Nov 14, 2010


In lieu of real content, Philip R. Klein dredges up a familiar theme in his latest posting:
The Southeast Texas Political Review was leaked numbers from the Beaumont Enterprise and their current circulation. And frankly - it is beyond not good - it a a true crash in readership.
According to the numbers shared with us by insiders at the Enterprise - well we will let you decide :

Daily 2010 :    26,542

Daily 2009 :    30,901    = Down 15%

And it is not any better on the weekend :

Sunday 2010 :    31,911

Sunday 2009 :    36,125    = Down 12%
The Beaumont Enterprise circulation according to Nationwide Newspapers:
  • Daily: 51,296
  • Sunday: 58,692
From Oct. 13, 2008:
The Review has learned that the building that the Enterprise enjoys may be going on the sales block as early as next week. "I have been told that if drastic measures are not taken here we will be out of business in the next 60 days," said one employee of the Enterprise that demanded anonymity.
From Dec. 11, 2008:
Sources inside the Beaumont Enterprise tell the Review that the gong is getting ready to be rung. According to our sources - layoffs, non-hiring and a "drop dead" day for the Beaumont Enterprise has been given to management
From Jan. 15, 2009:
Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.
From February 10, 2009:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Hearst will make "whatever announcement they will make" no later than April 14, 2009. Our sources is a high level source with Hearst. At stake is whether or not the Enterprise will continue to be printed.
From May 29, 2010:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of internal "talk" and "planning" to stop the printed product of the Beaumont Enterprise - and only have a paid subscription on the internet to the Newspaper.
From July 23, 2010:
Building For Sale - We hear the Beaumont Enterprise building will go up for sale "pretty soon." Got that from a realtor...Downsizing still.
Philip reaches this conclusion in this posting:
People continue to move to our web site and others to get there [sic] political and other news - as well as commentary that does not support the status quo or the power base. They want to read what the real story is....and it

So - now for the big news? The Southeast Texas Political Review will crest one half a million direct log ins this week - as well as hitting well over 3 million page views (all pages).

Why? Because people just have had enough of the left wing crap that is spewed from the Enterprise and those left wing whack jobs that simply don't get it but are willing to go down with the ship rather than put out a fair and balanced product.
Speaking of "whack jobs," consider these numbers. 

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Philip R. Kliar said...

Philip Kliar strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Don Dodd gave him those numbers. They're wrong. Notice how Dodd never releases Examiner numbers?

Anonymous said...

as per
website worth $21.38
daily ads revenue $0.05
daily visits 16
daily page views 20 1.3 per visitor
alexa traffic rank 9,952,642
google page rank of 3
ip houton texas 77019
created 6-29-1999
domain age 11yr 2month 5 days

fills cliker ant rite

Anonymous said...

The Bmt. Enterprise will be here long after SETPR disappears into the dust.

Anonymous said...

And it will be more "fair and balanced" than the screeching of a certain blogger who doesn't know the meaning of either attribute.