Sep 9, 2010

Not Acceptable

In this Southeast Texas Political Review posting, Philip R. Klein writes:
Late this afternoon it was announced that Crime Stoppers of East Texas was shutting down. Rumors began weeks ago and we reported such which got a swift email from Crime Stoppers saying they were not in trouble. Well...they were. And now it is time to get them out of trouble. If there is ONE PROGRAM THAT IS NEEDED - IT IS CRIME STOPPERS.
The program that Klein references is EasTex Crime Stoppers in Nederland, not "Crime Stoppers of East Texas."  While Philip claims that he previously reported that the program was "shutting down,"  the actual mention came in a purported message from a reader on Klein's Reader Mail page, dated June 17, 2010:
From Port Arthur :

"Crime Stoppers - Seemingly they are hurting also. So we are cutting them a check. Do so also. A good cause. The reason for the hurt? When the government takes money away from you in taxes, fees and fines - you have less to spend in support of charitable causes. Duh?

EASTEX Crime Stoppers (not Beaumont) is hurting because they have been decertified by the state for financial mismanagement and therefore lost their funding."

Answer : Wow! We did not know this? Anyone? Can Anyone give us the scoop?
As such, Philip has just publicly admitted that he does indeed write his own Reader Mail. "Seemingly," this can be easily verified by Klein's signature train wrecks in grammar. 

More importantly, no one gave Klein the real scoop, although this has been brewing for months. So much for the "story behind the story in Southeast Texas Politics."
Now here is the question - why? Well it is the same old thing. When government takes your money you have less to give to things like Crime Stoppers. 
As Klein noted in his original posting from June, the EasTex Crimestoppers has suffered from poor management. Identical lines about the "government taking your money" appear in both Philip's article today and the original message. More evidence of Klein's personal agenda.

Apparently, the Executive Director who resigned yesterday appointed himself to that position. He previously attempted to get probation fees paid by Jefferson County to Beaumont Crime Stoppers diverted to EastTex Crime Stoppers.

To do this, he approached the state Crime Stoppers organization to have the Beaumont program decertified.  Unsuccessfully, since the Beaumont program has been considered the most successful in Southeast Texas for over 30 years; they routinely get calls from all jurisdictions around Southeast Texas. That was the real story that Klein missed in June.

From yesterday's Port Arthur News:
Danny Mallet, executive director, and Vice-President Jennifer Parker sent separate e-mail letters of resignation to members of the media Wednesday.

“The board of directors that were present at yesterday’s (Tuesday, Sept. 7) meeting are planning a new direction that I cannot support,” Mallet said. “EasTex was created to make East Texas a large safe zone, with law enforcement working together in a large “multi- jurisdictional” area. Law enforcement working together, not only in East Texas but all over the world. We had the greatest program, I think any county would be proud of. We had media support far beyond any one’s imagination. Criminals could run but they couldn’t hide from us.”
A cursory comparison between the Beaumont Crime Stoppers and the EasTex Crime Stoppers websites will verify who has "the greatest program." The Beaumont site is well-organized and professionally done; the program is doing quite well. The EasTex site looks like the Southeast Texas Political Review.
The Review is cutting a check this afternoon. We will be sending it and we urge all of you to send a check too. Here is the web address :

So here is what we ask. We are asking that you in business and the legal community throw in a "couple hundred." We did this afternoon and hope you will also. It is that important.
For the record, the program is now inactive, so I'm not sure how much a one-time donation will help. From today's Port Arthur News:
Rod Carroll, a board member with EasTex CrimeStoppers, announced Thursday that the organization is becoming inactive because of a shortage of funding.

Funding for the program comes from private donations and probationary funds. Carroll said the decision to make the program inactive was difficult for the board, but that the current economic climate made fundraising difficult.

The Beaumont CrimeStoppers program is not affected by the decision to make the EasTex program inactive. The Beaumont program can be contacted at 409-833-TIPS (833-8477).

He said efforts at fundraising will continue and the program could be revived if ongoing funding sources were found.
I have serious doubts whether Klein actually "cut a check" and if so, for exactly how much. As Rod Carroll noted, the program needs ongoing sources of funding, like those that the Beaumont program has developed over the years, not a one-time donation from a fat, self-aggrandizing "political consultant" with a personal agenda. 


Anonymous said...

This comment is off topic but I do have to leave this comment. Klein is forever preaching how anti-business the commissioners court of Jefferson County is but today I read in the P.A. News about the tax abatement that Valero is receiving for it's current expansion from the commissioners court. They are getting a sweet deal along with Motiva and Total on their expansion projects. It sounds to me that Jefferson County is very business friendly or these companies would have taken their business elsewhere. I wonder if Klein ever asked Jefferson County for a tax abatement on the Dairy Queens that he stole then bankrupted.

Anonymous said...

That's just one of 26 tax abatements that Jefferson County has in place and doesn't include the local agreements with individual cities.

If things are so bad in Jefferson County, you'd think Klein would move. I guess the divorce and paper-serving business in Jefferson County has been very very good to Fat Filup.

Anonymous said...

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return to sender funds unavailable