Aug 22, 2010

Ticket Shot

Philip R. Klein writes in the first posting of the week on the SET Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told that an investigation is ongoing regarding a county employee that was caught in Dallas County Texas this past month on a red light camera.
Oh, look - more corruption in Jefferson County!
How out of control can it get? Where does it stop? So we are going to lay off cops?
Like most of Klein's purported "investigations," this deserves no comment. Instead, I'll address this example of Philip R. Klein's notion of Idionomics:
We have been telling you - that our sister county - Lubbock County - which has the same if not more population - yet has low crime, low taxes and low unemployment - and spends almost $50 million less than Jefferson County - does not allow deputies to take cars home, has limited cell phone polices, has limited and audited auto expenses, has a check and balance system that keeps every single county office within strict guidelines - and a zero tolerance police towards government waste - continues to hold as the model for government.
Only Philip R. Klein would compare a cotton-based economy on the high plains with an oil-based economy on the Gulf coast. Here are some U.S. Census Quick Facts about Lubbock and Jefferson County for the number-impaired:

Lubbock Jefferson
Population, 2009 estimate 270,550 243,237
Median household income 44,389 44,155
Private nonfarm employment, 2007 102,424 104,809
Total number of firms 20,792 16,680
Manufacturers shipments, 2002 ($1000) 1,115,440 21,485,736
Building permits 2009 1,031 1,600

For corroboration, Jefferson County issued substantially more building permits in 2009 though smaller in population. Likewise the total number of firms, i.e. independent farmers, is substantially higher in Lubbock County.

I'm not sure what this means in Idionomics, but perhaps Philip will explain how the organization of Jefferson County differs from Lubbock County with its "check and balance system," since the structure for both counties is expressly defined by Texas Government Code. Philip's bumper-sticker intellect is showing again.

Of interest, the Lubbock County Commissioners Court approved a 3.14 percent raise for all elected officials, including themselves.

This came after Lubbock County Commissioners increased the effective property tax rate for two years running in 2008 and 2009. This tax increase involved a new $100 million jail. Commissioners sold the tax increase to Lubbock County taxpayers as a way to decrease taxes. I can see how this makes sense to Philip R. Klein.


Anonymous said...

Ya'll go on and make fun of Phillip, but he's been asked to speak to the Lubbock County Goat Herders Association on animal husbandry.

Anonymous said...

If fat filup moved back to Lubbock, he could finish his freshman year at TT.

Anonymous said...

He always picks the losers.

Anonymous said...

When you have time Gus, see if you can dig up the failure rate of TT freshmen!

Anonymous said...

Gus, you put a blister on Filup's butt everyday but you got a ways to go before you cover all of his fat butt.

Anonymous said...

Philip Klein is a lying sack of crap. The driver of the vehicle was in Dallas on county business and was required to drive a county vehicle. He did not know he received the citation until it was mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle---Jefferson County.

Anonymous said...

This blog gets better and better. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

being philip kline spends so much time on matters of corruption, false billing, improper use of vehicles, property, money, etc
being he is of such high ethical standards that he expects others to equal his superior standard
what is we's current position on repaying contributors to gadfly foundation or jacob's house.
has we's declared these funds as income or expenses for we services

did we's out his ex during the golden triangle lawsuit by dairy queen

Anonymous said...

Last week I was called for jury duty and able to observe some of the courthouse employees. As I was leaving the courthouse on Wednesday, I observed a courthouse employee smoking a cigarette. When he finished with the cigarette, this employee threw the cigarette butt on the ground in the parking lot and stomped on it violently. This is nothing but defecation of the our beautiful courthouse scenery. I was going to take a photo and send to Mr. Klein but cameras are not allowed by jurors in the courtroom so I didn't have one. I'm thinking about going back next week and getting a photo for Mr. Klein to publish on the SETRP. These county employees are totally out of control and someone needs to do something about it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 353...funny!