Oct 24, 2010

Five Questions and a Pack of Lies

Charles Dickens wrote:
Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule.
And there's no better place to apply this rule than Philip R. Klein's latest editorial:
This past week I had the opportunity to speak to three classes at the University of Houston. The topic - "Bloggers And How They Affect The Political Process." They were a great group of young people that really were interested in politics. Most where kids with huge ambitions and a not so good knowledge of the political process. However, they wanted to learn and they wanted to hear from someone in the political system that has been there and done that - on their level - meaning the internet.
Fact check: Klein did not speak to three classes at the University of Houston this past week or at any other time this semester. To verify, start with the University of Houston Director of Academic Program Management at (713)743-0882. 

Philip's claim lacks credulity. Why would UH seek a third-rate blogger, failed fast food impresario, and self-proclaimed political consultant who can't string together enough words to form a coherent and grammatically correct sentence as a speaker? 

For further evidence, Klein's most recent video posted to YouTube has generated only 550 views since Oct. 11. 2010, even though Klein claims thousands of readers every day. According to a reliable source, a video of a boy making farting noises generated twice the traffic as Klein's video

Houston has several world-class political bloggers on all sides of the political spectrum who have much greater influence on Texas Politics than Philip R. Klein. These bloggers include UH faculty members, so Klein's claim is not simply not credible. 

Philip further claims:
After the talk was over - a very nice young lady who was political science major came up to me and asked if I could spend 30 minutes with her. She had a project due called "five questions." She told me that she had been having problems with project - however after hearing what I had to say - she wanted to ask me the five questions. So I agreed to do it only if she took two hours and did some research on me on the net. She did and we did the interview. Today I would like to share the questions she asked today because I though they were great questions.
Fact check: There is no class in the UH Political Science department that has such a sophomoric assignment. To confirm, start with the Department of Political Science at (713)743-3890. Klein's juvenile claim is more reminiscent of middle school homework than a college-level assignment.

As with most of his letters to his "Reader Mail" page, Philip wrote these five questions and answered them, too. All of the questions contain Klein's grammatical signatures. Presumably, political science majors understand the proper use of punctuation, sentence fragments and run-on sentences, and other elementary grammar rules.

For example, Klein's idiomatic language is clearly evident in the first question (emphasis is mine):
1) In your talk today you told us the place in East Texas from where you are based. You called it the "Most Corrupt County In Texas." If it is that bad why don't you move to another part of Texas that has your political beliefs and morals?
Most people with basic grammar skills would write (emphasis is mine):
In your talk today, you told us about the place in East Texas where you are based.
The missing commas and awkward sentence construction echo Klein's past postings. Here are three such examples:
Meaning - Hilton Kelley should go back to from where he came.
 As some of the GOP women run to the courthouse to see if Beaulieu has crossed over - or maybe is crossing over now from where she was - the letter seemingly is making its rounds.
 On Friday Afternoons we try and read Trog from where we left off the week before.
 Let's examine some of Philip's specific claims:
When we went to the web in March of 1996 - not many people read web sites. So some thought I had gone away. In fact, in 1997 I began to get calls from people asking me why they were getting their faxes.
Fact check: Klein first registered the Southeast Texas Political Review in 1999, not 1996. From the INTERNIC Whois records for SETpoliticalreview.com:
Updated Date: 01-oct-2008
Creation Date: 29-jun-1999
Expiration Date: 29-jun-2012
Neither does the Internet Archives show any postings for the Southeast Texas Political Review before 1999.

Philip makes this claim concerning his history as a radio talk show host:
I can remember when I did a show in 1994 at an AM radio station during drive time for two years.
Fact check: Philip never did a "drive time" radio show in 1994, 1995, or 1996.  This, too, is a blatant lie; During that time period, Klein was too busy running a DQ franchise into the ground to host a "drive time" radio show. More on this below.

Perhaps Philip is confusing his stint as a Saturday morning part-time announcer on KOLE-AM in 2005. That show lasted approximately 18 months until the station changed hands and Philip's show was discontinued. A cursory listen to Klein's show will show why.

Since Klein was never a "drive time" radio host, this entire story is fiction:
A local bank owned by Jack Brooks was a sponsor of the radio station and told the station that as long as I was at the station they would not advertise. So...they had a choice - drop me or the advertiser. Lucky for them they dropped the advertiser and got two others to replace them and they made more money. You see having guts rather than cutting and running turns out to be something great sometimes. It always is a good thing when you do the right thing. Brooks lost that year. As I love Jack Brooks and will never forget the time he personally took me through his office that I called a museum - it get why he did it. He lost - I won. It was my first big political win and message of my arrival and the Review's arrival. I guess what I have learned from my relationship with FOX nationally and local is simply this - stand up for what you believe in and controversy sells. Rather than worry about what you have - focus about what you don't have.
For more on Klein's "relation with FOX nationally," see his iMDB listing.

On question two, readers will find conclusive proof of evolution in PRK's description of his bankruptcy: 
In the late 1990's we got into a huge war in the federal courts over franchise rights and advertising rights to which demands were being made to our company outside of a franchise agreement. As CEO of the company, I knew a huge legal fight was coming. There was millions on the table. So I interviewed maybe 10 attorney's from Beaumont to handle my case. All of them said no - that I was too politically hot and no judge would rule for me. So I went to Houston and hired a great lawyer. Paid him big bucks. And it was worth it. The company won, We settled in the end - the company made a bunch of money - the other company got what they wanted and at the end the judge looked at everyone and said that for the first time in a while the right thing happened. Because it was a family business deal there was bad blood - and really only I was happy - but it worked out.
Philip didn't explain why a lawsuit concerning "franchise rights and advertising" was filed in the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Verify for yourself through PACER:
  • PRK Enterprises (No. 99-10415)
  • PRK Enterprises (No. 99-01053)
No other lawsuit by Philip R. Klein that matches this bizarre description can be found in the public record. Neither did Klein "go to Houston and [hire] a great lawyer. Paid him big bucks. And it was worth it."

Instead, Beaumont attorney Mark Faggard represented Klein in this bankruptcy. Philip later sued when Mark tried to cut PRK a break on his legal expenses. For verification, see Klein's Motion for Summery [sic] Judgment.

PRK also claimed:
Every single Radio program, TV Program or interview I do my detractors read and comment. And if you look at it - it boosts readership or viewing or listening to that station. So...ignore me or get smart and put me on and increase your viewers. And the more I am on - the better it is for all businesses I own and that are owned. You just have to stand the detractors that try stifle free speech?
Christine O'Donnell gets a lot of press, too. On stifling Klein's protected speech, read a different perspective here.

Philip comments on his party identity confusion in question three:
I am a conservative first, a republican and tea party person second? Now if you believe that I have land in Louisiana I want to sell you. What people don't understand is that if you are a true conservative you are already a member of the tea party. I worry sometimes about the tea party being simply another name for conservatives...Look - I am a conservative first and a republican second. End of story.
Fact Check: Many "true conservatives" such as Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer have distanced themselves from Tea Party extremism. Tea Party Republicans have turned their backs on great Republicans like George H.W. Bush, Eisenhower, Taft, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, who were all rational and inclusive. They instinctively avoided the fringe and sought the center of any controversy.

Klein's logic breaks down completely in question four, which concerns Philip's nuisance suit against Sam the Eagle and me (AKA John Does 1 and 2):
Well, I have to be careful here. We are in litigation so what I say and you print will be brought up some day.
Klein's grandiose claim belies the significance of a simple class assignment. He made the same claim concerning a Channel 4 appearance. Occam's razor corroborates that Philip just made it all up. 
I am aware of the sites. I hired an internet investigation firm in Houston and a law firm in Austin to monitor what is said. Why? Well I don't want to read them because if I do it will influence how and what I write. So that has angered them.
Read more about Klein's affidavit here.
It has gotten really bad from time to time. To the point they have taken pictures of my home, tried but failed to take pictures of my sons home, pictures of our offices, and pictures of my family.
I have never taken pictures of Klein's home, or tried to take pictures of Klein's family, his offices, or any farm animals  he owns. Klein provides no evidence to support this irresponsible claim.
They have attacked verbally my children, my wife, my ex-wives, my businesses, our extended family and our clients and people that have done business with us. They talk about my weight, they talk about my friends, my lawyers and the try and disparage and put pressure on anyone I do business with like FOX 4. In the beginning it bothered me. But now it is all old. The same old dribble over and over by people that don't have the guts to sign their names. It is like you want to say man up? Grow a set? But then you remember people hide for a reason. That reason? They have more to lose if they were exposed than if manned up and signed their names.
I have never verbally attacked PRK's children, his wife, his ex-wife, his businesses, his extended family, and his clients and people that have done business with him.  Klein provides no evident to support this irresponsible claim, even though all of my postings are still available in the archives. 

I have, however, commented on stalking complaints against Philip, written an open letter on his daughter's editorial as published on the SET Political review, exposed falsehoods in his public speeches, ridiculed his TV appearances, and lampooned his Patrick McDermott investigation.  
The question in front of the courts is if Philip Klein is a public person - or a private person Meaning is Philip Klein a public person with a public blog or is Philip Klein a private person with a public blog?
Fact check: This is gibberish. The questions before the court are these, according to Philip R. Klein's brief before the Texas Supreme Court:
  • Reply Issue No. 1
    The trial court did not disregard the procedures of Rule 202 and did not order the
    parties to rely upon a Rule 11 agreement and a Subpoena. This was voluntarily done
    by the parties, and Rule 202 does not prohibit parties from entering into voluntary,
    informal discovery.

  • Reply Issue No. 2
    The Honorable Judge Floyd’s Order was not state action depriving Relators of their First Amendment rights to anonymous speech. The website and Relators’ contents are clearly defamatory per se, and neither their identities nor the content of the blogs are protected under the First Amendment.
Philip derails completely off the track in this passage:
If the courts rule in my favor - one of the suspected writers, Neil Harrison of Clear Channel Communications in Houston, will stand trial. As will his company Clear Channel who he has worked for and we have tracked his IP addresses back to his office. He has hired Brent Coon and Associates - which is the same law firm that represented a local Justice of the Peace in another failed lawsuit against the Review. In my opinion Coon is a low life scum bag liar that has more secrets in his treasure bag than he wants anyone to know. And he tries to represent himself as some great lawyer? He hides behind the law and gets some appellate lawyer to do his bidding for him because he has no idea how to write a brief. He is too busy trying to screw around with dumb pretty girls and play in his garage band. And even better than that everyone around him says that he has squandered his millions he made off the BP gig. Now he is trying to go back to the trough for more - but the defense lawyers and BP have his number. That happens when you try and hide? So as you can see those who attempt to discredit me are in fact not looking in the mirror.
Our Attorney is Jeffrey L. Dorrell, not Brent Coon, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Klein's lawsuit. 

Since previously identifying Sam the Eagle as Neil Harrison, Klein's implication is that I am Brent Coon. I  can't comment on Sam's identity since he's in litigation, but I am not now, nor have I ever been, Brent Coon. Klein has never offered any evidence whatsoever to support these bizarre claims before the Texas Supreme Court or on the Southeast Texas Political Review.

However, I'm sure Klein's description of a low life scum back liar who has more secrets in his treasure bag than he wants anyone to know about applies to another party in this petition.

In question five, Klein speculates on the end of the Southeast Texas Political Review and discusses his retirement:
That is the greatest thing about life. Everything ends. I have been doing this gig for 17 years. I have put myself and my opinion out there. I have a great group of people that feed me information and a great group of people that I work with. The operative word is "I" and I think I get that? I will not retire in Jefferson County - that is for sure. I know I will move and we have some great friends in Comal County Texas as well as some investments up there. I do see the end of the tunnel. I can see it coming....but I just don't know when. If I had to put a time frame on it I would be saying within five years. As I am international now - I don't really have to be in one place. Less than 25% of the business is generated in Southeast Texas. So my guess is I will do just fine in Comal County.
Note that Klein has commented on his personal business plan.  That five-year plan that Philip mentioned on the SET Political Review in 2004 apparently didn't pan out.

Likewise, this analogy is quite revealing considering Philip's symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
There is nobody behind me in the Review. In my other companies I have not chosen an heir apparent. My son is interested - but he needs time to grow and mature. He is doing it - but the jury is still out.
An heir apparent? 
If I leave Southeast Texas in the next five years - I will close it. I have looked at the number 20 - it is a nice round number. But again - who knows. I am not ready yet. But I can feel it coming.
Oh look, another five year plan! Not that Philip R. Klein takes bribes, but I'll donate a one-way Greyhound ticket to New Braunfels if Philip will leave tomorrow.

A standing offer:
If this "very nice young lady" exists, then please feel free to contact me if you'd like a more factual account of Philip R. Klein. In his suspect account, PRK clearly stated that you've read the blogs. Since UH students have assigned email addresses, please use your school account.


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Whoa! Nailed it, Gus!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Gus! Another direct hit into the Klein hot air bag.

Anonymous said...

This is the 1st time I have left a comment so please be gentle!

I never bought your amateur psychoanalysis of Klein, but after reading his latest editorial and your article, I think you're right...Klein has some serious emotional problems.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Philip did not speak at U of H last week. I am often amazed at the crap he comes up with.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at paying an Austin law firm to read this blog. Now it explains why he went bankrupt.

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break down in civil and criminal system is when klein and his restraining order attorney lawyer file frivilous idiotic lawsuits that require honest folks to spend money to respond
whats wrong, cry baby, mad cause some cop stopped your charley boy
he must have forgot to mention that his dad was fbi,judge, jury and garbage generator
comal county's loss
golden triange's gain

Anonymous said...

PRK clearly envies a Beaumont lawyer who's made millions, plays in a garage band, and is pursued by gorgeous women. Shucks, I'm a bit jealous myself but not ashamed to admit it.

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I'm shocked he hasn't found a way to tie Tom Maness into your blog, Gus.

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your support for other team will be required
less miles more wins
go tigers lsu
we got enough losers without you
this means you philip de kline

Sam the Eagle said...

We cannot comment. We are in litigation.

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My bet Gus is that the student never existed. As Sam says...Philip lies.

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Klein lied about the Beaulieu stuff - there is a special prosecutor, so the Jefferson County DA's office isn't involved. He's such a dumbass.

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This is hilarious! Klein didn't go to Houston last week.