Sep 29, 2010

But Wait II ! [sic]

Philip R. Klein's hypocrisy is showing in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
A reader wanted to write a comment on the story the Enterprise posted regarding the guilty plea of Tamraka McGriff. So he tried but was blocking. Thinking it was a problem with the server or the computer he was using he sent a note to Shelia Friedeck - the Reader Representative at the Beaumont Enterprise. She advised our reader that he could not comment and are you ready for the response she gave him :
Your request for us to turn on the comment function on the Tamraka McGriff story on was forwarded to my attention for reply.

No, sorry, we're not going to do that.

While we would like to think that our Web site could be a place for intelligent discussion and exchange of reader opinions, unfortunately in the past couple of weeks it has become a place for people to post anonymous personal attacks, comments supporting bigotry, and, in some cases inappropriate language. Rather than assign one or more employees to monitor this story on a full-time basis to eliminate such comments, we've made the decision simply not to allow comments.

We would, however, invite you to write a letter to the editor, which, assuming it meets criteria for publication, we would be happy to publish and to post on-line.

Sheila Friedeck,
Reader Representative,
The Beaumont Enterprise,
Holy crap - did the Beaumont Enterprise just hit the edit button on the comments from the public? DId they just say that they did not have the employees to monitor the comments? Is the anger that bad and they are not tapping in on it? Are they that stupid? Or do they have an agenda? Are they that left wing where they are so sensitive that the 1st amendment does not apply to the Beaumont Enterprise?
From the Southeast Texas Political Review on Oct 6, 2008:
The Talk Back Line is dead. We have gotten so many attacks on the list - from those who have tried to get a copy, those who have attempted to sign in with names that are not true and actually two hackers that did get in and dissolve the list and names. It has simply gotten to be to much work to monitor the personal attacks. Okay - democrats - you win. It is shut down. Whoever you are in Oregon - do not be surprised when they come knocking.
No comment necessary. "Someone turn off the lights on the way out the door please!"

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