Aug 10, 2010

Party Talk

Eddie Arnold held a county GOP fundraiser for Congressman Ted Poe, but Philip R. Klein wasn't invited:
The drinks were being served. The money flowed. Everyone giggled at the political jokes. And tongues wagged at who showed up at Commissioner Eddie Arnolds house for a fundraiser - yes a fundraiser for GOP Congressman Ted Poe this past evening.

Why were the tongues wagging? Well there were some strangers in the mix. Like strangers? Paying homage to the Congressman?

The surprise of the night was Jeff Branick. Yes - commissioner elect and democrat Jeff Branick was at the Poe fundraiser? Oh yes he was. This got the attention of some of the long time GOP faithful and got some of them excited and standing up to cheer!

Uh...sit down.

Adding to the mix for those GOPERS that have an imagination - Mayor Becky Ames and councilman WL Pate.
Arrogance and ignorance never mix well. Klein missed the main point: this was a fundraiser and the color of money is green, not red or blue.  Readers can draw their own conclusions on why Philip wasn't invited, but this speaks volumes about Klein's involvement in local politics. When I last read the Constitution, there was no partisan clause forbidding Republicans and Democrats from working together towards a common goal.

Despite the fact that Klein is considered persona non grata by both local parties, he inserted himself into the story:
Sources at the party tell the Review that our name even came up when rumors of an invitation to speak to the Tea Party and the Jefferson County GOP chairs was mentioned.

"The rumor went through the room that Klein has been offered to speak to the Tea Party and the GOP Chair's in a special meeting this fall," said a sources that attended the party. "It was pretty well received and that only got some eye roll from Arnold's gal pals," said the source.
We'll revisit this claim in the fall, but Philip is clearly nursing a grudge over his canceled speech before the Golden Triangle Republican Women. Likewise, Klein's personal grudge against Commissioner Eddie Arnold is showing again.

Philip's source phrased this revelation that Klein will speak at a statewide GOP chair meeting rather oddly in passive voice and present perfect continuous tense, followed by an infinitive (emphasis is mine):
The rumor went through the room that Klein has been offered to speak...
The Sam the Eagle Political Review recently documented numerous incidents of this particular grammatical train wreck in this article. As one of Philip's written signatures, the conclusion is obvious: PRK is his own source for this quote.  As a self-described political editorialist, this media wannabe makes an excellent Maytag repairman.

I particularly liked this portion of Philip's post, where he blatantly licked Ted Poe's boots:
A bunch - and we think that his name will circle some in the GOP for a VP nod.
We'll revisit that claim, too.


Anonymous said...

If Klein had been there, they'd have to take donations to pay off the liquor bill.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Klein told us last week he was already booked on a speaking circuit, how can he fit in the Tea Party. All this after repeating numerous times in the past "I just don't go out in public much anymore". As STE has said ..........philip lies.......

Anonymous said...

I was there and NOBODY mentioned Phil Klein. He's cranking his own hot tube again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lindsey said...

If marriage is just supposed to be for procreation, please explain why people well into their 80's get married. And hetero couples who get married but decide not to have kids.

You must have been hitting the whiskey bottle with ole' Klein to unleash some dribble like that...

Anonymous said...

I've heard that they can teach a chicken to play a piano, a dog to count, and a elephant to paint. Would it be possible to provide Klein with enough study material so that he can become "half literate" and maybe he can then roll his fat ass out of Jefferson County.

Lindsey said...

Given the way he writes, I assume that actual reading comprehension will be a problem... perhaps flash cards?

Anonymous said...

Klein is way past the flash card stage...I recommend a full frontal lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Huh? I've got a better idea, why don't you do like the 4 year olds and learn to put put together a coherent thought? I can't even understand that gibberish. "Two males of the same sex?" Two males are, by definition, of the same sex. And what is a "Moslem?"

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Anonymous said...

Anon 141...try here:

Anonymous said...

Philip is that you?

trog said...
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Anonymous said...

gezzz....this is like being on the klein's talkback line again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Philip. You're so sneaky...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Perry v. Schwarzenegger is the case.

Schwarzenegger lost. (Jerry Brown, as Atty. General, was co-defendant)

They have stated that they will not appeal.

The 9th will never see this.

Of course that last part is my opinion. Since I live in Jefferson County I suppose it's not worth much. As far as my "partisan" feelings tainting my opinion, I would describe myself as a "straight Log Cabin Republican".

Anonymous said...

There are blogspots specifically designed to discuss California politics. This one's mission is to debunk the blather of a refugee from New Jersey.