Aug 31, 2010


In this SET Political Review posting, Philip purposefully misconstrued the issue of job cuts among the deputy constables of Jefferson County again:
Maybe we could keep some....police officers? And the county baulked at this because of political control? Mismanagement? Now it has come home to face people in their face? Like some certain county commissioners?
Fact check: While required to be certified peace officers, Constables are not police officers. See the previous posting on the Village Idiot here.  As evidence of "mismanagement," Klein posted another bad photograph of a page from the MGT Performance and Management Review The study had problems as previously noted, but PRK continues to beat this horse with a baseball bat.

Regarding the unit road system, Philip offered this shrewd example of Idionomics:
We know now that Jefferson County in all Pct's added in 10 more positions over four years and only added on two more miles of roads in the County. If we had cut the 13 and then not added in 10 more we would have saved over 23 positions? On the county payroll? To the tune of over $3 million a year? Over four years? Meaning over $12 million back in the taxpayers pocket? Really?
Pop quiz for Philip Klein: While only two miles of roads have been added, how many miles were repaired or improved in 2009? Hint: two category three hurricanes struck Jefferson County after this study was released. Do your homework, Philip, and pay attention to the words "hiring freeze." 

Let's examine Philip's math. According to the MGT study:
MGT recommends that initially 13 positions be eliminated, including three road superintendents, one assistant superintendent, four foremen, two mechanics and three administrative positions.

The county could experience further savings by eliminating 13 additional positions in year three of implementation, 2007-08.
The study claims 26 jobs, not 13 as referenced by Klein, would have been eliminated through a unit road system.  With Philip's hypothetical hiring freeze, the total is 36, not 23 as PRK claims in his logical fallacy, a hasty generalization.  

The unit road system is ancient history. A citizen task force led by Commissioners Eddie Arnold and Mark Domingue considered this recommendation. According to Angel San Juan with KFDM-TV, Channel 6, the committee also heard contradictory testimony from a neighboring county:
Despite recommendations from MGT of America and the Texas Comptroller's office that a unit road system would save taxpayers millions of dollars over five year, Orange county commissioner John Dubose told the committee the system has not been a cost-savings for Orange County.
The committee eventually rejected the recommendation. According to Angel San Juan with Channel 6, KFDM-TV, two of the private citizens and local businessmen vetoed the issue:
Two industry leaders are putting up a road block when it comes to a unit road system in Jefferson County.

Jimmie James and Sina Nejad are members of a committee appointed to look into the possibility of combining Jefferson County's four road and bridge precincts into one.

The two admit they had a change of heart when it comes to the unit road system.

They first thought it would save money by reducing staff and equipment.

But after visiting the four precincts, the committee members say the system now in use already operates with limited staff and equipment.

They fear a centralized system would create another layer of bureaucracy.

That contradicts two management studies last year that found the unit road system would save millions of taxpayer dollars.

The committee fears any savings might take place too far down the road to make a difference.
Here's another point that Philip R. Klein overlooked: citizens would have to approve a unit road system through a referendum election -- an expenditure not factored into the MGT report -- and doesn't guarantee that Jefferson County would adopt the system.

Voters in San Augustine County rejected just such system, according to Angel San Juan with Channel 6, KFDM-TV:
In San Augustine County, voters rejected a unit road system by a very slim margin.

The system would have centralized control of all the construction and maintenance of the county's roads under one person.

Right now, San Augustine County commissioners oversee roadwork in each of their precincts, and as of Saturday's election, it will remain that way.

744 people voted against the unit road system, while 707 voted for it.
Philip's bottom line (emphasis is mine):
What we are trying to point out to you taxpayers and media is that Jefferson County is bloated. And it is NOT BLOATED BY COPS. It is bloated by employees that simply are not needed. From an employee health clinic to over staffing in Road and Bridge departments.

But who are we? Nobody - but a group of taxpayers the math.
Unfortunately, Klein's math never computes. From the SET Political Review in July (Philip's emphasis):
We said it to you last week and will say it again this week. Jefferson County Texas is bankrupt. And the real number is going to be $21.5 million. But don't say anything.
Klein was referring to a $6 million budget deficit.


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Gus, you should check out Channel 4's latest ratings. Klein and little Mikey have been talking to themselves for months, but I doubt you'll read that on the Southeast Texas Bullshit Review.

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"We will be sure to tell that to the next person we are trying to make feel better "POST" losing a loved one." I can promise you that no one with PAFD sees Klein as peer fire fighter and we all know that only Klein uses "post" when describing events. If you polled all south, mid and north county fire fighters, ems, and police, they would all tell you that Klein is a joke.

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if the ambulance is rockin' don't come knockin'

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Anon 11:58 is absolutely correct. fil has received his only source all these years! What an idiot!

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Excuse me, I meant fil has REVEALED his only source all these years! He's still and idiot!

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The Mike & Phil Show videos compare to watching paint dry on a wall.

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Check out Sam the Eagle

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Leave it to Sam to deliver a clever POST-mortem on Phil's blathering.

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"Get ready for your nipple on the taxpayer tit." I'm not saying Phil has a problem but isn't that quote from his blog a bit weird?