Sep 22, 2010

Ike Lawsuit

Philip R. Klein wrote in this posting:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a lawsuit has been filed against multi-plaintiffs including elected officials of Jefferson County for lying about knowledge of elevations in sections of Jefferson County post hurricane IKE two years ago.
Nooooooooo.....the media is going to cover this story.....?
Actually, this story appeared on KFDM Channel 6 last week:
KFDM News has learned a number of families in the Labelle-Fannett area have filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas, Jefferson County and other defendants, claiming their actions led to devastating consequences after Hurricane Ike.
Even though he's a veteran of at least 40 lawsuits by my count, Klein still doesn't know the difference between a plaintiff and a defendant:
The allegation of the suit is that multi-plaintiffs including Judge Ron Walker, Jeff Brannick and Patrick Swain attempted to cover up the surveyor issues in the County Road Estates claiming conspiracy to violate statutory protections. In their claim - the plaintiffs claim that Walker and Swain attempted to cover up the fact that the county knew the benchmark certifications were wrong and did nothing to correct it before Hurricane IKE.
According to Philip, Plaintiffs Judge Ron Walker, Jeff Brannick, and Patrick Swain claim that Walker and Swain engaged in a cover-up. Presumably, this makes sense to Philip R. Klein.

His "anonymous sources" are even more confused:
Sources close to the case tell the Review from Austin this morning that : "This case will expose how Jefferson County works. It is a corrupt county that is built on nothing but cover ups. The case was filed in Jefferson County because the plaintiffs could not get a fair trial in Jefferson County because of the corruption."
The case was filed in Jefferson County because the plaintiffs couldn't get a fair trial in Jefferson County. The last time Philip claimed a lawsuit will expose corruption in Jefferson County, no lawsuit was ever filed:
The Review has been told that the families will expose the workings of the District Attorney during a civil suit that has been filed in Jefferson County.
I suspect the real reason this case was filed in Travis County has to do with mandatory venue requirements in the Rules of Texas Civil Procedure. To be revisited


Anonymous said...

As evidence of Idiot Boy's personal agenda he somehow injects Patrick Swain into a lawsuit involving incorrect surveys in Labelle but never mentions the County Engineering department. Seems to me that the engineers would be more involved than Swain.

Anonymous said...

ike lawsuit
suit styled miller was filed in travis county

the suit was filed in jefferson county because the plantif could not ge a fair trial in jefferson county because of the corruption

was it filed in travis or jefferson
when need facts rely on the source

philip has problems with facts