Jul 31, 2010

Another SETPR Investigation

In an article this week, Philip R. Klein wrote of Mark Derouen:
As well, the Review is taking a look at the campaign contribution laws. As Derouen accused Reid of irregularities - apparently Derouen accepted corporate funds which is a violation of State Election Laws.
Not true, according to the Texas Election Code, which prohibits contributions from political corporations, but not regular businesses:

The campaign finance law generally prohibits corporate political contributions. This restriction does not apply to contributions from professional corporations. Partnerships that include one or more corporate partners are subject to the prohibition.
Philip repeated this falsehood on his reader mail page, where he wrote the question and answered it too:
"By having contributions from a business, would that disqualify Derouen from the upcoming election?"

Answer : No - but it does violate election laws. The problem? Someone has to file a complaint. Not gonna happen - it is a Parker thing.
My prediction: look for this claim in the trash heap with Klein's other alleged weekly investigations. Isn't it time for an update on Hatch Act Investigation? 


Anonymous said...

Maybe Klein keeps spouting nonsense in the hope that we'll forget the crude, lewd blogs that Trog attributed to him.

Anonymous said...

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" said Phil Klein.