Aug 22, 2010

On Philip's History of Litigation

From Klein et al. v. Google et al.:
For example, without limitation, the website Operation Klein Watch, [sic] contains false information on legal proceedings that do no involve either Mr. Klein individually or the Petitioners, falsely represent that judgments have been taken against the Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually, falsely identify a bankruptcy proceeding, also identify lawsuits that do now involve Petitioners and/or Mr. Klein individually.
When I changed the design of Operation Kleinwatch a few weeks ago, I did not repost the history of Philip R. Klein's litigation until I could change the layout to reflect the new blog design. I've completed that task and reloaded the new layout on the sidebar.

I've also provided direct links to court documents or the District Clerk's Civil Index that reference these cases. As an example, I've included court documents on all the judgments filed by Klein, since he alleges that some of these are false.  A cursory examination shows Klein's allegation is not factual.

There are two exceptions: I've not linked documents to Klein's bankruptcy or divorce filings, but I may include those documents in the future. In the meantime, each of these five filings can be easily verified through PACER and the Civil Court Family Law Index.

While not intended to be comprehensive, I've now identified 40 different legal actions that involve Philip R. Klein, PRK Enterprises, Klein Investigations, Klein Investments, or any of Philip's other legal entities.

Sam the Eagle and I have contributed to Philip's extensive history of litigation: there are now four actions specific to Klein's original 202 petition filed in the 172nd District Court:
  • Original petition (E184-784)
  • Appeal in the 9th Court of Appeals (09-10-00051-CV)
  • Mandamus in the 9th Court of Appeals (09-10-00189-CV)
  • Mandamus in the Texas Supreme Court (10-0366)
Tracking these cases can be tedious because of Klein's propensity for suing everyone, no matter how remote their involvement. In the most egregious example, Klein sued the PAISD Board of Trustees collectively, each of the members individually, the board's attorney, and the attorney's law firm. You can verify here, where the parties include the PAISD, Feemster, Elmore, Flores, Frank, Londo, Meador, Thomas, and Wells, Payton, Greenburg & Hunt.

In Klein's nuisance suit against Google, he asked for:
  • The identities of all people responsible for the Sam the Eagle Political Review and Operation Kleinwatch
  • The identities of all people who provided financial or literary contributions
  • The identities of all people who posted comments
  • The identities of all people who are in any way affiliated with, or connected in any capacity, with these websites
Presumably, this would include the names of all Google and Blogger employees, since they're directly responsible for maintaining the platform where our blogs are published.

For the record, this is just intimidation by Klein, since Texas law clearly states that Klein must set forth in writing and verbatim any comments that he considers defamatory. Vague and spurious allegations about Philip's relationship with Elsie the cow aren't enough to pierce this First Amendment veil of anonymity.

I've included Klein's "motion for summery judgment" in one of my favorites, Klein v. Faggard, filed on June 3, 2003. Had Klein filed this document in December, I suspect that he would have called this a "motion for wintry judgment."  As further corroborated in the quote at the top of this posting, Klein clearly drafts these legal filings while his attorney du jour simply signs.

Attorney Mark Faggard's interrogatory is especially interesting. While Mark tried to give Philip a break by allowing Klein to work off a debt from his bankruptcy, Klein sued him when Mark objected to Philip's arbitrary rate increase from $50.00 to $75.00 per hour. I especially enjoyed this portion, where Faggard noted that Klein pulled a gun on two occasions while serving subpoenas:
I wonder what would happen to a deputy constable who pulled a gun during civil process.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Phillip Klein the founder of CALA? That's what he told me.

Anonymous said...

Philip supposedly told somebody he was with the FBI too. You can't believe anything he says.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gus (and Sam, too) for shining the
"truthlight" on Klein's rambling and apparently deliberate inaccuracies.

Anonymous said...

Klein got more suits than The Men's Warehouse.

Anonymous said...

Check out the facebook site 'If The Devil Had A Wife', you will see where Klein threatened to sue people making comments about Nelda Stark.

Anonymous said...

Amy Modica & Philip Klein are 2 peas in a pod, except Amy drafts a better brief.

Anonymous said...

Gus covered that already.

Anonymous said...

Amy has a long way to go to catch up to Phil. She's got 12, Klein has 40, you do the the math.

I've read both of their filings though...she definitely writes better than Phil.