Sep 19, 2010

The Week in Review (Pun Intended)

The irony in Philip R. Klein's statement from today's posting is obvious:
The public never forgets.
And liars need good memories. Here's a recap of last week.


Read these articles on the Beaumont Enterprise and The Examiner for the real story concerning Mike Getz and the BISD board meeting.

Klein accused Dr. Carrol Thomas of racism:
Dr. Carroll Thomas gave an interview to FOX 4 and suggested that Attorney Mike Getz and the people that are pushing the district rezoning for elections to the board are using Gestapo tactics in getting signatures.

Oh...Mike Jewish?
This claim...seems...hypocritical [sic] when considering Philip R. Klein's overt racism (no explanations needed):
You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.
These men had attitudes from the beginning - they were black.
The city council has two blacks - now they need a Mexican.
Speaking frankly, that all puts the black community and their want and dreams of running the district against the white community that wants to keep some little sense of pride of the past [sic]
The Port Arthur EDC is going to discuss how to train the "childrens" for their success in the work place.
And you folks in the black community - shut up.
How About Some Music ? : "Barack the 'Magic Negro'"
Ward 4 clean up set for Sat. How about sending in the SWAT team for a real good cleaning?
In the article, Klein wrote:
The story starts last night when KBMT TV got on tape, which they have now pulled the unedited version (raw video), an incident where Beaumont Lawyer Mike Getz was addressing the board and reading an editorial from this weeks Examiner. While reading the editorial and trying to give his opinion to the board - the Board President called him down, ordered the mics be turned off and that Getz leave the room - which was a clear violation of Getz's first amendment rights to address the board. The board president, quoted some illegal rule that stated that a speaker could not use someone's name?
Fact Check: Ejecting Mike Getz from the meeting was not an infringement of his First Amendment rights, nor is this rule illegal. While Getz was clearly making a statement, I suspect the publicity device would have been more effective had others been waiting in line to speak, picking up where Getz left off.

Klein's wild claims only divert attention from the real issue. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
The dustup in the Beaumont Independent School District board meeting Thursday night is not over - either on the part of the school board or the attorney who was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Michael Getz, who was reading an editorial from The Examiner which contained names of school district employees, says he will fight the ticket. Board president Woodrow Reece says he might take a look at the policy that allows speakers to address the board, and at the very least will consider whether Getz is to be allowed back in school board meetings.

The board's rule against naming specific people is not unusual, showing up in the codes governing speech at other local meetings. And speaking at all is a privilege, one that boards and councils are free under state law to revoke if they so desire.
Mike is freely exercising his First Amendment rights with media interviews about the incident. For example, see this article from The Examiner and this story from KBMT.

From the perspective of someone who is sympathetic with Getz' goal, I'm discouraged by the inconsistent statements from his group, Beaumonters Embracing Transition Towards Election Reform (BETTER).  Since the BISD board of trustees originally contained two at-large representatives, I'm not sure if this is reform or an attempt to return to the original structure for administering the district efficiently.

More importantly, the group has changed its numbers. According to the most recent article by The Examiner, Mike Getz claimed:
"We have over 10,000 signatures right now," Getz said. We only needed 9,400 to begin with. We want to make sure that we have more than enough so that we can be sure to get this on the ballot."
According to an earlier article from the Examiner
The goal of the group is to obtain about 15,000 signatures in an effort to allow voters the opportunity to decide the fate of the board's make-up in an election. They technically need only about 12,000 signatures to put the referendum on the ballot but they anticipate some of the names might be stricken from the list.
This is verified by an article in the Beaumont Enterprise:
Ninety-eight people have signed a petition with the hope of changing Beaumont ISD's school board.

Another 11,562 names are needed on the list in order for voters to decide if they want to change the school board from seven single member districts to five single member district and two at-large seats.
A reader asked Philip for a link to the Fox 4 KBTV story:
"can you get the video of the Fox 4 news interview of Thomas that your article refers to? I can't seem to find it on their web page & WE want to see it ............................... His father, the late Dr. Milton Getz, and my father, the late Ward Beckcom, served together on the PAISD board  during the time when the original desegregation busing order came down..."
I thought Doneane had better taste. I'll watch the SETPR for the link to the Channel 4 video. You can view the BISD video of Getz posted below.


Speaking of overt racism, Philip claimed: 
Well, we got a tip and we followed up on it with some teachers who teach at Central Middle School in Beaumont, Texas. It seems there is a push on the way to name Hallways after famous black leaders. No Mexican American Leaders - No White Leaders. Just black leaders. And it has made the teachers at the school go hmmmm....

"I think it is silly to name hallways. I have never heard of such of thing," said a school district employee at Central. "What are they thinking?" - She went on to say.
Klein's statement is another blatant lie, since the subject in discussion is allowing students to name buildings, not hallways, at the Central Medical Magnet High School in Beaumont. The Central Middle School is in the Nederland ISD. Philip consistently has difficulty identifying primary issues when not repeating arguments taken from old bumper stickers.

Either Philip made this up, or the teachers who purportedly contacted Philip were having some fun at his expense.


Speaking of making things up, Klein claimed the Jefferson County Commissioners were holding a public hearing on the proposed 2010-2011 budget on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010: 
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that courthouse security will be tightened in anticipation of crowds at the Jefferson County Commissioners Court as a public hearing is held on the budget. The meeting is to be held on Wednesday (tomorrow) and sources at the courthouse have told the Review that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has had a request by commissioners for extra security in the room and in the hallway.
Apparently, those sources at the Courthouse were having some fun at Philip's expense, since a meeting was never discussed, scheduled, or held.  This speaks volumes about Philip's sources.

As a result, the anticipated crowds that Klein referenced apparently stayed home, as did the extra security. Philip never mentioned the meeting that never happened again.

Internal Affairs

In this article, Klein stated:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has launched an Internal Affairs Investigation regarding the incident involving Clifton Guillory. According to high placed sources in Jefferson County the tape of the incident was reviewed and is "questionable" regarding the decisions of the officers involved. According to sources there are two officers that are involved.
Philip posted this after the Beaumont Enterprise published this story:
An internal investigation has been launched by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department into a traffic stop involving a Beaumont school district employee.

Jim Singletary with the Sheriff's Department said the department reviewed the video footage of the traffic stop from the deputy's camera on his car and determined an internal investigation was necessary.
Klein further claimed:
This morning the Review request [sic] through the Public Information Act a copy of the dashboard camera. According to sources the tape was reviewed and an IAD investigation was launched post the view.
The Review has agreed to wait regarding the tape after a complete and full investigation is completed. The Review has been advised that post investigation the tape will be available.
"The Review" has no choice but to wait, since active investigations are exempt from the Open Record requirements.  He's apparently under the influence of too may crime dramas, since the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office doesn't have an "IAD." There is, however, an Internal Affairs Unit.

As mentioned above, here is the BISD video of Mike Getz, as posted on the Beaumont Enterprise Hall Pass blog, who took the original video from the BISD Web TV Portal:


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Gus, Klein didn't post his weekend Tidbits so I'll have to get my laughs from the Sunday Comics. Do you recommend Born Loser?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you caught Klein's BS about Central. The idiot doesn't even know the difference between a high school in Beaumont and a junior high school in Nederland. None of that crap is true.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: create a new section of your blog called "Whoppers" and post Philip's big ones like Sen. Robert Nichols and the commissioner's court meeting.

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Klein says The Review has been advised that post investigation the tape will be available.

Is that the post of the post investigation next to the post of the post of the next post?

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I laugh when I think about the time Phillip called himself, "the Glenn Beck of Southeast Texas."

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Because Klein has so many grievances with BISD and Commissioners Court, he won't have time to repeat half the nasty things he's said about Port Arthur when he speaks to that city's Rotary Club.