) who got the story and press release simply did not read it correctly.

2) Someone read it and did not think it was important.

3) Someone read it and thought it was too inflammatory to the black community.

4) Someone edited it out of the piece because of their political beliefs in Obama.
So which of these numbered items describes KBTV Channel Four, also known as Klein TV? 

Fortunately, KFDM Channel 6 released this description (emphasis is mine):
Detectives describe the robber as a black man with a dark complexion, 20-30 years old, about 5'8" and 170 pounds, wearing a dark colored shirt, dark colored pants and a blue Obama cap.
No word from Philip on that one. Klein's conclusion:
In the end kids - what you have left is this - another bad pimple on face of a dying newspaper. And it is sad. But we bring it to your attention because it is an example of what we all can show you of the one-sided journalism. It is sad to see the advocate for the people turn into the advocate for a party or person.
My conclusion: Philip Klein is a liar with an agenda. Whether by ignorance or deceitful intent, every posting by PRK is an exercise in one-sided journalism.

If Klein would truly like to "raise the standards to political discussion [sic]" in Southeast Texas, my advice to Philip is to cease publishing the Southeast Texas Political Review immediately.

Apr 23, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Here we go.......
Jefferson County Judge Elect Jeff Branick will consider appointing current sitting commissioner Mark Domingue to an "Assistant to the County Judges" position this January.
If Jeff Brannick had no competition in the March primaries and the general election isn't until November, how could he be the Jefferson County Judge Elect?  Actually the proper term is "incoming Jefferson County Judge and Vice-Chairman of the Gulf Coast Community Protection and Recovery District."
Fall Out - God love us. One good man. John Stevens. End of story.
Another deep thought from Philip R. Klein.
The Socials - Oh boy. They were out in force last night at the Rib gig at some motorcycle shop. Raising money for Butt Cancer - which is a good deal. But gezzzz.....foolish.
Foolish is Philip Klein in sweats.
Fireman Talk - Beaumont City council saw the big dollar signs coming. Fireman back to work.
Philip failed to read the big words beyond the headline. The city council reinstated James Matthews after the city's lawsuit was dismissed last week.
Demo Rumors - BO coming back to SET? Say no! That is what we hear. Houston then a chopper ride over to a location in SET to push jobs. We will believe it when they announce it. He hates Texas and Texas hates him.
I'll revisit after we learn the outcome of Klein's Hatch Act investigation.
Hey Frat Boys - All you college grads that were Kapa Alpha Order members - no more "old south" garb. It offends. Someone stop this please. Really? Stop it.
Hey, Fat Boy - learn how to spell Kappa Alpha.  And your undergraduate degree is from which high school? 
Orange Texas - Totally Shook Up. Welcome to the party.
Philip R. Klein exploits another tragedy for his own personal agenda.
DA Question - So a guy kills a guy. Then he helps kill another guy. Then kills a 17 year old little girl? Why was this man out on bond? Anyone?
Idiot Answer: Because C-Rayzer met the $100,000 bond. 
DAAAAA BOXXXXXXXXXXX - Jack in the Box gets to build on 11th street per city orders to put shrubs and do some other things to their property just like nanny wants them too. For that, they will sell burgers and collect taxes for the city. If it were our company coming to a business unfriendly city - we would say screw off. Ya know.
From a reader: "The operator of six failed Dairy Queens tells Jack in the Box how to run its business. Giggle."
Cruising The Net This Morning - No, we don't post on Trog unless we sign our name. Yes, we know you don't like us and that we do lie. All the time. Some funny posts.
Don't miss the postings about Philip R. Klein.
More Cruising The Net This Morning - Is it us or has the Bayou simply lost things to talk about. Maybe they can pick on KBTV this week. It has been at least a week? Huh? Or maybe us? Pass it by your lawyers first gatorboy.
How's that lawsuit going, fatboy?
Interesting - We did some stat checks this week. Who do you think the number one transfer site (for those of you in North Orange County it means whose site does everyone click on the most off of the Review)? Look at this - KBTV? With the Houston Chronicle second? And get this weird one out? How about Drudge at third? Very interesting.
For those of you in Nederland, there is no such thing as a "transfer site" with that definition. Did Klein mean exit links?  If so, websites like the SET Political Review can make their Stat Counter results public.
Interesting II - KFDM - the News Leader was ninth (in the top ten not bad). We are starting to think a metered market might show differences in the "book."
From April 9, 2010: KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus.
From January 22, 2010: Speaking Of - God help us - the banks own KFDM and management is going to be replaced and restructured? Ouch? And layoffs are coming. 
Opps! I think he missed again. 
Interesting III - The Review's readership is up again double digits. WOW - up 17.2% for the 1st quarter. Not bad. And we have all of you to thank. So thanks.

Website Outlook


For more information, refer to The Google Files.
Slight of Hand Job - Patrick sent his packets out to Jefferson County department heads. Here we go. It is very silent up at the security protected high rise in downtown. This is going to be more fun to watch than we might be allowed to have. What will be the excuses? We cannot wait!!!
The rest of us are still waiting:
From March 19, 2010: PIR Launched - We sent our PIR to Patrick Swain. Paddie has yet to send the information. Tick Tock. It is only a test of time.
And the test of time is 10 days. Where's the beef?
Who Do We Dump? - We are just not happy with the local bloggers. Really - no meat. Other than one site. So we are posting a poll and tightening our standards. Meaning? You get to vote for one sight to drop off the "Local Bloggers Section." So vote.
I vote on fixing this:

See for yourself

Instead of disparaging other bloggers with "who do we dump" (as if anyone cares), how about a poll on blogs to add? I have some suggestions (snicker).

Apr 22, 2010

Strikes Again

In this posting on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein exploits two children to further his personal agenda against Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness (WARNING: I have not edited Klein's crude language):
No jail time for not reporting that her husband was playing with the little girls vagina's after the little girls came to her mother and told her what had happened!
Maness took heat from the public after not demanding from the court that Guidry spend the full 10 year sentence in prison for playing with the little girls vagina's multiple times.
While responsible journalists use words like "fondle" out of respect to the victims, Klein indulges his own sick predilections with no regard for the children at the center of this case.  

Typically, Klein's account is riddled with inaccuracies. As one example:
In the dark of night about 4 weeks ago - the DA's office struck a deal for a conviction or plead of NOLO for Barbra Guidry...
Barbara Guidry pleaded nolo contendere, or no contest. There is no such thing as a pleading of NOLO in any court in the universe. 

Neither has Klein has addressed Dr. Jeffery Klem's sentence in Harris County, where two counts of indecency with a child were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on two counts of injury to a child. For his guilty pleas, Klem received a lesser sentence in Harris County than in Jefferson County. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
Beaumont cardiologist Jeffrey Klem pleads guilty to injury to a child charges in Harris County

Criminal proceedings against a Beaumont doctor accused of molesting three girls ended Monday with the acceptance of a plea agreement that has drawn mixed reactions from the victims' families.

Dr. Jeffrey Klem pleaded guilty to two third-degree felony counts of injury to a child in Harris County Monday, a little over a week after the two counts of indecency with a child he originally faced were dropped.

Connie Spence, Harris County prosecutor, said the charges to which Klem pleaded guilty refer to the sexual nature of the offenses. But Klem will not have to register as a sex offender.

If he abides by the terms of his probation he won't have a conviction on his record, either, but if his probation is revoked a judge can automatically sentence him to up to 10 years in prison.
If this were truly about the children as Klein claims, he would express the same indignation consistently. From the Orange Leader:
Former councilman Skeeler gets 5 years probation; will register as sex offender

A judge sentenced former West Orange City Council member Frank Skeeler to five years probation Wednesday for indecency with a child.
Yet, Klein never mentioned this case involving an elected official in Orange County. 

This isn't legitimate political discourse; rather, Philip R. Klein is indulging his own sick fantasies.

Stevens Out

According to Philip R. Klein:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Justice John Stevens will withdraw his name from considerations for US Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.
KFDM Channel 6 News had the story up an hour before Philip posted his version. A cursory examination of each story's opening sentences provide insight into Klein's "sources:"
KFDM News has learned Judge John Stevens has withdrawn his name from consideration for U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas...
For the record, plagiarism is spelled p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m, even when one mangles the original details and grammar. A closer examination reveals that Klein apparently doesn't know the difference between a Justice and a Judge.

Philip also notes:
The announcement will be made later in the day to the general media. We attempt to contact a source close to John Stevens and he would not confirm or deny saying something would be said either today or tomorrow about Stevens plans.

The Examiner is said to have the full story later in the day.
Both the Beaumont Enterprise and KFDM Channel 6 already have the full story and their versions don't reference Judge John Stevens as a Justice.

Regarding Philip's claims of contacting a "source close to John Stevens," one wonders why the source doesn't know that Judge Stevens plans to run for reelection, since he has already filed months ago.  More gibberish from the truly clueless. As responsible journalists, the Beaumont Enterprise and KFDM are constrained to the facts, but Philip is free to invent his own hysterical details:
The political ramifications are staggering - setting the death of an appointment by the Executive committee of their hand picked political candidate - and shutting down an internal war that was brewing in the back court of the Democratic Party in Jefferson County.
For Philip R. Klein, it's obviously just another day in The Twilight Zone.

EDITORIAL: Philip R. Klein Celebrates Earth Day


Apr 21, 2010

Overthrow and the 4th Floor

So far this week, Philip claimed: 
  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that incoming Jefferson County Judge Elect Jeff Branick will consider appointing current sitting commissioner Mark Domingue to an "Assistant to the County Judges" position this January.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of a meeting over the weekend by two different high powered groups - being represented by some of the biggest names in business in Southeast Texas to affect change in the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
Other things the Southeast Texas Political Review has learned in the past three years:
  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Leaders of the Beaumont Independent School District have been served with papers by the state of Texas - not for a lawsuit - but for violation of STATE LAW concerning tearing down a Texas Historical Location. We contacted our source in the AG's office and they stated : "We are aware of the situation in Beaumont. That school is a historic building in Texas and has been designated as such. The chances of it coming down are slim." said the source.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned Purchasing Agent Douglas Anderson III is under investigation by the EEOC for an "Age Discrimination" complaint and a secondary complaint of Anderson being uncomfortable around "Midgets."

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned today that Domingue is secretly waiting for former congressman Nick Lampson to decide what he is going to do in this next years election.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of internal "talk" and "planning" to stop the printed product of the Beaumont Enterprise - and only have a paid subscription on the internet to the Newspaper. Leaving one of the longest running papers in Southeast Texas to not deliver to homes as citizens continue there discourse with the Enterprise and drop subscriptions.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of a possible overthrow attempt by a radical faction of the Jefferson County Democratic party to oust Chairman Gilbert T. Adams.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning that Continental Airlines Express will be leaving Southeast Texas due to fuel costs and that Southeast Texas is not a profitable route.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Community Activist Created By the Media, Rhonda Dugas, got into some legal trouble this past week in Port Arthur.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of a movement to begin the process to remove Dr. Johnnie Brown from his position as district Superintendant following the dismal test scores by students at the Port Arthur ISD.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County Assistant Auditor Keith Hawkes may drop out of the race for County Treasure [sic].  According to sources that contacted the Review late this afternoon - Hawkes was upset about an article written by the Review this past week in stating that Hawkes background will be known for his relationship with County Auditor Patrick Swain. 

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Tom Maness will have a candidate. Get this - Layne Walker - who is dead on as Mr. Law and Order and would wipe up Maness.

  • The Review has learned of a possible investigation by the postmaster general regarding the use of a meter for mailers that may have violated federal law.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from inside sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse the a preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars.

  • The Review has learned that the county fathers will attempt to sell the budget one three main issues. They are (1) fuel costs, (2) the condition of the Jefferson County Courthouse, (3) the need to build infrastructure for the massive expansion in the oil industry.

  • The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the wrong ballots (computer ballots) may have been sent to the Taylor's Bayou area of Port Arthur - and that they were used and citizens in Pct. 4 actually voted in the Pct. 2 race. The numbers are unknown.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from sources inside the Texas Workforce Commission that the unemployment rate in Port Arthur Texas is well near the 25% mark - which is an unheard of rate for any county or city in the State of Texas.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that former political candidate Fanniece Hawkins has failed and refused to file her final campaign finance report being in direct violation of campaign contribution reports.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Pct. 3 Commissioner Candidate - and current County Employee Alma Cantu may have violated election laws concerning advertising for office while working as a county employee by wearing her election shirt displaying her name and candidate information.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned and confirmed this morning from a high ranking Texas Workforce Commission representative that the unemployment rate in Jefferson County has now hit 20%.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers from the Jefferson County District Attorney's office have been warned to expect "a large verdict" from the lawsuit currently ongoing at the Federal Count House in Beaumont. Adding even more fear, the numbers may total into the millions and the political fall out may have far reaching effects.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late Friday afternoon that this past Friday the Attorney General of Texas was consulted by a lawyer in request for an preliminary opinion regarding a conviction of his client by the Hardin County Courts. "[David Sheffield] screwed up big time. He has attempted to cover up his mistake by going back and refilling over 800 cases in an attempt to correct the problem. We know of 27,000 cases that may be overturned," said a source that demanded there name not be used.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Pleasure Island Commissioners and the Port Arthur Police are in the process of coming up with plans regarding blocking certain groups from coming on to Pleasure Island in order to attempt to gain crowd control.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this afternoon that there may be a serious question regarding law violations in the past election in Beaumont.

  • The Review has learned that the county is in a spending frenzy regarding security and the total cost to shut down the courthouse will top $5 million dollars by the time it is completed.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late Tuesday afternoon that there may be an IRS Investigation ongoing regarding the Community In-Power and Development Association, Inc., and its "Chairman" Hilton Kelley.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Congressman Nick Lampson who was defeated this week in the District 22 race in Sugarland will be moving back to Southeast Texas and will consider a run for Jefferson County Judge's office.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that there is serious ongoing talks that the Beaumont Enterprise may be absorbed by the Houston Chronicle in the next 10 months. The Chronicle would be the paper - however there would be a special insert in every paper called : "Southeast Texas."

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Hearst will make "whatever announcement they will make" no later than April 14, 2009. Our sources is a high level source with Hearst. At stake is whether or not the Enterprise will continue to be printed.

  • Sources inside the Beaumont Enterprise tell the Review that the gong is getting ready to be rung. According to our sources - layoffs, non-hiring and a "drop dead" day for the Beaumont Enterprise has been given to management.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the idea of forming a "Hospital District" was floated. Well, it seems that not only is it floated - it is full steam ahead with State Representative Joe Deshotel considering running a bill.  Our take? Joe will run it. It will pass. You will vote. And we will pay. And the democrats have done it again in Southeast Texas.

  • The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs being sold.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned over the weekend that complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner on Willie Bae Lewis. According to the source, Lewis "violated two election codes."  Late this afternoon, a source in Austin confirmed that Lewis had been filed on and the process of the investigation had begun.

  • The Review has learned that there is an internal movement to put up red light camera's in Beaumont - even after the report in almost every single paper in Texas that Red Light Camera's cause MORE accidents at intersections where they are installed.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon from two members of the business community that they will run for the city council of Nederland, Texas. And if they win, one promises that the good old boy days will be gone.

  • The Review has learned that according to sources close to the Chamber and the Federal Bankruptcy court in Houston, Texas - that at no time did the former owner of the Renaissance Hospital system have any authority or permission to negotiate with the City of Silsbee regarding any expansion of the hospital proposed in Silsbee Texas.

  • The Review has learned late this evening that Piper left the FOX Channel and will retire from broadcasting effective today.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this afternoon that Justice of the Peace Pct. 8 Thomas Gillam is the focus of an investigation regarding an alleged assault against former candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner Court Mark Menard.

  • The Review has learned through three sources close to three of the current county commissioners that would vote to replace Walker in the event he stepped down or the inability to finish his term - that they would be inclined to vote for former Congressman Nick Lampson in the chair before Branick or anyone other.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned today that the State Board of Education in Texas has suspended taking applications from districts for Bond Guarantees by the Permanent School Fund.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend that the Beaumont Independent School District is currently under investigation by two federal agencies. Both deal with taxpayer money that has been misused and possible charges of mail fraud.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned  a major Network crew doing a story on our own Jefferson County is in town asking questions. What about? Well - how about the domestic courts of Jefferson County Texas and the accusations that judges play favoritism and have a political agenda. Case in point - well - seemingly they have done their research and have pulled hundreds of files. The target? District Judge Larry Thorne.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that two local car dealerships are in the process of consideration of closure.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that local TABC agents that raided Crockett Street this past weekend and confiscated alcohol because the venue was not licensed are [angry] and taking the case to senior supervisors in Austin.

  • The Review has learned that a very popular female elected official from North County has begun to talk about maybe running for Jefferson County Judge.

  • The SET Political Review has learned that no matter the spin being put out - housing starts and housing being sold in Jefferson County are at an all time low.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning that TABC investigators are going to request tapes from the big three in order to assist their investigation of Christina Delgadillo.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned  that there is a local law firm that has begun to look into what it would take to remove a district attorney from office. We have placed a call into the lawyer that is looking at the statute and they have yet to return our call.

  • The SET Political Review has learned that the BISD and PAISD have concluded plans for closing schools for 15 days to stop the outbreak of the Swine Flu...

  • As well the Review has learned that the building that the Enterprise enjoys may be going on the sales block as early as next week. "I have been told that if drastic measures are not taken here we will be out of business in the next 60 days," said one employee of the Enterprise that demanded anonymity.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an investigation regarding a sitting Judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

  • The Review has learned that two law firms have been contacted by both the accused and the accuser and that a Lawsuit may be filed in the next week concerned the almost $10,000 that is being held in lue of payment to the former Court Reporter.

  • The Review has learned that the race is creating such a stir that the gang of seven has been told to abort Mitch Woods politically because of his lack of "loyalty to Domingue" who has rubber stamped everything that Woods has wanted to spend or do with the Sheriffs Department.

  • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned today that another woman has come forward in the scandal rocking the Jefferson County Courthouse.

  • The Review has learned late this afternoon that a report has been made to authorities and that investigators "may be" assigned to the case.

  • The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.
No comment necessary.

Apr 18, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Patrick McDermott Found (Or is he?)

Philip R. Klein claims to have found Patrick McDermott.

From Tabloid Baby, dated April 2, 2010:
P.I. claims "proof" Patrick McDermott lives
A private eye searching for Patrick McDermott, Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend who vanished five years ago, says his hunt is over after he received "conclusive proof" he's alive.

McDermott was 48 when he disappeared from a fishing boat that set off from San Pedro on June 30, 2005. He was believed to have fallen overboard but his body was never recovered, and it wasn't long before it was revealed he had financial troubles and may have faked his death and was hiding out on Mexico's Baja coast.

Texas-based P.I. Philip Klein worked on the case for NBC''s tabloid show Dateline. He said yesterday that he had "concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDermott is alive."

He said his team was checking documents and voice recordings of McDermott that he and his lawyer had provided in return for detectives agreeing to leave him alone.

Said Klein: "Mr. McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be 'hounded' any longer by investigators or the media."

He alleged that McDermott faked his death to escape mounting debts and to enable his teenage son to benefit from a $100,000 US life insurance policy

McDermott's disappearance wasn't made pubic for seven weeks, when a reporter linked his name to Newton-John. The Aussie songbird never reported him missing, despite claims they'd been involved in a nine-year romance. Newton-John later gave conflicting responses for the oversight, and finally said that she'd broken up with McDermott. The Coast Guard kept the case open. In 2008, Newton-John married someone else.

Tabloid Baby was the only news organization to remain on the story since 2005. Our reports kept the story alive, and led to reports of McDermott sightings and Klein's involvement last year.

Klein reported contact with McDermott in 2009, though he has not shown any concrete "proof of life" which he claims to have in possession. We do know he is writing a book about his search.

We'll withhold huzzahs until he produces the live McDermott.
The emphasis is, of course, mine. Even more to the point is this posting from a syndicator of news content across the web, Associated Content,:
Patrick McDermott 'Found' Pending Confirmation

On March 30, 2010, Klein announced that he had ended his search for the missing lighting technician who was 48 years old when he disappeared on June 30, 2005, from a fishing charter boat off San Pedro, California: On his Patrick McDermott site, it says:

"... Investigators have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDermott is alive. We have received both documentation and voice imprints from McDermott and from a "lawyer" that states he represents him. Mr. McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be "hounded" any longer by investigators or the media. In return for our agreement to end our search - McDermott and his lawyer have sent our firm "proof of life." As we are now in the process of confirming the information provided to us this week - we will hold our investigation. If we find truth to what we have been provided - we will announce such."

If the information can be confirmed, here's what they plan to do:

"This firms intentions, if the information is found true, will produce such to his family first, the US Coast Guard second, and lastly we will produce to the public in the form of a upcoming book : THE HUNT FOR PATRICK KIM MCDERMOTT - THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MAN."

I don't know who Klein works for or if he has taken this investigation on of his own accord, but reports last year had indicated McDermott was wanted for questioning in Texas in connection with the issue of his life insurance policy. Now the website is saying that McDermott "is not and has not been accused of a crime. He simply is wanted for questioning regarding his disappearance."
For my part, I'm just guessing, but I'd say they have bupkis. Why bother to come out with the story before confirming that the "evidence" you are satisfied with is the real thing?
The whole world is catching on to Philip R. Klein (snicker). I'll be watching for "Beyond the Sea (The Sequel)" soon on MSNBC.

Note to Philip: I'm especially looking forward to your book  Can I get on your review list so I don't have to actually pay for a copy?

Philip's Busy Ditch

In his first posting of a new week, Philip R. Klein writes on the SET Political Review (emphasis is mine):
Even we sometimes just shake out heads. Why would a bankrupt city continue with a "quality of life" project when simple public service program funding is considered to be cut back? It is a pretty simple answer - but let's help set this up.
Since PRK has a great deal of personal experience in bankruptcy, I'm sure he knows that the City of Beaumont is not bankrupt.

As such, it's a bald-faced lie, followed by more exaggeration and misstatements of the truth:
The City Council of Beaumont - faced with a massive exodus of people due to the Beaumont Independent School District fiasco - has been desperately trying to lure not only outsiders to the city - but trying to have a place to keep the people home and entertain them. So after much adieu about nothing (drama) they decided to building a new building to have events and a huge lake for people to dump dead bodies.....sorry....to enjoy and have picnics, fish, and simply to enjoy - all in the one of the most crime ridden areas in the city.
PRK's logical fallacy, an appeal to ridicule, falls flat.  The Beaumont City Council scaled the project back considerably last summer. That "huge lake for people to dump dead bodies" referenced by Klein is now a two-acre lake and an event center to replace the Harvest Club. From the Beaumont Enterprise of June 24, 2009:
The scaled-back grand plan calls for just the two-acre lake and event center, which will replace the hurricane-battered Harvest Club at the former South Texas State Fairgrounds.
And in the revamped vision there are no plans to have a waterway flowing from the lake down Crockett Street.
Klein's reference to "the most crime-ridden areas of the city" implies this park will be located near Magnolia Gardens. Another falsehood: the actual location is downtown. The event center will be at the corner of Jefferson and Crockett. The new estimated cost is considerably more modest than original projections:
The Beaumont city council is set to spend $8,126,000 on a downtown event center and park.
From the Philip R. Klein School of Idionomics:
Well, all of the cities are going to hurt during their budgets this year. The average sales tax indicators are down - for Jefferson County - to the tune of 23-28%. Meaning - no money no government growth.
There is no such thing as an "average sales tax indicator." This concept, just like Beaumont's bankruptcy, exists only in Philip Klein's limited imagination. The  Texas Comptroller's website published the most recent tax data:

  Current Rate Net Payment this Period Comparable Payment Prior Year % Change
Beaumont 1.500% 2,306,272.63 2,674,000.04 -13.75%

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs put these numbers into proper statewide perspective. From the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram:
"Following an eight-month stretch of double-digit declines, the pace of revenue losses is slowing," she said.
As Philip noted in his Nitwit Tidbits on Friday, "it's the economy, stupid." Klein's long-winded but short-sighted article eventually wanders close to a real point:
So what? So - here they go. They want to continue to build the ditch in downtown (the beautiful lake in crimeville) because it is a wonderful quality of life program - so they cut back on fire services and want to dump off EMS to the private sector. All of which?
None of this has happened yet.

While there are compelling arguments for both sides of this issue, Klein's juvenile and unsubstantiated opinions based on misstated half-truths and bald-faced lies do not constitute intelligent discourse.

Apr 16, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Well - here we go.
Working On - Another bomb shell. So a guy goes and kicks in a front door of his girlfriends house. She and her new boyfriend are in the house. The guy beats the crap out of the girlfriend and the guy. The police are called. They arrive. They investigate. File felony charges against the door kicker and then.........................Stay tuned people. You are going to be floored next week. Simply floored.
Did Klein have a client in this incident? Find out next week!

I wonder how Philip's complaint against Tom Maness for those purported campaign violations is going?
Empowered - We will tell you again. YOU CANNOT TOUCH HIM. He is the king. They gave him his crown last night. Gang signs and all - you have got to see the video :

Watch close and you will see a young lady give a gang sign in the middle of the room while she WHOOOPS it up. It comes right before Thomas speaks. Sick people. We will tell you that this is now a cult society in Beaumont.
Klein routinely wears the uniform of a Crip. Coincidence or intentional?

Neither did PRK respond to this open letter. Where's the beef, Philip?
A Special Message - David Pete you are a racist. And you know it. You are not a leader you are a divider. Theodore Johns was a leader. You sir are a racist. Did we say that you are a racist?
Yet, Philip R. Klein resolutely refuses to acknowledge his own racism.
You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.
Two sides of the same ugly coin.
Fire Department - The Fire Fighter comes back to work in Beaumont. He was found not guilty. Anything he does to screw it up now is on his back.
Another deep thought from Philip R. Klein.
Crime Rate Continues To Drop - The crime rate continues to drop in Jefferson County. A 17 year old shot in the head and dumped out of a car and into a parking lot. No problem.
The latest in Klein's long line of logical fallacies.
Casino Bye Bye - Pinnacle dropped its option on a second Casino in Lake Charles. Gone goodbye. It is the economy stupid.
Had this been in Jefferson County and not Calcasieu Parish, Klein would have claimed this was evidence of rampant corruption and out-of-control government.

It is indeed the economy, stupid.
Cha Cha Changes - The Beaumont Enterprise has begun their changes. Online Edition? Pay for the Bayou? God Help Us!! We are open and FREE! With no POP UPS!
I'm not sure which is worse, popup ads or the incoherent ravings of a lunatic. Remember this prediction from last week's Nitwit Tidbits?
KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus.
I'm still waiting for that mass exodus. From January 22, 2010:
Speaking Of - God help us - the banks own KFDM and management is going to be replaced and restructured? Ouch? And layoffs are coming. Maybe that explains? A run in politics?
Finally, Klein writes:
Eyeing A Rather Big Announcement - Watch listen and learn kids. A very big political announcement is in the offing. When it hits - just repeat after yourself : "I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first." And yes - we told you so. Yes we did. A special message to those that tried to hide it - never ever try to hide crap from the public. Not only does it p*** off the public - but believe it or not - there are still some honest souls in the Jefferson County Court House. Thank God.
I suspect Philip is simply jealous because no one gave him ZZ Top tickets. When Klein mangles this story, just repeat, "I heard it on Operation Kleinwatch first."

Have a great week-end.

Apr 15, 2010

Out Of Control*

Philip R. Klein writes:
So - the City of Beaumont spent the taxpayers money to survey the people regarding a Recycling program for its citizens. Asking the citizens if they would support Recycling after a test program was a flop in the West End of Beaumont. This after some Wanda Do Gooders pushed the city into the text [sic] program.

Well, you would think that the issue would have been dead after the flopped test program? No - the do gooders pushed council into a survey.
Readers can decide for themselves whether the "text program" was a flop as Philip claims. From the Beaumont Enterprise in 2008:
Beaumont recycling pilot program collects 75 tons in first 45 days

Between June 2 and July 16, more than 75 tons of recyclable materials were collected at the single receptacle, which accepts aluminum, other metal cans, rigid plastic, newspaper, card-board boxes, magazines, catalogs, cereal and soft drink boxes, as well as printer paper, junk mail and telephone books.

Indeed, the response has exceeded the expectations of a key partner as well, Waste Management, which provided the $10,000 container and agreed to haul it to Gulf Coast Recycling at no cost for the duration of the pilot program.

"They have come back and asked (if) could we assist because they were not anticipating so many trips," said Tom Warner, director of public works for the city of Beaumont.

In the program's first 45 days, Waste Management emptied the container 60 times, Warner said.
Klein continues:
They [sic] survey on Recycling was sent out. Out of 100% of the surveys sent out - only 13% were returned. And out of the 13% retuned [sic] 50% says [sic] they want Recycling. Meaning less than 7% of the total citizens in Beaumont Texas want or are even interested in a government or private Recycling program.
Klein is either ignorant of the basic fundamentals of statistical analysis, or he purposefully deceived his readers. Consider the Beaumont recycling survey in proper perspective.
  • In the latest Fox News survey, the opinions of 309,000,000 Americans were reflected by a sample size of 900 registered voters, or 0.000003 percent of the population.

  • In contrast, the opinions of 113,000 residents were reflected by a sample size of 4,224 responses from Beaumont households, or 13 percent of the population.
For those who know how to read surveys, the return rate on responses in this survey was impressive. From KFDM Channel 6:
“We are extremely pleased that so many citizens chose to make their opinion known on this important issue,” said Mayor Becky Ames.
I promised to revisit a related article on February 1, 2010, when Philip conducted his own survey:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has conducted two polls in two of the county commissioners races in Southeast Texas. The two polls were conducted over a two week period from January 15 - 29th. There was a total of 102 respondents to the phone poll in both races. The following are the results :

If the election for County Commissioner in your pct. was held today - who would you vote for:

  • Mark Domingue: 39% Brent Weaver: 43% Undecided: 18%
  • Bo Alfred: 41% Jamie Smith: 46% Undecided: 13%
Klein's own survey is based on 102 respondents, so his fallacious logic, an appeal to ridicule, is without merit. Here's what really happened:
  • Bo Alfred: 69%
    Jamie Smith 31%

  • Brent Weaver: 51.24%
    Mark Domingue: Mark Domingue: 48.76%
How's that recall of the BISD Board of Trustees going, Philip?  Or the complaint on those purported Hatch Act violations

 *Answer to yesterday's multiple choice question: (D)

Apr 14, 2010

Crowned (Multiple Choice)

The latest posting on the SET Political Review concerns BISD Superintendent Carrol Thomas. Philip R. Klein waxes stupid:
King of Kings. There are kings in Southeast Texas. There are king makers in Southeast Texas. And there is now the King of Kings. Meet Dr. Carroll Thomas. The new King of Kings.

And we shall Crown him KING OF ALL KINGS. He has the money, the support, he has the protection and now he has his name on buildings.
Which sounds most like Philip R. Klein?

A) Histrionic Personality Disorder
People with this disorder use grandiose language to describe everyday events and seek constant praise. They are constant attention seekers. They need to be the center of attention all the time, often interrupting others in order to dominate the conversation. They may act provocatively or exaggerate illnesses in order to gain attention. Histrionics also tend to exaggerate friendships and relationships, believing that everyone loves them. They are very manipulative.
  • Overly-dramatic, occasionally theatrical speech
  • Needs to be the center of attention
  • Acts provocatively
  • Rapidly-shifting and shallow emotions
  • Exaggerates friendships
  • Easily influenced; highly suggestible
B) Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by self-centeredness. Like histrionic disorder, people with this disorder seek attention and praise. They exaggerate their achievements, expecting others to recognize them as being superior. They tend to be choosy about picking friends, since they believe that not just anyone is worthy of being their friend. Narcissists tend to make good first impressions, yet have difficulty maintaining long-lasting relationships. They are generally uninterested in the feelings of others and may take advantage of them.
  • Requires excessive praise and admiration
  • Takes advantage of others
  • Grandiose sense of self-importance
  • Lack of empathy
  • Lying, to self and others
  • Obsessed with fantasies of fame, power, or beauty
Narcissism is most often found in men and is often diagnosed with other mental disorders.
C) Paranoid Personality Disorder?
Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by a distrust of others and a constant suspicion that people around you have sinister motives. People with this disorder tend to have excessive trust in their own knowledge and abilities and usually avoid close relationships. They search for hidden meanings in everything and read hostile intentions into the actions of others. They are quick to challenge the loyalties of friends and loved ones and often appear cold and distant. They usually shift blame to other people and tend to carry long grudges.
  • Unwillingness to forgive perceived insults
  • Excessive sensitivity to setbacks
  • Distrustfulness and excessive self-reliance
  • Projection of blame onto others
  • Consumed by anticipation of betrayal
  • Combative and tenacious adherence to personal rights
  • Relentlessly suspicious
D) All of the above.

Apr 13, 2010

Justice (Busted Again)

Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the SET Political Review concerning the mistrial of David Burke has all of PRK's stereotypical elements:
First, the jury was hung - 5-1 for conviction of the officer. We have been told that the vote was five to one in the first vote and three hours later stayed 5-1. One juror - a female held out. Meaning she voted to acquit the officer. In the pre-hearing where jurors must fill out a slip telling the truth and answering questions about their backgrounds with special questions - one question asked was if any juror had any relationship by marriage, blood or any relationship with a police officer. All on the jury said no. Well, not so fast. The only hold out? Has a nephew that is in the police business according to our sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Leading us to second, the district attorney's office of Jefferson County considers this a lie to the court and have launched an investigation on this juror. If it is found that she knowingly answered wrong and not just made a mistake - she might be charged with a crime.

And last - and most disturbing is the leak to the Review that a group of black ministers plan on approaching Lamar University (LIT) and demand that the administrator over the Lamar University Police Academy resign his position immediately post his testimony in the case.
Investigations, half-truths, confusion, lawsuits, racism, hearsay, rioting in the streets, dubious sources, and a purported quote from an African American minister who talks just like Philip:
He went on to say : "Maybe it is time for new leadership in the police department. Maybe it is time that we all come together and protest at Lamar University and let them know how we feel about how they train young police officers. We are not animals. We are just like them. We just have black skin."
Any questions as to who really made these quotes are answered in the next paragraph (emphasis is mine):
When asked whether or not they would be protesting at Lamar or on Lamar Campus near the police academy - the answer was this : "You can assume what you want. But assume that Lamar University will be hearing from us loud and clear. We want that director of the Lamar Police Academy to resign based upon his testimony alone. We don't need men like him teaching young policemen what they taught that young man that beat those two innocent boys on that car. There was no need for that."
Since Derrick Newman is a 38-year-old man, I'm absolutely certain that an African American minister would never refer to him as a "boy."

Philip R. Klein, on the other hand, has used this terminology frequently. In describing 47-year-old Desrel Linden, Klein wrote:
"The Linden boy was at the gas station...and was approached by two Asian males."
While Klein claimed that Linden was an innocent bystander and a victim, "the Linden boy" was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

This racism is despicable. Fortunately, everyone in the "MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS" knows that Philip R. Klein is a blatant liar and the village idiot.

PRK's Population Composition Myth

I haven't debunked this particular claim from Philip R. Klein in at least three weeks. His confusion is most likely attributable to his ignorance about what actually constitutes a majority-minority county:
The minority community makes up the majority as white flight continues in the county.
From the U.S. Census Bureau 2008 PEP for Jefferson County: 
  • White persons not Hispanic: 47.5%
  • Black persons:  34.6%
  • Hispanic or Latino origin: 14.4%
  • Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2008 -3.6%
We'll revisit when the 2010 Decennial Census is released. As of 2008, 10 percent of all U.S. counties are now majority-minority and another seven percent are close. While the demographics of Jefferson County qualifies it as a majority-minority county, the majority is still white.  This is not what Klein claims.

According to the Census Bureau, Texas is one of four such states. If Klein's fallacious logic had any merit at all, President Obama would have carried the state in the 2008 elections and Republicans wouldn't hold every elected office in the state government.

Apr 12, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Philip R. Klein

From the SET Political Review, April 12, 2010:
And the people are walking ruff shot over the money people right now.

--Philip R. Klein

Hello - Goodbye - Why?

Philip R. Klein demonstrates his political acumen in his latest posting (emphasis is mine):
So get this - Miriam Johnson steps out. Leaving her #2 in charge. The reason? She wanted her number 2 to have the job and run for office thinking that nobody would run her. You know - embraced by the Democrats.

Now a special election will be called and her #2 will run for office. We will out her when she files.
From KFDM Channel 6, posted on March 25, 2010:
Johnson will retire, effective March 31. An assistant in the county judge's office told KFDM News there'll be a special meeting of Commissioners Court April 1 to consider appointing Susie James the Tax Assessor-Collector. James has served as Johnson's chief deputy. Johnson was Internal Auditor in the Tax Office from 1984-1989; Chief Deputy from 1990-1995; and Tax Assessor-Collector from 1995 until now.
From the Beaumont Enterprise, posted on April 1, 2010:
Susie James is Jefferson County's new tax assessor-collector.

Jefferson County Commissioners appointed James to the position at a special meeting Thursday. James, who has worked in the office for 29 years and most recently served as chief deputy, replaces Miriam K. Johnson, who had held the job since 1985.
Klein plays the race card:
If the black community puts up a candidate she is D O N E. Well it seems the democrats are worried that if the party goes fraction - then the white semi conservative swing voters might vote in the general to a GOP candidate.
Does anyone seriously believe that a Jefferson County Democrat would reveal inside information to Philip R. Klein? 

Not content with the race card, Klein plays the whole deck:
Here is the gig - if (IF) the fight for the heart and soul of Jefferson County has started. And it is not from the GOP - it is started from the black community. The minority community makes up the majority as white flight continues in the county.
Reader will note that Philip no longer refers to the "heart and sole [sic]" of Jefferson County. Who said you can't teach an idiot new tricks?

Apr 11, 2010

A Lesson Learned Government [sic]

 The Philip R. Klein Economic Recovery Plan for the City of Nederland:
The Review took a ride out on Nederland Avenue and it was jammed with thousands of people. Families, kids, old cars, new cars, motorcycles and restaurants jammed. In fact, you could not get near two of them.


Maybe the city of Nederland needs to think about - changing the law? Tax revenue? Building the city with it's citizens. Keeping the taxing revenue close to home? Creating memories? Letting citizens come together?

Yes - it will take some organizing. Yes extra police patrols? Yes there will be trash. But maybe it benefits might outlast the negatives? Maybe cities like Nederland shot themselves in the foot? Maybe people can behave themselves. Maybe just maybe by government backing away - business can thrive and come back to the small town which brings? Tax income for the city?
A self-described conservative who believes in less taxes and more SBA loans, Klein's unconventional use of question marks underscores his confusion and myopic thinking. 

As already proven, this increased traffic does not make a reliable revenue stream for the city or local businesses, else the Burger Chef wouldn't have closed before the 1983 ordinances.  Once the novelty wears off, this stream is too undependable to mitigate the costs of increased enforcement, delayed emergency traffic, and excessive litter. Furthermore, this expansion of official infrastructure  runs counter to Philip's argument for reducing governmental services..

Klein's plan makes as much sense as reconstructing the traffic circle in Beaumont or Klein's choices for the Jefferson County Courthouse,

Apr 10, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein writes on the SET Political Review:
From far far away....in the land of milk and honey.....here are your Tidbits!
Meaning, Philip is off his medications again.
Southpark - So the court rules last Wed. Then the permit is pulled on Thursday. On Friday - a holiday - a backhoe comes in and tears down the historic front and then goes to the house? In your face.
Dedicated to Philip R. Klein
As I pointed out in an Open Letter to Philip R. Klein, he's repeatedly refused to address South Park by its proper name, which shows a profound lack of respect, ignorance, or a combination of both. In your face, indeed.

In this open letter, I also noted that Klein missed the real point. According to Opinion No. DM-114, Texas Attorney General  Dan Morales noted that trustees of school districts have been held to be “county officers,” subject to removal in accordance with Article V, Section 24, of the Texas Constitution. Specifically, they can be removed by a judge of the district courts.

Since a district court judge has already determined that the school board committed fraud, violated the Texas Open Meetings Act, and breached its fiduciary duty, I suggested that Klein lead a recall effort instead of further confusing the issue with his hot air.

Any comment, Philip?
Paul Brown - How can we say this? He is a liar and a racist. Case closed.
Philip Klein: 
Call me rascists [sic].

You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.

We know we live in a county...where the black community is changing history in front of the publics [sic] nose by lying and cheating.
Stop the insanity. 
VAT TAX - Obama said he would not hit the middle class with new taxes. VAT Tax? God help the middle class.
Philip is either lying to obfuscate the truth, or he's abysmally ignorant of the real facts.

Paul Volcker said that, not President Obama:
"Mr. Volcker was speaking for himself and not the administration. The president has not proposed this idea nor is it under consideration," a White House official said.
Conservatives have been calling for a VAT tax for years, while liberals have argued that the VAT is non-progressive and would most affect the lower class. Klein himself was for the VAT tax before he was against it.

Here's a more coherent and reasoned argument against the tax by the Libertarian-leaning Reason.com. Aruging for the tax is the bastion of liberal thinking (said with tongue in cheek), The Brookings Institution.

Facts: The Clinton Administration raised taxes and cut spending to pay down the deficit. The Bush Administration cut taxes and raised spending to expand the deficit. The two greatest long-term threats to U.S. security is the country's dependence on foreign oil and an out-of-control deficit.

Readers should make up their own minds about these important issues, rather than accept at face value the opinions of a person who can't string together enough words to form a coherent thought. 
Food Bank Hurting - When you take from the people in taxes - they don't have as much money or goods to give to places like.....THE FOOD BANK? Obama will save us. Right?
According to common sense and conventional thinking in macroeconomics, recessionary pressure on consumer spending and unemployment affects social services that depend upon donations, but Philip R. Klein has never been known for clear thinking.
KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus.
I'm watching! The countdown begins.
No Shoes - So the left wing school administrators have Lumberton Students walk around a track without shoes. They want to remind them what it is like in other countries? What the h***? How about reading writing and math? Right after the walk around the track - the kids were treated by parents to Sonic Drinks! Gezzzzzzzz....
Only Philip Klein would denigrate a student-led charity drive, which has nothing to do with "left-wing school administrators" or "smelly little girls." I applaud these students for their initiative. This is simply another example of Klein's personal agenda over common sense. See for yourself.
Hospital Lockdown - We tell you - it is a powder keg out there. Watch if the cop gets off on the beating gig. Herman went on lock down for fear of gangs. "Beaumont Texas - Rich With Opportunity." See Port Arthur - See Beaumont. It is coming. Let's build a sign next to the welcome center!
Lockdown? Not true.

That's all the time I have for this gibberish. Have a good week-end!

Apr 7, 2010

Thorne to Hospital

In this posting on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein claimed (emphasis is mine):
Beaumont Fire Department and EMS were called to the Courthouse after Judge Thorne complained about chest pain while on the bench. Thorne was taken from the courthouse on a stretcher.

According to courthouse security sources Thorne was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.
Yet in the next sentence, PRK claims:
According to the same sources, Thorne will be held for observation and possibly released this evening.
So, Judge Thorne was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but was released later in the evening. This could only make sense to Philip R. Klein:
As we do not agree with Thorne in a political rhelm - we want nothing but the best of health for him.
Philip offered no explanation as to what a "political rhelm" is, but I suspect he meant "political realm." I suspect that Klein's disagreement with Judge Larry Thorne has more to do with Philip's own personal agenda.

Like most bullies, Philip strikes while his target is down. Klein's sincerity is underwhelming


Philip R. Klein has posted twice this week on the Orange County Emergency Services District #1. From Monday (emphasis is mine):
Well, when Bemis Minton got unelected from office - this kind of got the power structure mad. After all it was the fire department and its union in Vidor (OCESD) that ended the reign of terror. But the OCESD board had a surprise for the fireman. You know - a new leader?
Klein mean Beamon Minton.  Ironically, this is the most accurate information in the entire posting. nonsensical posting.

Instead, Philip resurrects another of his tired devices, the imminent lawsuit.
This past week the OCESD hired a new fire chief. And that chief? Well he was hired over the current assistant chief - who had been with the department forever. And as well a fire fighter with the City of Beaumont and others considered for the position. Now - a lawsuit is to be filed over NEPOTISM?

The OCESD / Vidor Fire department union simply wants the best man for the job. They do not believe that the chief is as qualified or holds the qualifications necessary to do the job. So they have consulted legal counsel and will file a suit. The grounds? Who knows? We will wait till we get a copy.
According to the organizational chart for the OCESD#1, there is no "assistant chief:"

Two days later, Philip retracted his original story:
The Review has learned that the OCESD Union has had no intention of filing a lawsuit as we reported earlier this week. Sources tell the Review that if any lawsuits are filed it would be by the Volunteer Department who is the fundraising and actual man power for the department that services cities like Vidor and North Orange County.
There is no city of "North Orange County."  Philip quotes his "source," who now claims:
"There is a meeting scheduled for Saturday. I think we will find out a bunch more and we will make our decisions then. Everything is on the table right now. We have some pretty upset members," said the source.
I certainly hope the meeting is more comprehensible than Philip's gibberish. We'll revisit next week, after that purported meeting on Saturday.

Apr 5, 2010

Naked Racism (Part II)

From a posting on the SET Political Review published on April 4, 2010:
We know we live in a county...where the black community is changing history in front of the publics [sic] nose by lying and cheating....

-- Philip R. Klein

Five Years

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the SET Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of internal "talk" and "planning" to stop the printed product of the Beaumont Enterprise - and only have a paid subscription on the internet to the Newspaper. Leaving one of the longest running papers in Southeast Texas to not deliver to homes as citizens continue there discourse with the Enterprise and drop subscriptions.

"I was told that within the next five years I could expect the Enterprise not to be producing a paper - but they would continue online," said a source inside the paper that called the Review late last week.
From an article entitled "Death Rattle," published 16 months ago on January 15, 2009:
Backroom sources say that Hearst will sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers.
That never happened, so perhaps Klein needs a new set of "backroom sources:" 
As well, the Review contacted another source inside the paper who told us : "That is the talk going on around our paper. They are getting ready to lease part of the building and moving everyone together. It is kind of sad. There are no very many people left," stated the source.
Philip makes this claim:
Here is our thought on the Enterprise. They have lost touch with the people. And it is kind of sad to think they would even consider closing. True - we too let our subscription go - but for political reasons. Why do we want to contribute to the problem? We see the Enterprise as part of the problem. No doubt.
Yet, Philip published this on Sunday afternoon:
Look at the front page of the Easter Edition of Beaumont Enterprise? And notice how the Enterprise does not print on the top any longer "Happy Easter?"
If Philip really canceled his subscription, how would he know the Enterprise did or did not publish the Easter banner?

Neither did Klein mention those former newspapers that have already made the jump from print to online, such as the Christian Science Monitor. This is hardly unique to the Beaumont Enterprise. The Rocky Mountain News in Denver closed after 150 years in business. What is unique is Klein's take:
"I stopped reading them years ago. They are just like the national media. They simply believe in big government and are a part of the elected groupies. I can get my news from cable or even your rag," said a source - on the DEMOCRATIC SIDE OF THE FENCE.
This is not what Klein claimed in yesterday's article, when he used his sixth sense to channel the entire Democratic Party:
Only one party, the democrats [sic], who believe in bigger government and government intrusion in your daily life.
 What an idiot - Pot, meet kettle:
But just look at the Bayou web site socked with in your face, sexual innuendos and out of line and simply weird stories - well you see that the left does not want anyone in private business to succeed - they just want to cry about it. And that turns people off.
Did Klein mean weird as in non-existent investigations into alleged Hatch Act violations? Did he mean out- of-line stories as in defamatory stories that claimed a member of the U.S. Army Reserves was a "draft-dodger" and would be Iraq or jail by March 3, 2010?  Perhaps he meant sexual innuendos about "putting hands down three little girls panties and fondling them" or alleged investigations about extramarital affairs by sitting judges?

I was disappointed by this statement:
We will watch and keep you updated. It should be interesting.
If Klein plans on keeping us updated, he's apparently abandoned his own five-year plans as revealed in his response to this "letter" from a "reader," published on PRK's reader mail page in 2008:
From Beaumont : "...................and if you hate this place so much why don't you take your dyslexic fingers the h*** out of Jefferson County."

Answer :    Working on it. We are in a five-year-plan. 
We'll revisit in five years.

Apr 3, 2010

Naked Racism

From the Southeast Texas Political Review, April 2, 2010:
You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.

-- Philip R. Klein

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip's hysteria is showing:
Stevens Judgeship - The only way to solve it. Stevens stays in his seat. Rumors he will be blessed in two weeks may be a little overreaching - but what the h*** do we know?
Indeed, what does Klein know?  Very little:
If -  So if Judge Stevens does go - and a democrat goes on to the race through the executive committee and that person wins - it means? Lawsuit. You cannot have an elected judge that has not been nominated and duly elected by the people. Watch for a constitutional lawsuit. Oh wait? This is Jefferson County. Never mind.
According to the Texas Election Code, § 145.036:
FILLING VACANCY IN NOMINATION. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), if a candidate's name is to be omitted from the ballot under Section 145.035, the political party's state, district, county, or precinct executive committee, as appropriate for the particular office, may nominate a replacement candidate to fill the vacancy in the nomination.
(b) An executive committee may make a replacement nomination following a withdrawal only if:
(3) the candidate has been elected or appointed to fill a vacancy in another elective office or has become the nominee for another office.
I wonder whether Philip has filed his complaint over those purported campaign violations by Tom Maness,  and his complaint regarding the Hatch Act yet?
Food Fight - Numbers? How about this. Marsha Normand's camp says she has 2,171 criminal cases disposed of in her time as a lawyer and then they tout only 276 for Walston. So we call Walston's supporters and told that those numbers are not true. So a food fight over numbers is to start?
All based on Philip's unsubstantiated anonymous sources.  Readers may remember Klein's invented investigation into 27,000 cases to be "refilled" in Hardin County by David Sheffield. According to PRK, his sources claimed that national news organizations were investigating, but perhaps I missed that scandal on Fox News.
Jack Brooks - We are getting hit hard with comments and emails. From how much it will cost to change the name of the airport to ........ South County folks not happy with the name change idea. And then we get some that are really happy we came out in favor of changing the name of the airport? And then we poll it and it is 30-70 negative? Confusion?
If true, I wonder why only one letter made it to Klein's Reader Mail page on the SET Political Review?  Reader comments left on the Beaumont Enterprise story provide a more accurate representation of public sentiment.
Media Talk - Does anyone notice that if you click on the Enterprise web site it looks more like the Houston Chronicle web site? Content the same? Has it begun?
Since they're both Hearst properties, one would expect similarities in the Beaumont Enterprise and Houston Chronicle website.  As an example, compare these websites, owned by Nexstar Broadcasting:
Of course, only the station formerly known as KJAC features Philip R. Klein as a guest commentator. Perhaps Philip will comment on the ratings of the Wednesday morning edition of Channel 4's morning show? Klein is apparently so appallingly bad as a TV personality that the station doesn't post his commentary (I use the word loosely) on their website.

Klein claimed that the Beaumont Enterprise would be sold last year:
Backroom sources say that Hearst will sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers.
That clearly wasn't true. Neither is this:
Media Talk II - We understand from two sources in Dallas - KFDM will go through "a major transformation" in the next three months. "I would look for some familiar faces to be leaving."
Since Freedom Broadcasting  has no connections whatsoever to Dallas, one might wonder how credible Klein's two sources are.
Real World - Stewy - we were proven right again. Your company filed for bankruptcy, your news people are getting jobs away from the station as fast as they can and frankly - your "viewership" has left for cable and get their news from secondary sources (like this one giggle) because your news department is hooked up in the system that has brought Jefferson County to its knees. Not to say that there are some at your station that simply want to do news but get stories shot down because....awe stewy let's just let it go? Look - we want you to do good. And we want you to succeed. We want everyone to succeed. Stewy - it is what it is buddy. And by the way - Stewy - cowards look like you. And yes we know - oh Stewy we know. Your secret journey is about to begin. As the song says - "You will make some sense of this." Our bet? You wish you never sent that arrogant email. Key word in that sentence?
Clearly written by someone in love with the sound of their own keyboard. 

As it turns out, people have been leaving Channel 6 for years: