Aug 16, 2010

Another Face

Philip R. Klein attacks Hilton Kelley again in this article:
What do we know about Hilton Kelley? Well he is a liar. His entire resume is a flat out lie. He was never a stunt man for any TV shows. He was never in the SAG union.
When I called the Screen Actors Guild and tried to confirm Kelley's membership, I was told that the guild doesn't release that information. Try it for yourself and let me know what happens: (323) 954-1600.
The Review even checked the registry for the US Boy Scouts and could not find Kelley's name?
As an Eagle Scout, I can address this from personal experience. The National Eagle Scout Registry that Klein is referencing is a for-profit project by Harris Connect. Participation is voluntary, so I had them take my name off the registry after I was repeatedly contacted by the group to buy a copy of their book. 

The National Eagle Scout Registry is not to be confused with the National Eagle Scout Association, who doesn't sell subscriptions or maintain a database of Eagle Scouts. I suspect that, if Klein was involved in Scouting, he didn't t make it past the rank of Second Class like most other endeavors in his life. 
Adding insult to injury - Kelley scammed two of the plants into giving him money - which he built a non-profit (giggle) with Kelley as its leader.
Fraud is a felony. This is a defamatory statement.
And get this - Kelley has put more money into his pocket than he has given out to help people.
No evidence of this claim.
And....according to federal filings - all of the addresses he has listed as the headquarters for CIDA, Inc. are run down and closed buildings.
If operating a run-down building as an office is a crime, I'd like to file a criminal complaint on the business located at 826 Nederland Avenue.
There have been cars bought with the money to get Mr. Kelley around as well as his travels.
No evidence of this claim.
And the company CIDA has defaulted with the State of Texas and the IRS got upset because the tax returns were not filed - but when they were - the math didn't add up. If you don't believe us - LOOK :
Klein references this listing on the Texas Secretary of State website. As the website clearly notes, this has nothing to do with the IRS but whether the corporation is current with Texas Franchise Tax filing requirements and payments.  
Now you would think our government - would run away from someone or something like this. As well, the media, not some blog, would run away from this guy. But no - they continue to interview this man and quote him as some type of professional in the air quality business - when in fact he is nothing but a conman getting rich on others money.
I'm not defending Kelley, but Klein's ad hominem attack has nothing whatsoever to do with the real issue of the Keystone Pipeline project. While Klein spent most of this posting denigrating Kelley, he barely mentioned the real issue:
Buried in the Beaumont Enterprise this morning in an article that bashes a company trying to build a pipeline for crude oil to be brought into Southeast Texas to up production of products such as fuel and oil based products - there he is again - Hilton Kelley talking about how bad the local plants are to the Southeast Texas Health.
Here are some other articles on the Keystone Pipeline, none of which mentioned Hilton Kelley:
Take a few minutes to read the facts about the real issue and develop your own informed opinion, rather than taking Klein's personal agenda at face value.

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