Oct 2, 2010

Philip R. Klein: He Just Made It Up!

Jefferson County Commissioners approved the 2010-2011 budget this week. While referencing this obliquely by obfuscating the real facts with more unsubstantiated rumor., Philip R. Klein never addressed the actual budget. Let's review (pun intended) why.

He first began posting erroneous information about this year's budget in May. Here are examples of what the Southeast Texas Political Review learned during its investigations:
Budget Numbers - We hear pre numbers are? Get this - they want to spend MORE MONEY THIS NEXT YEAR IN THE COUNTY. The number? 146 million? Get that! Wow! Thank you Easter Bunny!
Philip just made it up. The actual budget for 2010-2011: $107 million, which is $39 million less than Klein's prediction and $14 million less than last year's budget.  Jefferson County Commissioners cut expenses by 11.7 percent.

Klein claimed that Jefferson County was bankrupt shortly after predicting this $146 million budget in May:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Jefferson County has determined that they cannot continue to operate in current budget by the end of the year - as well as operate in the next fiscal year without massively raising taxes or closing down certain portions of operations inside the county.

Meaning - the county will go Bankrupt by years end....

"We are in trouble. Bad trouble. There is no way that we can sustain our growth over the last couple of years without getting some more money in the door," said a high ranking official to the Review this afternoon.
The county is in no danger of going bankrupt, even though PRK predicted a tax increase and described how the vote would go down a week later:
So - get out your wallets. Alfred, Senegal and name one of the others will vote for a tax increase. Why? Because that is all they know. Take your money and spend it in your name.

Now - what to watch for? Oh the children first. You just saw the first PR spin with the bookmobile. And of course we now feed the children. How important is that? Right? Then courthouse security - how important is that? Right? And then of course the cost of keeping the inmates? That IS important. And then the courthouse and remodeling. And then the navy, the air force and .... the county employees who deserve a raise.
There were no tax increases and commissioners kept the tax rate at 36.5 cents, even though overall valuations dropped. Klein claimed home appraisals increased by 7 percent:
Over the past five years - the average appraisal for a home has increased (ready?) over 48.7% and this year alone we all are looking at about a 7% increase.
The actual increase: 4.6 percent.

Despite Klein's prediction, the Jefferson County Library and the Bookmobile were among the first cuts. Likewise, Courthouse security was never mentioned and county employees received no raises. Instead, the county eliminated a total of 26 positions and moved the funding for another 15 to Special Revenue.

PRK predicted that Jefferson County Commissioners would sell this fictional tax increase through the local media with these arguments:
We will help you with what you will see this week in the media. Because frankly they don't get it. So here is how it will go down.
  1. Oh - my gosh - we have to continue the level of service to our customers the taxpayers.
  2. We need more money to the Sheriff and the courts.
  3. We need to help the poor (the black community voter base) with indigent health care.
  4. We need to be ready for a hurricane.
  5. We need to shine our crown jewls -[sic]  the airport and Ford Park.
  6. And we need to help our employees in a cost of living increase.
Philip just made it up. No one in the county government made any of these arguments. 

Klein did predict a reduction in workforce (RIF):
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that budget cuts at Jefferson County might include last years appointment in the Jefferson County Domestic Courts of a administrative judge and his entire budget.
This was never discussed, but Klein missed the primary RIF, eight deputy constables, until a week after the constables were notified of the cuts during budget hearings.

Note to the Port Arthur Rotary Club: Remember this when booking future speakers.


Anonymous said...

Excellent example of what a liar Phil Klein is.

Anonymous said...

During his recent speech before the South County Republican Nudists, Klein demonstrated his technique for counting to 21 without his pants.

Anonymous said...

Why does FOX4 allow this idiot on the air?

Anonymous said...

21, .....or to 10 and 1/2, max?

Anonymous said...

It's apparent that math wasn't Phillip's strong subject in school.

Anonymous said...

Math was not his forte but Phil was a brilliant student of grammar and a perennial winner of the spelling bee. At age 9, he published his first work of fiction; to this day he is recognized as a leader in that genre.

Anonymous said...

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as we writer told us last week;
we think we is sick, we think we acts like a dictator. we think we is a racist. we think we is killing beaumont
corruption, we be laughing stock of texas
should we be allowed to speak at two high school? allow we to expose weself for what we is, the laughing stock of texas