Sep 25, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits™

"We don't know about you," wrote Philip R. Klein, "but we are tired! Here we go though."

See the legal notice below. I've rearranged Philip's Nitwit Tidbits today, because I've criticized Mike McNeil in the past for not challenging Klein's bizarre statements. Mike deserves praise this week. 

The morning host did an excellent job in exposing PRK's cynicism. McNeil caught Klein contradicting himself, even though Klein aggressively interrupted Mike throughout the interview.  See for yourself and watch Klein's pointing fingers, logical fallacies, and argumentative tone.

Paraphrasing Robert Duvall, I love the sight of spit flying early in the looks like idiocy.
Review Record Week - We had ANOTHER record hit week at the Review. Thanks to all you readers. Wow!
Not according to Philip's statement during the Fox 4 KBTV interview. Mike even got a double zinger in by misspelling Klein's URL and a reference to PRK's wild claims about traffic to the
Mike McNeil:, (looking at Philip) uuuhhhh, a million hits a day?

(chuckling) no, no, no, no, we're about uh, 20,000 page views a day now.
On Sept. 4, he claimed:
We have just reviewed the numbers for August of 2010. It was THE BIGGEST month in the 17 year history of the Southeast Texas Political Review. To date, we have seen just over 374,000 direct hits into our default page (Front Page) and 1.6 million page views. 
Klein's own numbers concerning page views don't add up.

Here's the math:
  • 1.6 million page views / 4 weeks = 400,000 page views per week
  • 20,000 page views per day X 7 days = 140,000 page views per week
In Mike McNeil's interview with Philip on November 11, 2009, Philip claimed:
Today, in 19, I mean in 2009, uh, we have, uh, direct entry hits of about 395,000. As of today, and 2.3 million uh web page views. So that means some people use us as their browser and when they turn their computer on in the morning, they come right to us. But we've had about 2.3 million hits this year, web views.
From Klein's context here, "web views" and "hits" mean page views (Warning for the simple-minded: advanced arithmetic ahead):

Here's the math:
  • 2.3 million page views / [10 months X 4 weeks] = 57,500 page views per week
  • 57,500 page views per week / 7 days = 8,214 page views per day 
Philip R. Klein just made it up. For a better estimate of real traffic, see the SETPR traffic report from Sept. 4 here.
Bad Week For Cops - One is convicted, one gets thrown under the bus and the other gets his car stolen? Go figure....full moon?
The full moon may also explain why PRK seems especially manic this week. See this story and the Nitwit Tidbit below.
Bad Week For Political People - The Sheriff is under political fire, the BISD school board is either hiding under their desks and Port Arthur City Management is asking questions on how a $50k cop car gets stolen?
The Sheriff is not under "political fire," Trustee Tom Neild with the Beaumont ISD is actively investigating the Guillory incident, and I'm sure there many others asking questions about a stolen patrol car.

For perspective over the past three days, stolen police cruisers are not uncommon. My favorite: In Quinwood, SC, this week, thieves stole two safes from the city hall and made their getaway in a stolen patrol unit. Times are tough all over, not just in Jefferson County.
Fox News - Has the video in New York of the pull over - and may be doing a story. Wow.
Presumably Philip isn't talking about KBTV. He also claimed Fox News had a team in town to investigate 27,000 Hardin County cases that had to be "refilled." 
KBMT Drops The Ball - We haven't said much about this - but KBMT is the only station to have the raw video of the Getz incident. They had it posted. Took it down. On the request of BISD management? We called KBMT news director three times - refused to speak with us! Refused to answer our questions???? Really?
Stupidity: the Channel 4 political analyst (I use the term loosely) wonders why the Channel 12 News Director won't return his calls concerning an internal decision.
Holy Crap - KFDM WOKE UP? We wonder if their news reporters contact is going to be renewed from BISD? You know how it is - you are with us or......
There is no such thing as a "news reporters [sic] contact [being] renewed."
Is That Why - That is the rumor - is that why KBMT pulled the raw video?
Sorry Rank and File Cops - We are sorry to say it - because we support rank and file cops - but BPD has to let go the officer for the Class A mis. They have to.
More accurately, Philip R. Klein supports cops only when it's personally expedient and coincides with his own selfish agenda.
Liar - The Beaumont Enterprise says we are lying about them becoming a part of the Houston Chronicle. Okay. Let's watch.
Liar - I'm still watching for this (from Death Rattle, Jan. 15, 2009):
Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.
Let's watch.
Christopher Claussen - Wants Getz to apologize - Getz shoots back - we all get a good giggle. Claussen is off his rocker.
That's Christopher Clausen, not "Claussen," and Philip R. Klein is a demagogue who tried to insert his own inflammatory and personal biases into the debate again. 

See Getz' reply to Clausen's article, and another opinion from The Enterprise blog The Bayou that supported Getz.  Apparently, both Philip and The Bayou missed the significance of Getz' citation, Leventhal v. Vista Unified School District, a California case that challenged California's Brown Act.

In Texas, a governmental body may limit comment since there is no inherent right to comment at open public meetings. See Op. Tex. Att'y Gen. No. JC-0169 (2000). If a governmental body allows members of the public to speak at its public meetings, it may adopt reasonable rules consistent with relevant provisions of law allowing them to do so. Id. (citing Op. Tex. Att'y Gen. No. H-188 (1973); Op. Tex. Att'y Gen. No. LO-96-111 (1996)).

Ultimately, the question isn't whether "Claussen" [sic] is "off his rocker" or even who is owed an apology, but whether portions of the Texas Open Meetings Act are unconstitutional.  And that's why this whole issue will die in the local press, else Getz would pursue this in court.

The bottom line: Getz skillfully manipulated the Beaumont ISD board into a ton of free publicity for the BETTER petition and Klein is an idiot.
Homicide - Another one in PA Town. Drug oriented we are told. TELL US NO!  Not in Jefferson County!
After speaking at the Port Arthur Rotary Club, Philip is again denigrating Port Arthur. So how did his speech go?
Thank You - Rotary club of Port Arthur. Klein speaks - controversy - but all enjoyed. A good group.
Philip R. Klein didn't replace his out-of-date Labor Day editorial with his speech to the Port Arthur Rotary Club as is his standard operating procedure. In the past, Klein even posted speeches he never gave to the Golden Triangle Republican Women and the graduating class of 2008.

According to hearsay and rumor concerning a purported digital video that may or may not exist, most of Klein's speech was about his favorite subject: Philip R. Klein. Since there may be copyright issues, I can't post this video.

However, here are some of the low points:
  • Philip R. Klein claimed that Angel San Juan called just before the meeting to personally thank Philip for exposing the BISD issue concerning Curtis Guillory, since Channel 4 couldn’t report the story because of pressure from their sponsors. Klein has now publicly claimed that Fox 4 KBTV biases its own newscasts, based on its advertising roster.  Any comment, Mr. San Juan?

  • With a straight face, Klein claimed the mission of the Southeast Texas Political Review is to "report the truth." Since the SETPR doesn’t have sponsors, PRK can report the truth.

  • People call Philip regularly with offers to buy the Southeast Texas Political Review for millions of dollars.

  • Typically, Philip claimed that Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in history . 

  • The Port Arthur unemployment rate is 20 percent, but Klein later told the club to invite him back in a year when the rate would rise to 14.9 percent.

  • Philip claimed to be the front man for President George H.W. Bush during his re-election campaign. 

  • He told an anecdote about meeting "The Man" while riding on a “cart” with his children. In this case, cart meant an elevator when Klein couldn't remember the correct term for the device that moves people between floors in a multi-story building. “Remember that, Caroline?”

  • Klein claimed to have been on Air Force One several times.

  • Since losing President George H.W. Bush's reelection campaign, Klein claimed that he has assisted in several other campaigns as consultant. He didn't identify the campaigns, probably because if true, his candidates lost those elections, too. Perhaps Bugs Coe and Carl Griffith?

  • He claimed that he continues to talk to President George H.W. Bush regularly, even though there is an unsubstantiated rumor concerning Bush's appearance during the Spindletop Centennial. When asked about Philip R. Klein, the former president purportedly said, "Philip Who?"

  • Philip also claimed that he talks to Karl Rove at least once a week.

  • PRK told the Rotary Club that he has to sit in the back of restaurants, because people engage him wherever he goes. I suspect the real reason is because the host or hostess placed him near the kitchen to keep him out of sight, and it's easier for Klein to see who's throwing the empty bottles. 

  • The fat detective also claimed he was personally trained by both the FBI and CIA.

  • As a business consultant, Klein claimed that he helped an unnamed national business from going bankrupt. This may be true; I suspect he spent a lot of money during the recession on food from Kroger, HEB, and Dairy Queen.
PRK talked so much that the club had to cut him off when they ran out of time. Because Klein rattled on and on, there was no time for Q&A, where members could question Philip. After his speech, however, Philip got a standing ovation from one person. Roughly (my estimate) 10 to 15 other people offered lackluster applause.

More significantly, Klein asked how many people read his site in the club.  When no one raised their hands, Philip told the club they were lying.

How did Klein know this? Because PRK told them he tracks visitors to his site. I recommend using an anonymous server when visiting The Southeast Texas Political Review.

I hereby claim "Nitwit Tidbits" as a trademark used to promote Operation Kleinwatch.


Anonymous said...

•As a business consultant, Klein claimed that he helped an unnamed national business from going bankrupt.


Anonymous said...

That sound is a piano falling on Fat Filup.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't his family referred Phil to a psychiatrist for a complete mental evaluation? His delusions of grandeur have reached epic proportions: confidant of a former president and his chief advisor; No.1 news source in Southeast Texas, and worst of all, a self-styled beacon for "the truth."

Anonymous said...

I was at the lunch. Your assessment is about right. Many of the members were quite irritated at his speech and I can assure you that if he is ever asked to speak again, I will not be attending.

Anonymous said...

I was there and ALL THESE ARE ALL LIES? Post the meeting, everybody told Mr. Klein what a great job. Seeminingly - that means that Everybody thought Mr. Klein was a good speaker. This is what I would expect from THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS!!! I was There and that's not what I Said!!!

Anonymous said...

Gus, review your video. No one gave Phillip a standing ovation. Look closer, that guy jumps up and runs to the exit to be first out the door. Just wanted you to get the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Klien admitted he stalked the visitors to his website.

Anonymous said...

Philip isn't a real FBI agent. He just plays one when makeing speeches and serving papers.

Anonymous said...

Klein needs to do a little research or watch The History Channel on how the Secret Service secures elevators for just the President before he tells that story again. Right, Caroline?

Anonymous said...

*APPLAUSE* Mike grew a pair!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what ad shows on your screen when you go to the link of Klein's interview, but Gus, do you think Fox knows they have a Dairy Queen ad on the page? HAHAAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

From the earliest days of the organization, Rotarians were concerned with promoting high ethical standards in their professional lives.

In 1932 Herbert J. Taylor (who later served as Rotary International president) created the Four-Way Test when he was asked to take charge of a company that was facing bankruptcy.

This 24-word test for members to follow in their business and professional lives became the guide for all relations with dealers and customers. Adopted by Rotary in 1943, The Four-Way Test has been translated into more than a hundred languages.

The Four-Way Test:
Of the things we think, say or do:

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Usually the Rotarians invite motivational and inspirational speakers, those with a true message to inspire all. Truly a mystery how Philip Klein was given a spot on a Rotary podium to spue his venom against mankind.

Anonymous said...

Greatest speeches in the last 100 yrs.

Martin Luther King had a dream.
J.F. Kennedy inaugural address.
F.D.R. address to the nation after a foreign attack on Pearl Harbor.
Gen. Douglas MacArthur on Duty, Honor and Country.
Ronald Reagan about a time for choosing.
Thomas Woodrow Wilson message on a time for war.
And Philip r. Klein, it is all about me speech to the P.A. Rotary Club, September 23, 2010.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:13-- did you mean "it is all about WE speech"--

Wonder if it was a sell out on those ticket sales. roflmao.

Anonymous said...

The Rotary never heard the saying, "There's a sucker born every minute." What was Floyd thinking?

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Floyd yesterday and Floyd agreed that it was the worst speaker in recent memory to appear at our meetings.