Oct 9, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits™

If I have time this week-end, I'll address two of Klein's stories concerning local sales taxes and Klein's allegations concerning the Beaumont PD.

Meanwhile, Philip writes in this week's Nitwit Tidbits™.
Wings To Go - Crime is down in Beaumont and Jefferson County - anyone for some Wings and Brew? Gezz...media gaga.
KFDM, the Beaumont Enterprise, the Examiner, and KBMT covered this story, where four armed suspects pistol-whipped an employee, threatened at least six customers, and robbed the restaurant. Readers can decided for themselves whether this is newsworthy, but I think it is.

Fox 4 KBTV did not mention this crime. Was this because of pressure from the station's clients, or because Philip is now serving as the station's assignments editor?
Vidor - Wait - a budget shortfall? And government cuts back? We LOVE IT! They still have a way to go...
Readers may remember that Philip predicted a $146 million budget for Jefferson County. After Commissioners cut expenses by 11.7 percent, the actual budget totaled $107 million and solved this year's budget deficit. Yet, Klein claimed the county was bankrupt.

The Vidor ISD tendered offers of early resignation for several employees to address a $3.5 million deficit,  yet Philip described this as a simple "budget shortfall."  His hypocrisy is showing again.
Special Prosecutor - Sources close to the prosecution tell the Review the case is a slam dunk. The problem? IF the BPD officers are indicted - it opens up the door to a very big civil rights lawsuit.
To be revisited.
"Where Are The Feds?" - With all of the controversy and issues with corruption in Southeast Texas many are asking where the US Attorney is in the Eastern District of Texas? Out to lunch? We say naaaaa.....when they are quiet they are usually working. Watch listen and learn we are told.
Philip has been predicting federal investigations in Jefferson County for years. From December 2006:
The Federal Investigation of BISD - It is who you are depending on for your news. We depend on the sources that we have put together and believe us - it is happening. And guess what - the oversight group - called the School Board? They could care less? Or are they....... STAY TUNED FOR THIS ONE!
So, how did that investigation turn out?
White Polling Numbers - Actually went down when he went negative. Funny stuff.
This is especially funny since Philip just invented this charge concerning negative campaigning. White has been attacking Perry for the now-defunct Trans-Texas Corridor, his special interests with the insurance lobby, and his failure to debate since winning the gubernatorial nomination in March. See this article for a more realistic analysis.
National Weather Service - It is junk science. Nobody really knows. End of story. Hurricane estimations WAY WAY OFF. Global warming? Oppss...we mean Global Climate Change?
Klein's logical fallacy, a red herring, is obvious; the accuracy of hurricane predictions has nothing to do with the issue of climate change.  
Unemployment Surprise - Revised figures (giggle) for Jefferson County - to 10.9%. Oh....and sales tax down? Double digits? How is that big government working for you?
Another great cosmic irony - Philip R. Klein quotes Sarah Palin, even though he just made up this charge concerning "revised figures.' The August rate of 10.9 percent is the same released by the Texas Workforce Commission on September 17.   

To be revisited.
New Poll Out Texas - 69% are angry or very angry at the Democrats in how they have run the United States. 11% have no opinion. Do the math. Funny.
New poll Out Jefferson County - 69 percent of all residents think Philip R. Klein is an idiot. Another 30 percent have never heard of Klein. Do the math. Funny.
Let's Do A Blogger Report? Shall We :
Sure. The Southeast Texas Political Review this week is riddled with falsehoods, half-truths, and self-aggrandizing statements by Philip R. Klein. Nothing new to see here - keep moving, please.

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