Oct 14, 2010

Right (Another Moronic One-word Title)

In his latest SET Political Review posting, Philip Klein launched another sophomoric tirade against the Beaumont Enterprise and gubernatorial candidate Bill White:
THE BEAUMONT ENTERPRISE HAS LOST IT! They have simply lost it. They list nothing but campaign slogans.
The Beaumont Enterprise posted this editorial endorsing Bill White several days ago on Oct. 9, 2010, so apparently Philip moves his mouth while reading.

Consider Klein's campaign slogan comment when reading his main points: 
Point: First, the Enterprise takes off in defense saying that they are endorsing White not based upon ideology. Then - they go into .... wait for it.....ideology? That is about half funny. That is POLITICS! IDEOLOGY! What a bunch of crap they are spewing. And then they talk about.....the strongest nominee in years? What?

Second, a fiscal conservative? Has ANYONE at the Beaumont Enterprise seen the growth of Government in the city of Houston? Almost 23%? That is a fiscal conservative? Oh...wait....we live in Jefferson County where the growth of government is over 30%? So we guess that 23% looks small...or conservative. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!

Third, no cronies who know how to write large checks? Again HAS ANYONE AT THE ENTERPRISE SEEN WHITE"S DONATION LIST? REALLY? YOU ARE SPEWING THAT CRAP!

Next - boarder security? What does the man have to do? Get on his knees and beg for the military? Beg for more Boarder Patrol? Beg for more money? We think the man has done all of this only to be shut down? Really? Really? Someone wake the hell up over there?

And last - scornful attitude being take it or leave it? Oh...we guess we must be touchy feely? Someone stop it now. Really - stop it now. The Enterprise has lost its mind. The entire opinion looks like a Bill White ad. It is too frigging funny.
Scornful attitude? Boarder [sic] Patrol? Spewing crap? Did someone say "bumper sticker mentality?"

Fact Check:
The only evidence proffered by PRK is his statement concerning the growth of government by 23 percent during the five-year administration of Bill White. This growth extrapolates to 4.6 percent per year. 

During Governor Rick Perry's administration, the Texas budget grew from $101.8 billion in 2000-01 to $182.2 billion in 2010-11, or 79 percent.  This extrapolates to 7.9 percent per year.

As political commentary, compare Philip's rant with the manifestos of Joe Stack or Theodore Kaczynski:

Throughout the manuscript,..Kaczynski capitalizes entire words in order to show emphasis. He always refers to himself as either "we" or "FC" (Freedom Club), though he appears to have acted alone. Donald Foster, who analyzed the writing at the request of Kaczynski's defense, notes that the manuscript contains instances of irregular spelling and hyphenation, as well as other consistent linguistic idiosyncrasies (which led him to conclude that it was indeed Kaczynski who wrote it). 
For those familiar with the SET Political Review, this sounds eerily familiar. I would not be surprised to read in the Beaumont Enterprise one morning that Philip R. Klein crashed a black SUV into the Jefferson County Courthouse.


Anonymous said...

Uhm Gus, what's "boarder security", or "boarder patrol"?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...why should boarding houses and hotels have to provide extra security??? REALLY? PHILIP KLEIN HAS SIMPLY LOST IT!!! WHY IS HE SPEWING THIS CRAP? Oh, that's right, he's the most corrupt blogger in Texas --- bar none.

Anonymous said...

John Hinckley writes like that, too.

Anonymous said...

When Texas secedes from the USA, every able-bodied young person will be conscripted at age 18 to serve two years in our elite Boarder Patrol. PRK Intellajunce under the direction of Chief Phillip Klein will replace the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Well, as you all know, filup already carries a concealed weapon so in addition to serving as a pseudo-FBI agent, PI, and bodyguard, perhaps he should head on down to Brownsville for assistance to the "Boarder Patrol". Maybe the City of Brownsville could use his assistance in the fire department "as well".

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Philly, unable to eat in peace when dining out, just last week he was hiding out in the back next to the restroom at Applebees.

Anonymous said...

PRK is boardering on insanity.

Anonymous said...

He is as dumb as he looks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 854, did you mean "Pharr Department?"