Aug 23, 2010

Media Whores

Philip R. Klein writes:
We got our noses in the air this last week when we got a tip about a screaming match that broke out at the BISD board meeting between Advisory Member Jennifer Swantner and the king of all kinds Dr. Carroll Thomas. So we watched the news?

So we said hmmm? So we called over to BISD and asked for the tape of the meeting where everything seemingly went haywire and the screaming began and continued between the two parties. Then again - we were told that :"There was a malfunction in the system."

So we called over to a source at KFDM - we were told that KFDM had a camera there. And guess what? When the screaming began - the camera man was asked to turn off his camera and he DID IT! The request? Well it was by the media darling Jessie Hayes.

D**n - we hate that for KFDM! They do how they are instructed by BISD? They do not make the news report - they are given the news report?
I couldn't find the story about the BISD board meeting on the KBTV Faux 4 site; did I miss that or did Channel 4 miss the meeting?

I did find this article (emphasis is mine):
Republican Strength Growing In Jefferson County
Reported by: KBTV Fox 4 News Staff

Texas has been a republican state for over a decade now, so even though, the GOP is expected to make big gains nationally in the mid-term elections.

You would think here in the Lone Star state things would remain status quo.

Not so in Jefferson County.

This county has been a blue island in a red sea for generations.

But it looks like that's starting to change with a new leader and an energized grass-roots movement.

Former Tax Accessor Miriam Johnson and Commissioner Mark Domingue have endorsed Republican Shane Howard for Tax Accessor.
Channel 4 has reached a new low in journalistic integrity: they've misquoted Philip R. Klein without attribution. That is, unless PRK wrote that; the spelling of "Tax Accessor" certainly looks familiar. During an interview with Mike McNeil from Nov. 25, 2009:
I'm a red dot in a blue sea.
From Nov. 26, 2007:
I am a red speck in a sea of blue.
This has always been one of my favorite variations from Aug. 25, 2008:
Run for office? No way no how...I would be one vote in a sea of blue kool-aide.
Fact check: The State of Texas first elected Republicans to every statewide office in 1994, less than one generation ago, so if the state has only "been a Republican state for over a decade," how could Jefferson County be a "blue island in a red sea for generations?"

This statement is inflammatory demagoguery, not serious journalism, just like referring to the current budget deficit in Jefferson County as "a financial crisis," and that the county is "going bankrupt." This is quite typical of Philip R. Klein.

We can enjoy the confused metaphors, however. Philip as a speck of red in sea of blue symbolizes a distinctly different perspective than Channel 4's island of blue in a sea of red. So which is it?

Let's revisit these statements by Philip R. Klein on KBTV Faux 4:
Look at Hardin County...none of them are in the crisis that we're in. Why? Because they're fiscally responsible and they didn't go crazy with their spending.
Philip said this on November 25, 2009 during another interview on Channel 4:
Jefferson County has one of the highest tax rates in the state of Texas
The effective tax rate in Jefferson County is currently 36.5 cents per $100 dollars valuation. Channel 4 published this story today (emphasis is mine):
Despite a nearly half-million dollar budget shortfall, Hardin County officials say they don't plan on raising taxes.

They met this afternoon to discuss the matter and decided the keep the tax rate the same as last year, which is fifty-five cents on every $100 spent.

County officials say, instead, they're making up for the shortfall by taking money out of the contingency fund. They say they made the decision with taxpayers in mind beacuse they know everyone is feeling the effects of the spiraling economy.
Since a tax on money spent is a sales tax, not a county property tax, I'm certain Philip must be contributing to the stories. The spelling gave it away again.

Regarding spending money from the Hardin County to finance the deficit, Jefferson County has been there, done that, and got Judge Carl Griffith's management study:
Jefferson County’s revenue growth has been sluggish in recent years, yet its expenditures rose in all but one year since fiscal 1999. Consequently, the county has experienced repeated budget deficits since fiscal 2000.

To finance these deficits, the county has relied heavily on its fund balances. The General Fund balance fell from $25.4 million in fiscal 1999 to $5.1 million in fiscal 2004, a drop of 80 percent. The Government Finance Officers Association recommends that governments maintain an unreserved fund balance of 15 percent of general fund expenditures or two months of general fund operating expenditures.
The cozy relationship between Channel 4 and Philip Klein leads one to wonder who's the paying customer and just how much is the going rate for a self-proclaimed political consultant these days.


Anonymous said...

He's fat and ugly, too.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some of those lawsuits come from people who got trampled when they got between Klein and a camera?

Anonymous said...

If a studio background wasn't visible in the Fox 4 photo grid, I'd swear filup was having a bowel movement!

Anonymous said...

Whores? Takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

After reading Kleins editorial today I have realized something. Those Dairy Queens never stood a chance. This is truly the dumbest human being I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

What is Klein babbling in his editorial? I don't read SETPR. I only read Operation Kleinwatch.

Anonymous said...

Anon 930, with that sort of logic i bet you know philip personally.

Anonymous said...

Spot on anon 1112!!!! That junior high mentality sort of screams "PHILIP KLEIN WROTE THIS!!!"

Anonymous said...

I thought Klein always signed his name (giggle)?

Anonymous said...

That editorial makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and he's insulting the deputy constables with this we-can-do-it-better BS.

Anonymous said...

"Really? Really? Do you really want to go there? I didn't think so."

My God, he's a stark raving mad idiot, devoid of a smidgen of discretion or common sense. Here's the commissioners' attempting to get control on county spending, something a self proclaimed "conservative" (giggle)would cheer for and the "red speck in the blue sea" berates them. Klein should be embarrassed to publicly retort Judge-elect Branick.

Really, Really, Really filup, you're making it about yourself. You're attaching yourself to the issue for attention except, nobody really cares what you think, certainly Judge-elect Branick doesn't. I think Sam t. Eagle has addressed this in previous discussions of malignant narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Anony 9:24, those facial expressions look more like someone sitting on a vibrator.

Anonymous said...

new words

Anonymous said...

KBTV has been a sunken island in the Gulf of KFDM for generations.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

were not some of kleins small claims judgments by constables in the past

did mark faggard prevail then tell him about makiing funds available while fil broke and bankrupt
looks like there was a great deal of questionable billing to work off attorney services