Sep 2, 2010

Media Free Pass

In this SET Political Review posting, I'll note Philip's slur concerning Jefferson County Commissioner Mark Domingue in passing:
Uh....Dominguez......uh.......we know where he stands. Political vengeance and he has a job.
To a paranoid xenophobe, the Acadian French and Hispanic cultures look the same.

The point of this article; Klein's opinion and personal agenda concerning the local media and Jefferson County Commissioner Elect Brent Weaver (Klein's crude language is edited):
Oh...wait? There is a source - it is Brent Weaver. He is the incoming commissioner and he is a cop as well as a spokesperson for the cop shop in Jefferson County? Right?

Uh no.

The media has given a HUGE political pass to Brent Weaver? Why the [h--]?
Fact Check: Brent Weaver has no input whatsoever into the current budget, since he will not take office until next year. Any opinions expressed by Commissioner Elect Weaver are inappropriate at this time as Public Information and Media Relations Officer and Assistant to the Jefferson County Sheriff. 

In my "simple little words that you the [Southeast Texas] taxpayer uses," Brent doesn't have a dog in this hunt.

As evidence of Weaver's sins four months before he takes office, Philip presents these misinformed and unsubstantiated statements:
He has been politically neutered by the Sheriff - which is a politically good move by the Sheriff. He is still an employee of the Sheriffs Department.

We have also found that Weaver - is mastering the art of duck and cover. Meaning? Rope a dope.

He does not understand business. He has never run a business. Never met a payroll.
Spoken by someone who managed six Dairy Queens into bankruptcy during the boom years of the 90s and doesn't understand simple payroll terms such as comp time and holiday pay

Klein's tenuous logic disintegrates about midway through the article:
The problem? Someone needs to talk to Weaver and tell him that he needs to start opening back channel discussions with the power players. And we don't mean Weaver.
Only Philip R. Klein would accuse a local Jefferson County official of talking to himself. Presumably "back channel discussions" include Philip R. Klein.

I'm reminded of this in-depth description of Philip's back channels,  after he was allegedly caught posting crude and sexually abusive comments about an anchor personality of a local TV station:
Klein: ...we were having quiet communications in the background through letters and phone calls with the people that these things were being said about, meaning the person...the individual at the other station, we have had communication by letter, we have had communication by phone, we've had communication with these people telling them, look this is what's going on, just giving the FYI, just giving you the heads up, this is what's going on...

: letting them know it's not you...

: letting them know it's not me, Clearly, they knew all the way back to January and December of last year, before we filed the affidavit with the federal government, which you have a copy of, clearly you can see we filed it, clearly you can see our outline of the history of this, so what I guess I'm trying to say is,
In this posting on Brent Weaver, Philip concludes with this provocative commentary:
Frankly, we here at the Review expect more out of Weaver and the [d--n] media. And if this low tech, bad spelling and dumb editorial blog gets it.....well?
Fact check: Klein's blog is not low tech; rather, the editor is inept at publishing a blog. Most importantly, the sophomoric "editorials" published on this blog with bad spelling could be classified more appropriately as unsubstantiated opinion, fallacious logic, crudely manipulated half-truths, and blatant ignorance.

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