Oct 26, 2010

UPDATE: Twofer Tuesday

Read more about Philip's latest editorial here.

Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review is entitled "En Masse," but a more appropriate title would be "Bad Math:"
We have taken a look at the early numbers since their release this past evening. And it looks from what we can see that a GOP wave of about 57% has hit Jefferson County.

Rogers Park - with over 5,800 votes had another big day with Nederland having another big day too.
Philip prefers to keep his readers in the dark, but you can take a look at the early numbers, too. See this link from the County Clerk.

Philip calculated this figure of 57 percent by adding the total votes cast at the Roger's Park and Nederland Recreation Center voting locations. Of 18,255 votes cast thus far, Rogers Park generated 5,021 and Nederland had 2,754 for a total of 7,775 votes.

According to basic arithmetic, this is a percentage of 42.6 percent, not 57 percent. Klein's claim is further predicated on an assumption that all votes cast in those two locations were for Republicans. This clearly shows that Philip has less insight than the average person who actually reads the source documents.

This is not credible commentary; rather, it's gibberish from a self-described political consultant whose main priority is self-aggrandizement:
As we prepare in the office this morning to publish out [sic] prediction issue tonight at 6 p.m.
I hope Klein's predictions in 2010 are more accurate than his predictions from 2008, where he guessed three of eight correctly for a score of 37.5 percent.

After the Election (Philip will still be an idiot)

In this posting, Klein made this claim:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that indictments of two Beaumont Police Officers will be held until after the Election on November 2, 2010. Sources close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office tell the Review that the charges "are likely" however in the fairness to the electoral process - they are going to hold the indictments or even ask the grand jury for charge until then.

"It is not fair. We have to think about what is fair to the family," said our source close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office.

Fair? Really? Fair? What about the other 200,000 people in Jefferson County - remember the taxpayers?
 What is all of this - it stinks. Waiting to act by the DA's office again? Because of politics.

Oh...did we mention that Beaulieu is a FOT? You know - a friend of Tom? Maness that is...the District Attorney of Jefferson County Texas?
This is another of Klein's blatant lies.

The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office has nothing whatsoever to do with this investigation, after they were recused and a special prosecutor from Brazos County was appointed. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office has been recused from the case and a special prosecutor, First Assistant District Attorney for Brazos County Shane Phelps was appointed.
"Sources close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office" tell Operation Kleinwatch that Philip R. Klein is an idiot. More likely, Klein is trying to divert attention from his earlier claims on Fox 4 KBTV and the Southeast Texas that both officers would be indicted two weeks ago.

In a related issue, Philip has never provided any details or information on a purported announcement by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms that the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission burned the First Baptist Church of Kountze to cover up evidence of fraud.

I'm sure Philip will claim that the Jefferson County District Attorney's office dropped the ball on that investigation in Hardin County, too.


Anonymous said...

Gus, Time for another open letter to Mike and Angel! Surely KBTV won't expose itself to a libel suit by permitting that windbag spew his untruths on TV.

Anonymous said...

When FOX start's shelling out attorney's fees it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

Curious how PRK's "sources" know what's likely to happen inside the Grand Jury when there is a special prosecutor handling the investigation of the BPD officers.

Anonymous said...

Kliar (I'm copyrighting that) claims Nancy Beaulieu would not participate in Fox 4's forum because of her relationship with Channel 6. The truth might be that Phil Kliar has talked about her and her son on Fox 4 while crying crocodile tears about how the investigation could smear her campaign. Kliar is doing his best to smear her. It's part of his DNA.

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Anon 1215, did you mean that you're "copywriting" that????

Anonymous said...

I did not realize he was that fat.

Anonymous said...

Klein's so fat his car has stretch marks.