Aug 2, 2010


In this article on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein bloviates on the Beaumont Enterprise:
As the Enterprise dumped the constables in the grease on their Sunday morning editorial - Jefferson County Judge Ron Walker went after the Enterprise for "Sideline Quarterbacking."
The editorial in question is here.  Philip is the first to play the race card in his self-penned letter to himself on the Reader Mail page:
"It will be interesting to see to what extent the lay-offs being pushed by Domingue, Walker and Arnold disproportionately impact people of color."

Answer : Now that is an interesting statement. We wonder if we are the only ones watching.
The rest of the article wanders into praise for the Local News Editor of the Beaumont Enterprise:
In Walker's sites - Chris Claussen after Claussen called him out - not once but twice. Feeling the stress - Walker came out swinging.

Claussen has been a thorn in the side of the Jefferson County Commissioners being the only staffer and columnist that has been calling out the commissioners court for their out of control spending habits over the past 4 years. In fact, doing all of the addition - over the past four years of the Walker administration - the total taken out of the local economy in tax increases has surpassed $100 million dollars. Making $50 thousand that Walker saved the county in his not taking a raise a drop in the bucket.
Even though PRK is quite sensitive about the spelling of his own name, Christopher Clausen joins the legion of people whose names have been mangled by Philip R. Klien:

Klein then wanders into an attack on Opinion Pages Editor Tom Taschinger and the Beaumont Enterprise in general (Klein's crude language is edited):
However, then you get a bone-head comment by someone who  usually doesn't make bone-headed statements. And this one in the Enterprise comes from Tommy Taschinger talking about Andrew Breitbart and his posting of  the video that may be the subject of the lawsuit. Tommy T makes the following statement : "The First Amendment often protects people like Breibert - those  that are wrong or nasty but still able to speak their minds (or lack thereof)." Tom Taschinger The Beaumont Enterprise

Uh? What the h**l and where in the h**l did that come from? It is one of those were you go really???

Didn't Tom T have a blog? Oh...he did and he gave his opinion? And wasn't he a
little nasty from time to time? And hasn't Tom been ..... wrong?

Man...just when the Enterprise takes a few steps forward - they take nine steps
back. Gezzz....we guess he just didn't use his mind...or lack thereof? Arrogant?

Another day for the Beaumont Enterprise.
Klein's logic breaks down in his ad hominem argument. Instead of addressing the issue that Taschinger raised in his editorial, Philip attacked him  personally.  I agree with Tashinger and  read his blog on a fairly regular basis. Like most ethical and responsible journalists, he's not wrong.  Klein is obviously not familiar with Taschinger's body of work, since he dropped his subscription to the Enterprise two  years ago.

I think it's highly ironic that Klein supports Andrew Breitbart, who took a short excerpt of Shirley Sherrod's speech out of context.  Philip has been doing the same thing for years.


Anonymous said...

Tom Taschinger should wear Kline's criticism as a badge of honor and distinction.

Anonymous said...

Phillip claims he doesn't subscribe to the Enterprise, yet me freely quotes from the paper's editorial page. Hmm....wonder who might be pilfering from one of the newspaper's sidewalk racks?