Sep 7, 2010


Philip R. Klein wrote in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):
It has leaked out quietly this morning - but it will have a huge impact on the employees of Port Arthur, Texas. That is the now released numbers that shows Port Arthur Texas is in worst shape than originally thought.

According to sources inside city hall - Port Arthur Texas is looking at a possible 10% cut back across the board just to make budget.

"Our numbers are not final - but we may be looking at about 10% across the board without some type of tax relief. I don' think that is off the board. I think we are going to have to raise taxes just to keep some of what we have," said a source inside city hall.
According to sources inside the city - the final number is not in but health insurance may increase by 12% this year and a whopping 32% the next with the Obamacare bill hitting in 2011-12.
As we have been telling you for over a year now - it is here. The day the piper has to be paid. And folks - you are going to pay it. They don't know how to cut back - they only know how to spend. And spend they will. At the cost of public safety.
True to his word (said with tongue firmly in cheek), Klein published this prediction almost a year earlier to the day on Sept, 9, 2009:
The Review has learned from a source very close to city council that after review of the city budget for 2009-10 - that the budget will be unable to sustain the outflow of money.

"We are going to have some serious problems with funding the budget come May of next year," said our source inside the Port Arthur City Council.

The problem? Seemingly the water and sewer infrastructure is collapsing and improvements are not keeping up with the problems. A whopping $30 million dollars is needed to bring the city up to where it should be according to our sources.
I also promised to revisit this story:
According to organizers, [State] Senator [Robert] Nichols did a motorcycle ride down to the rally this past week in Port Arthur. He crossed the bridge and came to the gate (s) where the event was held. He was wearing his nice leathers and had a cool jacket on due to the rain he came through. He was stopped by a police officer at the gate - one from reportedly chambers county.
Sources in Austin tell the Review that the senator has opened warfare on the City of Port Arthur. He has staff looking over issues that "cover Port Arthur." Meaning - it is going to be a rough time for those Port Arthur Delegates that will be going to Port Arthur Day in Austin this next year. If you know what we are saying.
Gezzzz.....we will keep you updated on this.
I'm still waiting on that update.


Anonymous said...


Klein stole most of this from the Port Arthur News article in August.

Since it wasn't Channel 4, I guess he didnt think mentioning the PA News was important.

Anonymous said...

Where was Klein in 2008?