Sep 30, 2010

Reductio Ad Absurdum

On Monday, Philip R. Klein wrote:
As three of the board members in the BISD begin to bang the drum - the investigation into why a Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff let BISD transportation director Clifton Guillory off - or at least turn him over to BISD police for action - is now closed.
So says our source at BISD.

"There is no active investigation. Mr. Guillory is now an ex-employee and the matter is closed," so says our source.
I didn't mention at the time that Philip was clearly confused over who was conducting the investigation. Either Klein invented this BISD source, or the source knew Philip would print erroneous information without verifying. I suspect that most people will immediately see the breakdown in Klein's logic, where he misleads readers with the notion that the BISD has investigative jurisdiction over a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy.

According to the Examiner, The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office conducted the internal investigation, not the BISD:
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has opened an internal affairs investigation after one of its deputies told supervisors that Clifton Guillory, the head of the Beaumont Independent School District Transportation Department did not appear intoxicated when he was stopped driving a BISD vehicle near the Whataburger on Dowlen Road.
Today, Sheriff Mitch Wood announced the results of the investigation, according to the Beaumont Enterprise:
BEAUMONT, Texas - Two deputies involved in a controversial Sept. 4 traffic stop involving former Beaumont transportation director Clifton Guillory will get a one-day suspension without pay for failure to follow department policy and procedures, said Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods.
So, the final tally specifically concerning the Guillory incident: two sheriff's deputies suspended without pay for a day and one transportation director retired, possibly under pressure.

Like many others in Beaumont, I see profligate spending policies and many problems with the current administration of the Beaumont ISD. The idea of a purchasing agent who personally declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes as much sense to me as a former bankrupt fast food magnate declaring himself a political consultant.

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Anonymous said...

Phil can't trust his trusted sources -- especially those he makes up out of thin air.