Sep 23, 2010

PRK's Media Conspiracy

In yesterday's article on former BISD Transportation Director Clifton Guillory, Philip R. Klein wrote:
It what can be considered as a shock video - the Southeast Texas Political Review has obtained and viewed a copy of the video dash cam recording as investigators at the Jefferson County SO continue their investigation of the event.

The shocking video can be seen post on the Enterprise web site :
Following standard editorial policy of the SET Political Review, Klein hysterically distorts the truth:
In brief description that can only be called sickening - the police unit comes upon the Ford F-250 truck and it is weaving and hitting curbs. The driver is obviously impaired. As the unit pulls over the truck - which has no license plate and is a brand new Ford F250 Diesel Truck - the officer gets out and does his routine questioning.
The term "sickening" is subjective; others may be sickened by an obese, self-described political consultant on local TV.

Klein is clearly lying when he states the truck has no license plate. While the glare from the patrol car headlights make reading the numbers difficult, the plate itself is obvious.

Likewise, the truck isn't hitting curbs, but is definitely swerving. The rest of Klein's article follows the same high standards of journalistic integrity.

Not mentioned by Klein: BISD launched an investigation and issued a news release before Klein published his article yesterday. Klein did not reference this:
After reviewing video released today of a Jefferson County Sheriff Department’s recent traffic stop involving Clifton Guillory, director of transportation for Beaumont Independent School District, Superintendent Dr. Carrol Thomas has opened an investigation into the matter.
Depending on the results of the investigation, Guillory’s punishment could range from a reprimand, suspension with pay, suspension without pay or termination."
While Klein was preparing for his speech before the Port Arthur Rotary Club today, Guillory ended the investigation by resigning.
BEAUMONT - BISD's Transportation Director announced his retirement Thursday, one day after the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office released a videotape of a traffic stop in a district truck, in which [Curtis] Guillory admits having been drinking alcohol with friends before he was pulled over. He was also driving with an expired license.
While Klein was boring Rotary Club members, Board Member Tom Neild sent this email to Dr. Carrol Thomas through Janice Teel:
From: Tom Neild
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 1:03 PM
To: Janice Teel
Cc: Jessie Haynes
Subject: Questions from my constituents and media

Dear Dr. Thomas. 

I have been asked the following questions by constituents and media who are demanding answers regarding the Guillory incident.  Please forward me the following information:
  1. Copy of the BISD Police Dept. policy and procedure manual.
  2. Exact date Jefferson County tape was given to BISD.
  3. List of BISD employees that drive BISD vehicles home and are these vehicles marked with permanent BISD signs.
  4. If these employees drive BISD vehicles how personal use monitored and charged ?( taxes, gas, insurance, tires, etc.)
  5. Will Mr. Guillory receive a full benefit package from the BISD?
  6. Please furnish the original BISD Police report from Sept. 4th.
  7. What is the check and balance on verification that BISD drivers have valid Texas drivers licenses.
  8. When is Mr. Guillory’s retirement effective.
  9. I would also like to request an independent investigation conducted regarding this incident. I would like to request this for board action.

Tom Neild
While Klein was napping after his power speech before the Rotary Club, Jessie Haynes released the following statement and documents:
From: Jessie Haynes
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 3:38 PM'
To: Multiple recipients

Several of you have requested this information.
You can see the attachments here, which include statements from BISD Police Chief Clydell Duncan, Officer D. Janise, and Sgt. David Hall.

Readers can draw their own conclusions about what all of this means, but I believe that Philip R. Klein, the Southeast Texas Political Review, and the Port Arthur Rotary Club conspired to divert attention away from these facts with PRK's speech at the Holiday Inn.

As further evidence, none of this is mentioned on the Southeast Texas Political Review as of 6:15 pm this evening. In his last posting at 5:36 pm after waking from his nap, Klein admits publishing hearsay and rumor concerning another issue:
The rumor is out - there may be a settlement coming in the cop beating case now that there is a conviction. According to sources inside the City of Beaumont - discussions will begin this next week.
The fix is in by the Southeast Texas Political Review.


Anonymous said...

Klein talked to himself for an hour today.

Anonymous said...

Klein's used to talk to himself on the radio a lot too.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Klein started pounding the podium and cursing and they had to cut his mike off until he calmed down.

Anonymous said...

Wish Klein would predict the winner of the Houston Texan vs Dallas Cowboy game...I'd make a bundle.

Anonymous said...

opps...klein caught lying again.

Anonymous said...

anony 9:12
And he is KBTV's liar. Angel San Juan, what were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

klein printed some bullshit late tonight about how the cops are fighting each other. his story keeps changing everytime he prints something.

Anonymous said...

"GOOD JOB KFDM FOR GETTING THESE STATEMENTS." I guess Channel 4 decided to pull his plug.

"I ALWAYS SUPPORT THE COPS." Except when he's calling them liars.

He's typing while drunk again, Gus.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion, the guy is mentally unbalanced and chemically imbalanced.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:48--Ch. 4 needs to pull his plug. He doesn't add anything of value to their programming.