Sep 15, 2010

What's Wrong with this Picture (Part Two)

See Part One here. Posted today on the Fox 4 KBTV website:

The link to the page for Phillip Klien's current appearance is broken, but the page can be accessed here:

For two consecutive weeks,  Channel 4 has not posted the actual video.

Multiple choice:

  1. Fox 4 is whitewashing Philip by not posting his spurious statements
  2. KBTV is as inept at editing and website administration as Philip Klein
  3. Channel 4 is playing games with local bloggers 
  4. The station formerly known as KJAC is avoiding liability
  5. Write in your own answer: ______________________
  6. None of the above
  7. All of the above
I don't know the real answer, but leave a comment if you have an opinion.

In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review yesterday, Philip referenced a puported public hearing by Jefferson County Commissioners tonight (emphasis is mine):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that courthouse security will be tightened in anticipation of crowds at the Jefferson County Commissioners Court as a public hearing is held on the budget. The meeting is to be held on Wednesday (tomorrow) and sources at the courthouse have told the Review that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has had a request by commissioners for extra security in the room and in the hallway.
Here is the bottom line - tomorrow will be a great day. You will watch the end of two men that have drove this county into the ground. You will watch one in the beginning of the end of his public service, and you will watch two others seal themselves in their seats for as many years as they want. But really screwing the deputies. And we will watch the continuing backdoor politics of Jefferson County Texas. THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS - BAR NONE.

Another local story puts Klein's obsequious charge of corruption in Jefferson County into proper perspective. Wayne Dolcefino at KTRK/Channel 13:

BEAUMONT, TX (KTRK) -- We're following up to a 13 Undercover investigation we first broke last year. A federal grand jury appears to be close to ending its investigation into allegations of corruption by some Liberty County officials.

13 Undercover spent much of last year exposing the possible shenanigans on the hurricane trail, and now a federal grand jury is on the case.

At the Liberty County courthouse, all eyes are looking to the federal building in Beaumont on Liberty Street.
From the Cleveland Advocate:
Brown was referring to the cloud that has hung over Liberty County since March 2009 when the Cleveland Advocate/Dayton News and news partner KTRK broke a news story that some county officials may have profited from Hurricane Ike debris clean-up contracts.

At the center of the federal investigation are Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Pct. 2 Commissioner Lee Groce, who reportedly were notified back in late 2009 that they are the targets of a federal probe.

Brown, Pct. 1 Commissioner Todd Fontenot, Pct. 3 Commissioner Melvin Hunt and Lisa Fregia, secretary of Judge Fitzgerald, are all slated to appear before the grand jury on Wednesday to answer questions about what they might know or witnessed.
Current effective tax rates (per $100):
Klein refuses to discuss the issues rationally, but panders to the fringe by peddling his misinformation to further his own personal agenda.


Anonymous said...

Did Phillip break the toilet at Parkdale Mall again?

Anonymous said...

The answer is number two. They're both inept..."on a national lever?" Giggle.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Kbtv so I can't vote;

Anonymous said...

Didn't Phillip Klien claim Jefferson County had the highest tax rate in the nation?

Anonymous said...

was mr guillory's vehicle /// car or f-250 big rig truck? ask klein!
kleins top story shows a nice truck
give the guy a break, maybe he was swerving due to the snow near this what-a-burger or looking for dq in the golden triangle or looking for someone to fix it all toilets
also the front license plate was missing
maybe on his way to rotary club early so he would get a seat

Anonymous said...

Hey Philly boy, how did that big meeting with the commissioners go last night? When I checked, the janitors were mopping the floor, but no commissioners. Guess it's just more corruption.