Aug 5, 2010

On Philip's Writing and his Latest Editorial

Philip R. Klein's latest editorial prompted this congratulatory message to himself on his Reader Mail page (emphasis is mine):
Phil - they say you can't write. Your editorial is the best piece of work I have seen in this area in 30 years. As one reporter / writer to another, you are one of us. Watch the comma's."
Presumably, a journalist with 30 years of experience would avoid abusing apostrophes, which denote possession and contractions, not plurality. Watch the commas and apostrophes, please. Don't forget the incoherent rambling, overt breakdowns in logic, and manipulated half-truths, too.

Likewise, a writer of 30 years would cringe at Klein's sophomoric metaphors in his opening paragraphs:
There comes a time in politics when you throw darts - one of them bounces back and stabs you. And thus we have seen this over the past few weeks in Jefferson County, Texas. It is dog eat dog and the power vacuum is working in overdrive.

There are three stories that the mainstream media has totally ignored and that we have covered and shown you over the past few months. I have people walk up to me every single day and ask my why they don't hear about these stories in the mainstream media. And I just don't have an answer.

The funny part about these three stories is simply this - it is political come around. You know - what goes around comes around. Thus it is important for you budding politicos that have that glimmer in your eye to run for office to remember these three stories because they show you - the politico and reader - what you say and do will always come back at you in one form or another.
Readers will note that Klein mangled the idiom in his title, "What Comes Around...", but correctly quoted the colloquialism in this passage. 

The real reason the mainstream media has ignored most of Philip's stories: he invented them.
Let's start with Mark Derouen. All of us in the political world agree - Mark Derouen ran some numbers and figured out that his support and attachment to the Parkers put him into a panic. So if you think you might lose at the ballot box - you take your opponent out early. So what did Derouen do? He found a technical glitch on a signature box and called in a political favor from Judge Ron Walker. Well, he didn't, Carl Parker did. So the guy that reviewed the documents the first time and certified them for the election, and who was required by law to review them - Judge Ron Walker - all of a sudden said to everyone - "I made a mistake and the document (s) are bad because of a signature miss on a form." The same thing Shaun Senegal had from the mainstream democrats - but then won the fight and sits in office today. As the weeks came around - team Parker/Derouen made it clear that they would take the fight all summer and into the winter to the Supreme if necessary to suck up any and all chance of garnering money or votes in the general. Thus - Reid dropped out. But then after review of the documents put in front of Walker - it seems team Parker/Derouen did not fill out their paperwork correctly. And then adding insult to injury - Derouen accepted campaign contributions illegally from corporations.

Lesson one - what goes around comes around. Now at best Derouen goes into office under investigation by the state and with a huge cloud over his head.
There is no commissioner named Shaun Senegal. Klein probably meant Commissioner Michael "Shane" Sinegal. I'm not sure what a veteran journalist of 30 years would think about garbling a simple name.

For the record, Marc Derouen is not "under investigation by the state," nor has he accepted "campaign contributions illegally from corporations." This is defamatory speech not protected by the First Amendment, since Klein knows these allegations are patently false:
As well, the Review is taking a look at the campaign contribution laws. As Derouen accused Reid of irregularities - apparently Derouen accepted corporate funds which is a violation of State Election Laws. 
See this story. Klein has produced no evidence whatsoever to support these outrageous lies. Reid's own statement cites the cost of pursuing this in court, according to The Examiner:
My legal counsel, former Judge Rick Williams, has spent nearly two weeks researching our case and felt we had an 85%-90% chance of overturning Judge Walker's decision. An appeals process would undoubtedly take place that we expected would go all the way to the Texas Supreme Court where we still felt confident that we would be placed back on the ballot. However, my legal expenses would exceed $50,000.
Why would former Judge Rick Williams charge Robert Reid $50,000 to pursue this?

From the perspective of a party in a suit initiated by a fat and rabid private investigator and media wannabe from Nederland, that figure seems unrealistic. Since our case has been through district court, the Ninth Court of Appeals, and is now in the Texas Supreme Court (TSC), I can recommend a great lawyer if Robert is interested.

Question for Philip R. Klein: Did you notice that the TSC posted our attorney's reply brief, but not yours?  I wonder what that means!

Klein claims that Derouen's legal action is the product of a favor between the former state representative Carl Parker and current Judge Ron Walker, but PRK has never commented on the significance of former Judge Rick Williams involvement in this.

Current Governor Rick Perry appointed former Judge Williams to the 279th District Court in January 2006 after Judge Tom Mulvaney's untimely death. Judge Mulvaney was greatly respected and mentored current Judge Randy Shelton, who won the seat in a landslide election roughly 10 months later.  Current Judge Shelton, a Democrat, concentrated on family law in his practice and on the bench.

Former Judge Williams, a Republican, served as Executive Director of the Nederland Economic Development Corporation. According to Governor Perry, he also served as commissioner for the Nederland Civil Service Commission, chairman of the Jefferson County Chambers of Commerce Legislative Response Team, vice chairman of the Nederland Educational Foundation, and on the board of directors for the Partnership of Southeast Texas and the Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation.

Those are the facts. Draw your own conclusions.
Now let's go to Jefferson County Commissioners Court - where a mere four years ago - ace nut counter Patrick Swain screamed the county was in financial crisis! Layoffs, employees angry, the media going crazy, Carl Griffith was at fault. Then, amazingly after the primary, Patrick Swain found $18 million dollars and the county was still okay! There was no crisis. He found the money after the election - the same election to which he was seen in the background working at the Walker campaign headquarters and giving out push cards on election day for Team Walker. Now, a mere four years later, Patrick Swain is telling commissioners that they are now in a real crisis. Over 10 million short - and to make matters even more funny - Patrick lays a bomb shell on commissioners that he forgot to figure in ..... a 6% increase in health care? Meaning an increase of over $80,000 more towards money the county now really does not have?

Lesson two - what goes around comes around. Now at best Swain has some explaining to do and commissioners court, after years of going on a spending binge and hiding it with the help of good old Patrick - has the attention of the everyone but the media. The county is now bankrupt.
This, too, is patently untrue: Jefferson County is not bankrupt. I'll comment on the irony this time. From the reply brief filed by Philip R. Klein and his attorney, John S. Morgan, Esq., in the TSC:
[Operation Kleinwatch and The Sam the Eagle Political Review] contain false information on...a bankruptcy proceeding that does not exist. 
The rest of Klein's conspiracy theory can't be documented. His final point:
Lastly, let's look at our friends the cops and CLEAT. I like cops. In fact, some of my best friends are cops in the cop shop. But at politicos they are inept at best. And that is not being mean. They just have cop things on their minds. CLEAT and the county cops including the constables endorsed county judge Ron Walker. In fact, one officer, put up a site called Recall Carl. It was a hit site against then sitting judge Carl Griffith. All the county employees thought it was funny. They put up false allegations and did it in hiding. Former Judge Carl Griffith noting the disadvantage filed a 202 lawsuit (just like we have done) and the court said nope. You are a public person because you are an elected official and the 1st amendment protects the person who is posting this stuff - false or true. The person posting it was represented by CLEAT. A mere four years later - CLEAT and the cops are in arms because? Well, Walker and crew are taking cop jobs out of the budget and keeping in pet projects and making room for ex-commissioners to make $100k in new jobs. In fact, now the cops start digging around (which is what cops do) and they are shocked to find there are people like Mario C. Watkins who makes $100,000 a year in salary and benefits who works as Bo Alfred's assistant? And CLEAT and the COPS are shocked? As well they are shocked to learn that Jefferson County spends almost $150k a year in Cell Phone bills (we are trying to verify this) for county employees?
Lesson three - what goes around comes around. Now at best the cops have an uphill battle with those they helped give power to? Where is the blog "Recall Ron?" Where is the blog calling out all of the budget issues and being protected by......the 1st amendment.
Fact check: Commissioner Jimmie Cokinos, not former Judge Carl Griffith, filed a 202 petition, just like Philip. Judge Sanderson threw that petition out. Judge Floyd granted Klein's petition because he didn't read our filings. Hence, our mandamus.

The majority of Klein's charges are fantasies that wander tenuously from subject to subject without a scintilla of evidence to support these incredible claims.I suspect a journalist with 30 years of experience would cringe at Klein's reference to the "1st amendment." In the U.S., the Amendments in the Bill of Rights are always capitalized:
Constitution: Capitalize references to the U.S. Constitution, with or without the "U.S." Place "constitutional" in lowercase. Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, First Amendment, and other legislation and treaties are capitalized.
Watch the random capitalization, mangled spelling, and fallacious logic, too, Philip.


Anonymous said...

As fiction, Klein's site is entertaining!!!

Anonymous said...

You bring up a good point. I "googled" defamation and it appears that when you accuse someone of a crime, and it is not true,it is libel per se. I wonder if Mr. Klein knows that?

Anonymous said...

gus wrote an article last week about that. kleinio likes to hide behind the constitution when he's being sued, but it goes out the window when he's suing other people.

Anonymous said...

Philip Clown (I mean Klein) Is a joke. His site is always amusing and it's get's the biggest laugh from the courthouse. I have written several letters he will not post due to the fact that I openly challenge him to produce evidence to support some of his outlandish charges. Of course he doesn't have any evidence so hence..he doesn't post them.

Anonymous said...

If Klein had been the SBC manager instead of Eddie Arnold, we'd be shouting into oatmeal canisters connected by a cotton string.