Aug 4, 2010

On Philip's Weakly Readers

In his most recent statement about his readership on the SET Political Review, Philip R. Klein noted on July 22, 2010:

But again - it is just our "Opinion" read by over 40,000 readers a week...

Philip posted his latest poll over four weeks ago. So far, only 62 of those "40,000 readers a week" have responded in the past month:

Draw your own conclusions about the credibility of Klein's boasts.


Anonymous said...

Philip lies?

Anonymous said...

KBTV is guilty by association because Mikey dares not challenge his idol's gross exaggerations.

Anonymous said...

setpr gets 10x more hits via operation kleinwatch or wow maybe all of his fact checkers from here

Anonymous said...

had to stop writing and answer reader mail to write other crap

wow, now we are reintroducing mold into school building as per prk new and remolded buildings
multi personality
generation of me me
why always me not he
what commander in law enforcement would talk to we
wow more murders than in dallas and harris county, lots of murders, more than two huge counties combined. remember you heard it first on the review

need to take a break from bad english and spelling class