Jul 30, 2010

Philip's Fuzzy Math

In recent postings on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein has claimed that Jefferson County is bankrupt because of a shortfall in projected revenue:
We said it to you last week and will say it again this week. Jefferson County Texas is bankrupt. And the real number is going to be $21.5 million. But don't say anything.
While Philip has more experience with bankruptcy than the average citizen, his claims about Jefferson County constitute overt demagoguery. According to the Beaumont Enterprise:
County Auditor Patrick Swain received property tax values from the appraisal district Thursday. The values will be down $3,012,116 from last year after the county makes payments to Motiva and Total under a local government code agreement. Swain said he was anticipating values to be down $8 million from last year.
They'll still need to make cuts, Swain said, adding that the county needs to cut another $5 million or $6 million from its fund balance to break even.
In the reality, Jefferson County is in a much better financial position than the State of Texas:
The state government's fiscal outlook worsened Tuesday as the chief budget writer in the House said a projected shortfall facing lawmakers is at least $18 billion.

The latest estimate by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, was considerably higher than previous projections and came on a day filled with mostly bad news as Pitts' committee looked toward the looming budget crunch.
But don't say anything!


Anonymous said...

Klein was only off by about 700 percent.

Anonymous said...

Loved Philly boy's Freudian slip: "News Director Angle San Juan"

Anonymous said...

check filups 7/30
reader mail answer
i have been invited to nine speeches being at one rotary club
(i accept} does this imply he will speak or attend?????

lawsuit update
cheap whiskey does it again
council for ste and okw file a response 'barley' or barely under the deadline
lawsuit is drafted and is still ready, brief still in front of tsc

jeffrey dorrell july 30 response to tsc is posted on lawsuit update