Sep 10, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits

Let's get started:
Crime Stoppers - We got some calls this morning - it seems there is a great political divide going on with crime stoppers. We have been asked to hold our check until the smoke clears. We are. We will give when the smoke clears.
(Snicker). "I have serious doubts whether Klein actually 'cut a check' and if so, for exactly how much." See my posting yesterday for more on this.
Airport - Traffic down again. Imagine that.
I couldn't find any verification of this, so apparently Philip is indeed imagining that. Perhaps I missed it, so please post corroborating links in the comments seciton. According to unsubstantiated hearsay, Klein has had a feud with Hal Ross, Manager of the SET Regional Airport, since 2005.

Rumor has it that Hal stopped PRK from making multiple trips through the buffet line for emergency workers during the Hurricane Rita aftermath.

While searching for information on this, I did find some items that didn't make this week's Nitwit Tidbits, including stories about increases in Beaumont's sale tax payments, how Valero is restarting its $1.4 billion project in Port Arthur, and a tragic incident where a fat man died of a heart attack while standing in a buffet line
Hearings - Okay - your turn. We will work on this next week - but for the next two weeks you get to speak in a public hearing on your taxes and the budget. It is called a PUBLIC HEARING?
Will Philip speak? "We" will work on this next week.
Help - There are rumors running all over the courthouse that war has broken out with King Patrick Swain - department heads are mad because he is holding on to some pork? Tell us no!
I've also heard rumors that Klein was asked to leave the isobutane clean-up in Hamshire last week, after he was caught going through the buffet line for first responders. Hence, no comment from the self-proclaimed "politico" on the great job done by the Hamshire VFD.
Ugly - Politicos have picked the county Treasures race as being the "Ugly Race of the Year." Here is what is showing up on the web - kind of funny. Watch it come down quick.
This item deserves a dedicated posting. More to come.
Media - Why doesn't the media show outrage over the Crime Stoppers Gig? We don't understand.
This is analogous to claiming that a revenue deficit constitutes a "budget crisis." Klein can't comprehend objectivity. See my posting yesterday for more on this. I don't understand why the media isn't outraged about fat men who masquerade as emergency workers to sneak free meals from first responder buffet lines.
Shake Up - We hear a major shake up is coming at a local media shop. TV People. Watch next week.
Have a great weekend. "We" will post late Sunday.

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