Apr 13, 2010

Justice (Busted Again)

Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the SET Political Review concerning the mistrial of David Burke has all of PRK's stereotypical elements:
First, the jury was hung - 5-1 for conviction of the officer. We have been told that the vote was five to one in the first vote and three hours later stayed 5-1. One juror - a female held out. Meaning she voted to acquit the officer. In the pre-hearing where jurors must fill out a slip telling the truth and answering questions about their backgrounds with special questions - one question asked was if any juror had any relationship by marriage, blood or any relationship with a police officer. All on the jury said no. Well, not so fast. The only hold out? Has a nephew that is in the police business according to our sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Leading us to second, the district attorney's office of Jefferson County considers this a lie to the court and have launched an investigation on this juror. If it is found that she knowingly answered wrong and not just made a mistake - she might be charged with a crime.

And last - and most disturbing is the leak to the Review that a group of black ministers plan on approaching Lamar University (LIT) and demand that the administrator over the Lamar University Police Academy resign his position immediately post his testimony in the case.
Investigations, half-truths, confusion, lawsuits, racism, hearsay, rioting in the streets, dubious sources, and a purported quote from an African American minister who talks just like Philip:
He went on to say : "Maybe it is time for new leadership in the police department. Maybe it is time that we all come together and protest at Lamar University and let them know how we feel about how they train young police officers. We are not animals. We are just like them. We just have black skin."
Any questions as to who really made these quotes are answered in the next paragraph (emphasis is mine):
When asked whether or not they would be protesting at Lamar or on Lamar Campus near the police academy - the answer was this : "You can assume what you want. But assume that Lamar University will be hearing from us loud and clear. We want that director of the Lamar Police Academy to resign based upon his testimony alone. We don't need men like him teaching young policemen what they taught that young man that beat those two innocent boys on that car. There was no need for that."
Since Derrick Newman is a 38-year-old man, I'm absolutely certain that an African American minister would never refer to him as a "boy."

Philip R. Klein, on the other hand, has used this terminology frequently. In describing 47-year-old Desrel Linden, Klein wrote:
"The Linden boy was at the gas station...and was approached by two Asian males."
While Klein claimed that Linden was an innocent bystander and a victim, "the Linden boy" was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

This racism is despicable. Fortunately, everyone in the "MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS" knows that Philip R. Klein is a blatant liar and the village idiot.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Pillsbury I have to tell you that you hit it on the head again. Phillip Kline wrote four pages on this crap and you blew the whole thing up in 7 sentences. You do a wonderful job sir.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Philly boy. Ever heard of "sedition?"