Oct 12, 2010

Nancy's Problems

While Philip R. Klein doesn't claim that members of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission burned down a church to cover up fraud in his latest posting, he offers this shrewd insight into the race for Jefferson County Precinct 1, Place 2, Justice of the Peace:
Now - we have two that are running for office. One - a loud mouthed democrat left wing lawyer and two - a quiet mouthed politically gun wielding RINO republican which the only thing republican about her is the "R" on the ballot next to her name. And we mean that.
The rest of this posting displays the same perspicacity: 
This past week - Bill Leger got on the air and said ON AIR that Beaulieu was leaving the set until after the election to insure that there was no conflict of interest in the election. That got tongues wagging - and we have learned that the law may have been breached. According to two lawyers we spoke with over the last week - an FCC investigation has been launched regarding Larry staying on the air past his wife's filing back in January. Meaning, as Larry did the right thing in October, he should have done it back in January.
These are blatant lies.

No such regulation exists that prohibits a media personality from making a living while a spouse runs for public office, nor is the FCC investigating Larry Beaulieu.  If you believe Philip R. Klein is more credible and has more integrity than Larry or Nancy Beaulieu, you're obviously reading the wrong website. Try here (and please don't come back). 

Regarding PRK's attack on the Beaulieu family, the case concerning Officer Brad Beaulieu has no relevance to the race by Nancy Beaulieu for Jefferson County JP, Precinct 1, Place 2. I'll review (pun intended) Klein's statements about that case in the future, based on its own merits.

Of special note:

Nancy is what she is. She is a liberal democrat. She hangs with liberal democrats. She is supported by liberal democrats...So that leaves voters in the West End with a choice - voting for a democrat or a closet democrat with TONS of baggage. The joke running around the West End GOPERS is which democrat they are going to be voting for.
Fact check: the real joke "running around the West End GOPERS" is Philip Klein. See for yourself.

Nancy Beaulieu and Eddie Arnold are both Republicans; Philip R. Klein is a radical wingnut who's in "political love with Christine O'Donnell."  Regarding the other candidate, Anne Bradley, Philip's biases are showing again:
A loud mouthed democrat left wing lawyer...
And the joke that the loud mouth might be a better qualified judge with no baggage...
The loud mouth attorney is lurking around giggling right now...
Pop Quiz (Multiple choice):

According to Philip R. Klein, which of the following should be seen and not heard:
  1. Lawyers
  2. Women
  3. African-Americans
  4. Democrats
  5. Liberals
  6. All of the above
For those who prefer factual and unbiased coverage, see this story on KBMT Channel 12.  Klein's juvenile opinions are not representative of true conservatism, they're mean-spirited demagoguery with no substantive content.


Anonymous said...

Gus, have you noticed that Klein hasn't mentioned Shane Howard by name? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Did he and Shane have a falling out? I know Shane was feeding him information during the primaries.

Anyway, I wonder if Klein would endorse anyone in the JP race. Must be a tough decision for him, first they're both women and second one is ... BLACK and educated! (Gasp)

Anonymous said...

I'll wager both of the JP candidates are praying she will NOT receive PRK's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

You can make a complaint to the FCC yourself...oh, say for something like idiots making libelous statements on a local TV station.


Anonymous said...

Sam The Eagle made my day with STE latest post posting.

Anonymous said...

Thats Funny!!!

Anonymous said...



Sam the Eagle nailed Klein!