Jul 28, 2010

Cop Talk

Philip R. Klein' claims in his latest posting:
The Review has learned that some of the county constables have contacted CLEAT for backing and assistance - only to be shut down.
Read about other things the SET Political Review has learned here.

, Klein quotes multiple anonymous sources who repeat Philip's simplistic statements from his previous postings:
"CLEAT was not there to help us Mr. Klein. They are too worried about pg off the Sheriff of Jefferson County, and not about our jobs and the people of Jefferson County," said one of the deputies in fear of their job this morning.

"Look - we are all cops. And it ps me off that we can have a ### Navy on the Neches in Jefferson County that costs taxpayers over a million and a half dollars but we are going to cut law enforcement on land? I wonder what the terrorism rate is on the water verses the land. Go talk to some folks in China or Hampshire. They will tell you that they want to see the Navy disbanded," said the source.

We spoke with two sources that do business on the Neches.

"It is overkill. I am sorry to say it. But they are as worthless as ts on a bore hog. We have the game wardens and coast guard that do a great job. These guys are running around burning gas and we have to charge our clients lugging cargo into our docks dollars. It is stupid," said the source.

Another told us : "It is a big joke around here. But what can we do? They are the government. And the government is the government. They give and they take away. We just past the costs up the ladder and you pay for it in the end. It is pretty simple," said the source.
See this article, this article, and this article.

Several times in the past, Klein has denigrated the Deputy Constables. My favorite: allegations of another so-called investigation, based on this:
Constable Joe Stevenson has put into place a program to "inspire" the employees that work for him by assigning police cars and putting his deputies names on them.
 Klein later recycled this theme into a purported investigation of Jefferson County officials under the Hatch Act.  After losing track of the original topic, Philip returned to the original subject with this gibberish:
As for CLEAT? Really? That is all we have to say RECALL CARL. BTW - how is the Walker clan working for your cops now CLEAT? ER...uh....RECALL CARL? You got yours right? Screw the Constables? Right?
Recall Carl? Low points in the English language for this article (Caution: Klein's crude language is unedited):
  • But they are worthless as tits on a bore hog.
  • A lesson learned for you guys in the rank in file POPO.
  • They are the government. And the government is the government.


Anonymous said...

The ONLY redeemable feature about Philip Klein is that he is biodegradible.

Anonymous said...

I know a game warden who think klein's full of shit.